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My baby chihuahua, Diva is a the vet now with parvo.

Last night while sleeping on my chest just as she does every night, my puppy started vomiting on me. I got up with her and we went and slept together on the bathroom floor for easier clean up...this was about 4am. When I dropped her at the vet around 7 and headed to work, I got a call from the doctor telling me that she was positive for parvo. I was crushed! This baby has been my LIFE since I brought her home at 6 weeks old. She is now 16 weeks.

I was told by the doctor that her positive came back so strongly and so quickly that she didn't think there was much of a chance for survival. She is a really tiny pup and was soooo weak this morning! I told them to do whatever it took to help limit on the cost. I'd sell a kidney to save her!

They called me at work before they left for the day to tell me she was on fluids and they would be back at 8 in the morning to check on her! I can't believe they leave them there all alone! What if she passes tonight?! She is going to think I just abandoned her and left her to die all by herself! The guilt is tearing me apart!

I got all her shots......what could I have done differently???? She is not around any other dogs, only goes out to potty,and none of her littermates have shown any signs of infection.

I can't stop crying. I won't sleep tonight at all. My head aches from crying, my heart aches from the guilt and grief, and my stomach is all in knots! Someone who has had a pet survive this.....PLEASE give me some hope!

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Dear Divasmamma

I'm sorry I can't offer any advise or experience with parvo, but I wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers for your baby.  May God watch over her and heal her tiny little body.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 175
Dear Divasmamma,

             I am so sorry this has happened to you and your precious baby. I wish I knew something about this. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts. I will say many, many prayers for Diva. I will also light a prayer candle.

                  Many hugs,

               Jacki, baby Bunz Mommy

Posts: 1,040
I'am so sorry your sweet baby is sick,know my love and prayers are for that sweet little one,I pray that God will watch over her and keep her safe and make her well for you.
Healing Hugs,
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom


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I'm so sorry to read that your precious Diva is so sick.  I know what an awful night this is going to be for you.  It's terrible that they don't have staff there at night.  It's that way with so many clinics.  Please know that I will light a candle for little Diva and say prayers that she fights thru this and comes back to your arms.  Huge hugs, Golda's mom


Posts: 50
I'm so sorry about Diva.
My little dog, Biff, who died Jan. 2007 (at 15 years old), had parvo as a puppy. He had all his shots, but got it anyway. I remember being so shocked. The vet told me that shots are not always a 100% guarantee.
Biff was at the emergency vet for 3 or 4 days, if I remember right...on IV fluids, etc. He was so sick, I didn't think he'd make it, but he did! I remember being so scared and distraught, and my daughter and I went every day to visit him while he was there at the vet. He was so pitiful. But he recovered fully!
So there IS hope!
I'll be praying for little Diva, and for you.

Renee (biffsmom)


Posts: 881
You also have my prayers. I'm so sorry this is happening to Diva but please don't give up hope yet. Take one moment at a time. And never never blame yourself for anything..Diva only knows your love.

My thoughts will be with you and many hugs,


Posts: 699
Dear Diva's Mamma,

I keep you and your sweet little baby girl, Diva, in my thoughts and many prayers going out for her recovery.  I can only imagine what you are going through tonight and my heart goes out to you.  I am also lighting a special candle for her.  Remember that she knows your love, your hearts are connected.

Sending you big hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever  

Posts: 1,328
I hope your pup pulls out of it--it seems even vaccines don't always help prevent disease.
You did all the right things to keep your pet healthy.I hope this all turns around for you. Take care.

Posts: 38

Dearest Diva,s Mamma;  Iam so sorry to hear of your little Diva,s illness; Please know that my thoughts and Prayers are with you tonight;having to go through this terrible pain and waiting;;Precious Diva knows in her heart how much you love her;and I hope she is well again for you soon;;; MOLLYSMUM.


Posts: 1,415
Dear Jennifer--- I will be saying many prayers for your little Diva.  She sounds like such a darling little furchild.  The positive thing is that she's young and is stronger than if she were too old to deal with this terrible affliction.

             All my thoughts are with you---

                                  Teddy's Mom

Posts: 7
I'm so sorry to hear about your little baby. I have lost puppies to parvo when I was a child. It's a horrible illness. I'll be praying that your furbaby will be coming home to you.

Posts: 25
Diva's is she doing?  Please update us.  We are all praying for her recovery and rest for you.

Crystal's Mom,


Posts: 699
Dear Diva's Mom,

I'm checking in to see how Little Diva is doing today.  I so hope she is doing much better, and am continuing to send out lots of healing thoughts to her.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 774

They shouldn't be leaving them there on fluids all night. That is unacceptable even with a healthy animal, let alone a very sick one. I think you need to find a 24 hour facility that will admit her and you should do it now. Even with a fluid pump going there are so many things that could go wrong. I can not believe any vets still do this. It should be illegal. How dare they? I cannot tell you how wrong this is. this is why I work where I do. Jackass Vets that don't have the knowledge or the facility to treat a patient yet will not refer


Posts: 5,100
Amen, Loudpurring.

Diva's Mom,

Hope your baby is recovering.  Please keep us posting as we are all praying for her.

You didn't do anything wrong.  The timing of the shots for Parvo is the vet's responsibility.  Many vets I know will vaccinate pups all the way out to 16 weeks, as the "immunity" they receive from their moms can interfere with the Parvo immunization's effectiveness (has to do with antibody formation).   So, as the maternal immunity lessens in the pup as they age, the shots sometimes have a better chance of being effective.   That said,  Parvo infection can still occur.  Am I correct, Loudpurring?

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 774
I checked the 2006 vaccination guidelines( they seem to change them yearly). You have to remember that no vaccine is 100% effective. Do you know if the mother was vaccinated?
So from what I could understand they are no longer recommending the (killed parvovirus vaccine). That is the vaccine that was associated with interfering with  maternal antibodies, it also had to be boosted
frequently until 18 weeks of age. So, that said the killed Parvovirus vaccine is not recommended.
Now they recommend a modified live vaccine and that vaccine should be given at 6 to 8 weeks of age and then every 3 to 4 weeks until 12 to 14 weeks of age. A booster is given at 1 year of age and then again every 3 years. but even following this program is not 100% fool proof. Some dogs get parvo.
So, all this is very new information and not all vets follow it and I am sure allot of them still carry the killed vaccine, the one that interferes with maternal antibodies.  So yes you were right Melissa. That is why they don't use that vaccine. and the other one is fairly newly being recognised as the way to go (this year). I am impressed Melissa.
I sure hope your baby makes it. Remember to visit her often, and it is also very important to make wure she is kept clean during all of this. I have always had good luck with Parvo pups and I know allot of the success is that I don't just let them sit in their own excrements. Who could ever get better that way.
I hope everything goes good for you and your puppy


Posts: 6
Hi Divas mum

I hope your girl is doing okay. Don't give up home - my Rastus, who I lost 3 months ago aged 12 and a half, had parvo as a pup.  She was only 7 weeks old at the time, spend 3 days at the vet on a drip, but she pulled through.  I had only had her 4 days at the time but she was a fighter and she pulled through and gave me 12 wonderful years.  I know what it is like waiting to hear and hope that the news is good.



Posts: 5,100
Thanks, Loudpurring.  Human immunizations work on the same principles as animal, and I am very familiar with human vaccinations.   I am so glad you posted this info about Parvo vaccinations.  This virus has always scared me to death.   When I vounteered with the Humane Society in North Texas we constantly had people dropping off litters of pups with Parvo.  Good grief!  Imagine that!   We had a great vet that would immediately spot the disease, but most were euthanized.  It just broke my heart. 

Diva's mom, if you can, please keep us posted.


Posts: 190
So sorry to hear about Diva.  We got our lab from a vet clinic where he was relinquished when he got parvo as a pup, but it was because he wasn't vax'd at all. 

I do believe there are some special cleaning procedures, and other special stuff to do around the home when you have a pet with Parvo.  You might want to check with your vet to see if there is anything special. 

Again, so sorry.  I will keep you in my prayers.


Posts: 774

The special cleaning is called bleach bleach and yet more bleach. They domake some industrial veterinary cleaners one i called parvosol you may be able to go on line and see if you can get it. Otherwise Bleach diluted in water is your best bet. You need tohave contact time of 20 minutes meaning it is on the surface you are cleaning wet for 20 minutes. Parvo is transmitted from body secretions and is not air born. although I knew a vet once that took parvo hometo hs dog via his clothes and shoes.


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Do you know of a cleaner that will kill Parvo virus that may be on carpet and one that is safe to use on wood?   I just had someone ask me about this the other day.



Posts: 774
From what I know, I would only trust the diluted bleach and I would throw out the carpet if it had been soiled. Although, I am a bit OCD about such things. there is a good website to look at which will answer most cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. It is the UCDavis Koret shelter medicine site called  I am sure you can find outanything there in regards to cleaning with out the OCD  type information you will get from me. I know there is a product called Parvosol. We use it at work. You can get it at California Veterinary Supply company. Just go to their website, and you don't have to be a vet to order.
If it was me, I would toss anything organic or porus, and bleach the @#%& out of the wood surfaces. I would bleach the walls and anything I had touched at any time after or during handling of the affected dog. I would throw away all bowls and anything the pup had touched. That o course is just me. This is why I think you will get more usefull info from the web site. Oh, I would also do a full cleaning and disifecting of the car as well. Good luck

Posts: 5,100
Thanks.  Someone at work had a puppy come down with it and there were other adolescent dogs around.   The puppy lived (thank God), and I think they completely removed their carpet...and bleached everything else.  They even had to disinfect outdoors where he was vomiting.  What a hideous virus.  None of the others got sick.  But, these people were pretty OCD, too, but I think you HAVE to be with this disease.  By the way, I'm pretty OCD myself, so I completely understand. :-)

I wish we could hear back from little Diva's mom.

Again, thanks so much!

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