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I would just like to tell my little Nellie's story.  She passed away on August 28th 2010.  I have had her since Sept of 2000.  Her mother had 4 kittens and she was killed so I bottle fed the kittens.  I kept all 4 of them, Rudy, Lucy, Nellie and Brownie.  Rudy disappeared in 2002 and Lucy was hit by a car in 2003.  So that left Nellie and Brownie.  Back in May of 2005 Nellie and her sister Brownie were both diagnosed with the Feline Aids virus.  The vet advised me to give them their vaccines, which I had never done.  So I started giving them their shots and in July of 2008 after getting vaccinated I noticed a lump on Nellie's left side where she had the feline lukemia shot.  I took her to the vet and he said to just watch it.  It kept growing so they decided it was probably a vaccine induced fibrosarcoma.  We scheduled surgery and they removed the tumor and as much surrounding tissue as they could because these tumors that are caused from the vaccines have finger like growths that are microscopic and almost impossible to get all of them.  About 2 months after this surgery I found a lump on her right side where she had the rabies shot.  They removed this tumor also.  About a year after the first surgery I found another small lump, so they did another surgery.  Then about six months later another lump and surgery to remove it.  About 2 months passed and Nellie started refusing to eat, was losing weight and just wasn't herself.  I took her back to vet and he diagnosed fluid on her lungs and said she was anemic.  Another week went by and she was no better so I took her back and they did a chest xray which revealed that one of the tumors had went inside her chest cavity and it was pushing on her esaphagus and her windpipe.  They said there was nothing that they could do, but she wasn't to the point of putting her down.  They told me to feed her by syringe a liquid diet and i would know when the time came to end it.  Well when that time came I called the vet to come out, but my husband was in the hospital and desparately wanted to get to see her 1 more time.  The vet decided to try to help her to give her a few more days until my husband got home and she fought him when he was trying to give her fluids and went into respiratory failure and died.  I feel so bad that she died the way she did.  I wanted to be holding her and comforting her but she died scared to death and gasping for breath.  This hurts so much.  Not only do we miss her so  much but her sister Brownie is really missing her too.  I wish so much I would have just told the vet to let her go peacefully. 


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Rosemary, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I understand how you feel. My Sadie went into respiratory distress when we were trying to get to her. She was being treated at Cornell University Hospital for Animals, which is 3 hours away. We left as soon as we received the call to come, but her heart stopped when we were about 1 hour away. It's such an empty feeling and so many questions.

You can't beat yourself up or ask what if...she's in a better place now, and she's happy, healthy and not suffering. Remember the happy memories, and just take one day at a time. Brownie will need your support also, so give her a lot of extra love. Nellie would want that.

I just wanted you to know that I really do understand everything you're feeling. Big hugs to you!





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Rosemary, I too am so sorry. I do know how you feel, as my Aprils last hour was unbearable to think about let alone watch. You loved Nellie and she loved you. Whats important is shes happy and safe, no longer in pain, playing with all of our furbabys. Big hug to you, your in my prayers.



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I am very sorry your dear cat, Nellie, has passed on. You and your husband took such wonderful care of her and I know you're missing her so much. Try and not dwell on her last moments with you, but rather on all the years you shared and all the sweet memories. Nellie knows she was your special girl and she loves you dearly.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~
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