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My all,my family,my bestest friend,my daughter,my sister,my everything has passed away 5 days ago. She was my everything. She was someone who means everything to me. She died on my lap because of pyometra and breast cancer after being sick 40 days and only screamin and crying 4 hours of it. She gently smiled and looked at me and heard me saying that i love her so much. No matter who says about dogs belong to heaven or not,in my sight God is enough big and beautiful to care about his creatures and give them again to each other in eternal life so i am waiting my turn to embrace her for good. I know she is here with me and hates to see me cry but i promise her that i will take care of all the dogs in the world,on the street since there are so many dogs and cats needy in Turkey out on the streets but i cant be unfair neither to PITIR nor to the new puppy to have one again to my home but i will take care of all the animals as much as i can in the soul of PITIR,my all,who passed away 5 days ago ( according to world clock only not to the eternal life ) at the age of almost 17 (birthday is 1994-11-01 - ).. She always smiles when i talk to her. When i show my tongue to her she shows back to me always.She never leaves me alone when i read something she hops on my lap and puts her head onto the book for me to play with her and caress her. She comes to bed and barks to me to get her under the blanket so we can cuddle till the morning. She licks my tears when i cry for something. She plays with me and runs away to play hideandseek with me. When its my turn to play hideandseek i scare her and she comes to my lap cos she is afraid. She waits for me on the window and when she sees me she turns her head left and right then she runs to door so fast that sometimes she hits the door so i can come in and hug her. She listens to all my problems and looks at me to get the right solutions through her beautiful olive colored-shaped eyes. When i bite her bump gently she runs away then she comes back by shaking her tale to play again. When i am out and feel thirsty i always come back home and find her finished her water and waiting for water. When she snores on my lap and i cant sleep of the sound she makes i wake her up and she madly looks at me then immediately falls asleep. When i take her out to walk instead of playing with the dogs she wants to play with the owners and with those and many many more reasons i believe she has a better soul than most of the bad people called 'humanbeing' in our world.. When she was young she had apricot brownish and curly hair as a toy poodle and by the time she gets old she has champagne color. Her favorite foods are Chicken curry,Sarma ( traditional Turkish food made with grapevine leaf filled with rice and minced meat) and Eggplants with meat and garlic Her favourite toy is her dog toy that she carries by her mouth everywhere she goes. She is only little lighter than her. Now i carry her wearing her dress which her smell is there still. Dislikes to be touched on the nose and paws and kids and Likes most Life and to live and be with me and all people who loves and caresses her..

You were there when Noone was so i am waiting for my turn to be with you forever..
                                                                                      Annen ( Mommy)

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I am so sorry for your loss.  She sounds like a very sweet and special girl.   It's what gets me through the day knowing that I will see my baby girls, both having passed away this year, one almost 17 years of age.  I completely understand your sorrow and want you to know that we are here for you and all wish you much comfort.

Take care,


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My beautiful Raine,  Today is the Day we Cried.

 My beautiful Raine, Today You Died.
 This Decision was so very hard,
 As the doctors put you to Sleep
 your Daddy & I would weep.
 You were in So much pain, Still i Didnt want to let you Go.
 We were both by your side,  Till the very end.
 We love you so much, Our hearts may never mend
But, I Know you no longer hurt, I know your not in pain..
 Still i Wonder.. Always wonder.. will i ever see you again.
 your the only Kitty i knew that When Happy you Smiled.
 You  made us laugh with your loving nature,
you Are STILL a part of this family. Never from us will you stray....
 My Precious Angel Rain... I just wish you could have stayed.
 It was not your time,  But you needed to go..
 Daddy & i love you... like you'll Forever know.
 I know you loved us, Cause you smiled a lot, & were happy.
 until you got sick. But you still tried to be close even tho it was hard.
 Raine Sweetie, I Dont know why this happened, but, i will never say goodbye.
 I'll meet you on the bridge real soon, & together we can Fly.
 i Love you my  Daughter, Always & forever ( even tho your a cat, your still my daughter)
 By the way raine,.. you know how daddy never breaks down For anything?? he broke today... he collapsed & cried for you. thank you for Showing him Such love. i knew you could do it.. Always in our hearts.

Posts: 842
What a beautiful, loving tribute... God loves all of his creatures, and most assuredly you and your little one who has passed into his arms. 

Posts: 356
O Dear Annen,
I am so sorry for your loss of  Pitir, I can certainly understand what you must be going through. These creatures are so wonderful, loyal and loving, it breaks our hearts when thy leave us. The grief we go through is so intense and overwhelming, it is hard to believe. Please come here often share  Pitir's stories, pictures and make her memory alive. We are here to support you.

My thoughts are wit you and Pitir.

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Such love pours out from your words.  I am so glad you found out how to post your feelings for your baby.  We all understand your loss and feel it with you.  Our prayers and hugs for you.


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Annen, my heart goes out to you!  I can hear the pain, but I can so clearly hear the love you had for your sweet pup!  She was so lucky to have you as a mommy, and she carries all the love you have for her into Heaven, which is the Rainbow Bridge for all of our beloved departed pets.  Rest assured that God has a special place for all of our sweet pets.....and that they are all now healthy, happy, and playing with one another at the Bridge.

I lost my dogs in July of this year, three weeks apart.  My Luke and Lil were 13 and 12 years old, and they were my life!!  They were the only pets I had, and then suddenly, my life was empty!  I am so thankful that I found this forum, and all of these wonderful people that would let me share my grief, and to help me heal.  Since my dogs passed, I have seen many signs that they are still with me, and they watch over me daily.  They led me to two rescue pups that I've now had in my home for a week, and while they will never replace my sweet Luke and Lil, they have brought joy back into my life!

It may not feel like it now to you, but your pain will lessen with time.  Expect that you will be grieving for quite awhile, and the pain will never totally go away...but it will get better.  Please keep coming to this forum, and share more about your precious baby.  You will find comfort and understanding here!  May God Bless you and give you comfort in your pain!  Rick

Posts: 7
my sister PITIR i will visit her soon with flowers and i am sure she is not even in graveyard she is in heaven already playing with my grandma and other furfriends..i love you more than anything in this world and you are my heavenlike present in this temporary nonsense world. and you arethe onyl one i want in eternal life as 'heaven' thats why i will be a bestest person for all of my life for God to give you to me. i adore you..

Posts: 11,059
I am very sorry your sweet little girl, Pitir, has passed on.  She is such a cute little one!  You were blessed with many years with her and in time, the memories will make you smile.  The early days of loss are very painful and filled with so much sadness.  Our little ones made our lives complete.  My heart goes out to you as you mourn the loss of your sweet baby.

precious Christoph ~ sweet bunny boy ~


Posts: 628
I am so sorry to read about the loss of your sweet dog, Pitir.  I know that God above has a special place in Heaven just waiting for us to join them.  God created all creatures and He  would not dismiss them from Heaven, knowing the love and comfort they brought and continue to bring us.
We lost our sweet Beagle, Bonnie Lou this past June.  We had her for 13 years and she left such a dark place when she left us.  She was like our child.
Three weeks ago, we adopted a rescue Beagle.  We named her EmmyLou.  She will never replace our Bonnie, but she is helping heal our broken hearts.  What we learned is that we have enough love in our hearts to love again.
You are in my prayers.  

Posts: 55
Pitir is beautiful,  Gizem.  She is waiting for you in heaven and you will see her again when it's time.

Posts: 541
Dear Annen, Your Pitir is such a beautiful little dog. I am so sorry that you lost her, but know that she is at the Rainbow Bridge and happy and healthy, waiting for her mommy.
Thank you so much for sharing her life and your love for her in your beautiful tribute. It brought tears to me eyes.
All of us here know how badly your heart is breaking, we have gone through this pain and understand how much it hurts. I think it is wonderful that you are trying to take care of the street dogs in Pitir's memory. That is so great and a such a loving thing to do. Bless you for caring so much. I know that Pitir will be smiling from Heaven.
Please take care of yourself, Annen. And come back and let us know how you are doing. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. And beloved little Pitir.

Posts: 328
I am so sorry for your loss of Pitir. Now Pitir is in a place that has no pain, suffering, and is young and healthy again. Perhaps she may be saying the following to you :

Remember Our Love

 I was chosen today
I'm learning to fly
the world took me away,
but please don't you cry
 And I chose you today
to try and be strong
so please don't you cry
and don't say that I'm gone
 When you're feeling alone
just remember our love,
I'm up near the stars
looking down from above.
 Remember our love
In a moment you'll see
that I'm still here beside you
when you're thinking of me.
(Julie Epp)


 Godspeed to you and Pitir



Posts: 4
Hi Gizem,

Just to let you know that I managed to get up at 4am this morning to take part in the candle ceremony.
I said a prayer for my Neo and also for Pitir and yourself.

Keep in touch
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