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I lost my beautiful cat to a car accident. Ye driver drove off and a neighbour found him and came to tell me. It felt like the world had stopped walking up to his little body and seeing his face and the blood in the road. I then called my ex, who owed the cats with me and we buried him which was so hard.
Yesterday my neighbour asked if I had considered cremating him, so i ended up asking my mum and a friend to dig up kit. I took him to the vet and left him with them to be cremated.
His sister, Nala, is so confused and the house feels so strange without him. I am absolutely heartbroken and feel so angry and sad. I can’t get the picture of him like that out of my head- it was such a traumatic experience.
He was a beautiful big tabby boy with a long tail that had a little white tip at the end. He was very adventurous and had used up lots of his lives already. I just can’t belivee he’s gone and don’t know how this is going to get and easier? He was only 2 years old and I feel like it’s so unfair- he was so full of live. I hate not being able to do anything about it.
Thanks for any support people can offer- never had to deal with anything like this since I was a child and we lost family cats.

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Oh, that is a heartbreak.  I have not had a cat hit by a car, but can imagine how shocking the suddenness of it all is.  I saw a neighbor's puppy hit by a car once, and the driver only stopped because I waved him down, and he didn't even care that he'd killed the pup.  What a soulless person, to not understand how the pup's owner would feel.

Recently my cat Henry died after a long illness, and his lifetime buddy was going from room to room trying to find him.  I've been giving her lots of attention since then, and she seems OK.   But for Nala, the sudden disappearance must be confusing and upsetting.  I hope she will adapt to his absence, and that you and she can bond even stronger.

Only 2 years old - such a small amount of time, and yet how deeply our hearts embrace them.  I know the pain.  It gets a little easier over time, but the love will never die.  I guess that's how we honor our sweet creatures and all the love and joy they have given us.


Posts: 46
That must have been so shocking and heartbreaking, to so suddenly lose your kitty like that, with no time to say goodbye.  I can well understand the pain you are feeling. 

I hope Nala can cope with his absence.  My beloved cat Henry died a few weeks ago from a deadly illness, and I'm still in shock and grief.  His lifelong buddy at first was checking each room trying to find him, but has since adapted to his absence and seems OK, while I am still crying throughout the day and missing him so deeply.  I hope Nala can cope as well, especially if you give her extra cuddles and make her feel special.

Two years is way way too young to die, and I hope the driver that hit him has at least some guilt for what he did.  If he had at least stopped to check on the kitty and maybe apologize, at least he would have redeemed himself a little.  I once saw a neighbor's puppy get killed by a speeding car, and the driver only stopped for a half minute when I flagged him down.  He couldn't care less that he had just killed an innocent creature and devastated its family. 

The pain of our loss lessens a bit over time, but we will always miss our loved pets' sweet presence... 

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