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Today is my baby's 17th birthday and it has been 29 days since she is gone to Heaven nearby God. There are so many IFs i would say but i know somehow now that none of them will help me or give her back to me.If she hadnt had that bad illness,if i had known earlier,if i had been with her more and more,if if if.. Since there is no use of saying IF except killing me each day,from now on i will use I HOPE instead,for every sentence i would use in my life.I hope i'll be with her in eternal life for good,i hope i will be good enough to go to Heaven where she is. I hope i will be a good humanbeing more than from i have been already. I hope life will treat me well like when she used to be around me to heal my wounds.I hope Mom will survive till the end with me so we could both carry her to everywhere with us and still keep our 3 people family till we see her again. I hope God will with me and make me smile by knowing and feeling she is here with me like noone else like i used to smile with her. I hope God will help all of us with our temporary loss'. I will pray for all of you,for all the good people who can love every creature in equal way without seeing them as animals. Because there are worse people in life who deserve that word 'animal' more than them. But for dogs,cats and the rest of all ,they take this name 'animal' as only the name of their origin. I love you my baby Pıtır. Happy birthday to you ! Thank you for being with me all those years and days ! Thank God for letting this happen and for giving me such love called 'gift from heaven' by me ! Seni çok seviyorum kızım ! Çok !

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Dear Gizem,  I hope your wonderful furkid Pitir has a great 17th birthday at the bridge.  I am so very sorry for your loss of him.  I love your "hopes" and I do want all of them to come true.

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved angel.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 8 years

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Happy birthday to your sweet Pitir!!  The bridge knows how to celebrate birthdays.  They go all out and the singing is amazing!!



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Happy Birthday dear Pitir...what a beautiful dog.  It's so sad when events roll around  that we should be celebrating and now all we feel is an emptiness.  We put our Buffy down Oct 2 and it will be difficult for a long time because as Pitir, she was our 4 legged kid, went with us everywhere, had her own Christmas card list, own ornaments, and the list goes on. 

I have the case of the if's to.  It's part of the grieving process and it's a horrible feeling to understand that we did right by our day that feeling will diminish, so they say.  It maybe years...I don't know.  It's a terrible feeling to have I know.  But we have to look through the eyes of our killed me to see Buffy in the stages of dementia and kidney issues, not a day goes by that I don't cry about it.  But I now feel I kept her in her misery for my selfishness...which makes me feel worse. 
It's all to much to understand now, but one day we will and the memories will live with us forever. 

Happy Birthday Pitar...and if you see Buffy at the Bridge..have a doggy margarita for us down here.....



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Thank you for all your support and sincerity ! I hope they are all perfectly happily together in Heaven waiting for us ! Pls keep praying ! God will hear !

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I'am very sorry for your loss of your dear sweet  Pitir,and want to wish  her a very happy birthday at the bridge.I know how much this hurts you, I lost my Sammy Sus  when she was 17yrs. and 8 months old to kidney failure and that was one of the worse things I ever went through ,and I know it takes time to heal I'am still healing in away  but everyone is different on how they heal, but you came to the rightsite the people on here are very warm hearted and will do all they can to help you, know your baby is doing fine at the bridge  she's in Gods hands and he will take wonderful care of Pitir until you make your journey to meet her at the bridge,know my heart and prayers are with you as you go through your grief. God bless and hold you in His healing hands and help you through this.
Much love and prayers
Sammy Sus's Mom JoAnn

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