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It really is the sadest thing losing a pet i feel like i have lost a part of my life all of a sudden.


My little Mini-Foxie of 10yrs had to be put down on 2nd October 2006 due to injuries she sustained during being attacked by my neighbours 2 alaskan malamutes.  The neighbours dogs had dug a hole at the fence and my little TINY stuck her little face under the fence and they dragged her thru the fence and attacked her.  We werent home at the time of the attack and my neighbours have done nothing but lie about what happened.


I feel like my world has been destroyed and I wish she would come home to her mum and dad. My husband has lost his best friend ever. 


May she rest in Peace and only she knows the truth about what happened that night when no one was home, she hadnt dug a hole in 3 years.


I have had a week off work to try and deal with this and am returning to work tomorrow a very sad and lonely person.

Thanks for listening

Lisa (Tiny's Mum)

1st March 1996 - 2nd October 2006


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Oh, Lisa, there are no words to adequately express my sadness at your story.  I am so, so sorry for what has happened; your sadness is, no doubt, compounded by a rightful anger.  But remember this - that Tiny has no memory of what happened; the ugly memories are yours to suffer, but not hers.  Alll ugly memories are erased at the Bridge so that *perfect* happiness prevails.  Tiny is gloriously alive, absolutely healthy, utterly safe, and blissfully happy.  Cry for yourself, as we all cry for ourselves, but through the tears, force a slight smile for Tiny & the happiness she now knows.   And remember that you & your husband will share in the happiness when the time comes.  Just as Tiny is part of your hearts, so will she be part of your Eternity.

May Tiny's Creator hold you gently in the hollow of His hand, comfort you, and lead your heart to peace.



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Lisa, I'm so sorry for your loss of Tiny.  It's always harder when we don't have the answer about why our furbaby is gone. Know that Tiny is now happy & healthy & young & playing with all our furbabies that have gone on before. When you feel like it, please tell us more about Tiny -- I find I feel better when I bring back the happy memories, even while crying. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your husband while you grieve.


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Tiny. It sounds like such a senseless tragedy. I know that it must be devastating for you, especially since you were not able to know what truly happened.


What you do know is that while she was here, you gave Tiny a lifetime of love and happiness - that every day,Tiny felt love, comfort and the joy of being with you.


Take care.


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I'm so sorry about Tiny. You are a great fur parent...

(just remember what goes around comes around and one day the neighbors will get whats comming to them).

I know Tiny was welcomed by all our babies at the Bridge.

Do you have pictures and funny stories ? Sometimes it helps to see and remember. ( I know I like to talk about my anyone who will listen...)

Please take care and come in often...  [[[ ]]]


Kath (Mom to ferrets)


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Hi There everyone This is my Baby Girl Tiny i have told you about this was one of the last photos taken of her a couple of weeks before she came to the Rainbow Bridge.

I just found out today that her boyfriend of 10yrs "Angus" they had a litter of puppies together was put to rest on the same day as her, he had cancer.

So I now believe that they are at the Rainbow Bridge together, probably playing games, and even trying to make babies (LOL.

Thank you to you all for being here during my time of need.



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What a darling, perky sweetheart she was! 


 Love and Blessings,




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What a beautiful baby Tiny was. Thanks for sharing the picture. I'm glad you feel you are doing better. I can't imagine how difficult it must be with what you are feeling about your neighbors in addition to mourning Tiny's loss.


I hope you have many wonderful memories to bring you through this time. Tiny was blessed to be loved by you.


Take Care,


Baxter's Mom


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Who wouldn't love that little face! You are lucky to have shared a part of your life with that little doll. I am so very sorry for your tragic loss.


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{{{ Lisa and Tiny }}}

I have just read your post and my heart goes out to you. She was such a sweetheart, I send you love and hugs, and hope in time your broken heart will mend a little. I think that Angus will be right beside your Tiny, they will be kicking up a storm up at the Bridge. She will always stay in your heart.

Lots of hugs...Pat ( Bonnie's mum )


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Its great to read everyones messages its really comforting.

On saturday or sunday we say goodbye to Tiny's Friend SOXY who we have been looking after for the last 4 weeks, and was here when this tragic incident occured (thankfully SOXY wasnt touched or hurt, but i know when we found tiny under the tree lying there looking up at us, that SOXY was there comforting her, and SOXY too misses Tiny just as much as we do)


 I think maybe reality will hit home when SOXY has gone home to her parents.


I am crying as I am writing this post.  I just wish she would come home to her mum and dad, but as everyone has said in their posts we will all be together again someday under the rainbow bridge.  It seems the nights are the hardest for me as my husband works at this time whilst i am home.


Of a night around 9.00pm i would let Tiny inside to go to bed, now its empty and quite as i have no one to call inside.


Thats all for now will post again later.


(Tiny's Mum)

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