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Posts: 76
Thankyou to everybody who replied to my post. It helps me to know that I am not going crazy and what I am feeling is what you guys are feeling too.

It feels like my heart has been cut out. My beautiful bichon boy has only been gone since Sunday. I still expect him to walk by me with his head in the air sniffing at something I cannot smell. I call out his name to come for a cuddle, and then I realise that he is not here, and I cry again.

His ashes were delivered to me yesterday. I thought it would make me feel a little better, but it didn't. His ashes are a part of him, but it is not the vibrant loving, living part of my baby that I love so much.  I talk to him constantly, tell him how much I love him and how much I miss him. I hope he is somewhere to listen to me.

My friend said after she lost her furbaby, she felt her prescence in the house and felt her jump onto her bed a few times when there was nothing else there.  My grief is so great at present that I don't know whether I can feel him or not, or whether it's wishful thinking.

Thankyou Melissa for lighting a candle for Jackson. I have also lit a candle for my baby. It is a comfort to watch it on my screen and think of him.

My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered the loss of your much loved furbaby. We are united in grief and the hope of being reunited with our precious baby's again one day.

I love you Jackson, love of my life. Til we meet again in the light xxxxxx

Jackson's mum, Shiannon


Posts: 567

I'm sorry for your loss of Jackson.   It is so, so hard to loose them because we love them so much.   I truly believe that our furbabies are at the Bridge waiting for us, to meet again.  I also believe their spirits are with us.  I heard my Nina's collar and still hear it once and a while, but it was not right away.   Your grief is so fresh, you need time to grieve properly, then perhaps you will receive a sign.  I'm sorry I missed your first post, I will remember you in my prayers.   I know this is a very tough time for you.

Prayers and thoughts,
Nina Maria's Mom

Posts: 555


Dear Shiannon,


Your Jackson hears every word you speak and watches over you each moment to keep you safe.

Though we don't always feel their presence they never leave our side.

They live on in our heart and will always be as close as a thought or a memory.

Sometimes at first we try to hard to feel them but if we just look beyond the rainbow and listen with our heart they will come to us in many ways.

Don't ever overlook the little things because signs are not always neon and feelings not always overwhelming.

Your Jackson will find his own special way to come to you and because your souls are connected with a cord no eye can see you will know deep within he is there.


May you find the peace of heart that Jackson would want for you.


Love and Peace,







I come to you in spring time birth.

In raindrops gentle on your face.

When Flowers sweet will blanket earth.

You feel me in our special place


I come to you in dreams so real.

Reach out and touch the love I bring.

I come to you in summertime.

In sunshine warm and birds that sing.


I come to you in falling leaves.

In breezes soft that whisper love.

In memories  your heart receives.

The gifts I send you from above.


I come to you in winter snow.

Falling softly from the sky.

In embers of the firelight's glow.

We are together you and I.


In every season of each year.

I come to bring you peace of heart.

I wipe away each single tear.

To tell you we are not apart.


For in each source of beauty sweet.

You will feel me always near.

When time arrives for us to meet.

You will find me waiting here.


 ©~ AurichWolf aka Katie~2008~




Posts: 1,400
Dear Shiannon:
I am so very sorry for your loss.  Thank you for sending that beautiful picture of Jackson.  I know the pain you are feeling and I wish I could ease it but I know I can't.

 I hope that you know that we understand the unbearable pain you have. I know you have wonderful memories of Jackson and  you will be reunited again one day and hold Jackson in your arms.
I will pray for you and Jackson.

When I talk to Meister today I will tell him about Jackson.  He was a toy poodle who went back to Heaven on June 6, 2008.and had a similar sweet face as your beloved Jackson.

Mary, Meisters Mom 


Posts: 139
Dear Shiannon:

I am so sorry that you must endure the pain of losing your beloved Jackson.  I know how unbearable it gets sometimes and hurt is so raw for you right now.  I been told that sometimes we can't see the signs because the grief blocks the view.  I don't know if that's true or not, I just know that you have to listen to your heart and you'll know the signs.  One sign that I am getting, which has been yet, is I planted a rose bush in memory of my beloved Comet and like a day after I planted it, it appear that I had killed it.  The pedals fell of the bush and their were no buds for the eye to see.  That was about 3 weeks ago and now I can see that the buds are starting to come up and as sure as I am typing (and crying) this, that rose bush will be in full bloom by July 5th which happens to be my Comet's birthday.  I said all of that just to let you know that signs might get by us if we aren't letting them.  Just take the time you need to grieve and grieve your way but keep your heart open for the signs because they will come, you just have to be able to see them.

Your Jackson loved you so that he wants you to see and feel him with you.  If you watch for him, he will let you know he is there and he listens to every word you speak, just like he did when he was hear with you.  Your bond with Jackson is so strong that nothing, not even death, can break it.  I hope that thought brings you some comfort, I know it does for me. 

Anyway, I think you found the best place to be because as you know we have all been there and the people here are so loving and caring that they will help you get through this.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Posts: 76
Thankyou Margaret, Mary, Katie and Nina Maria's Mum,

I cried as I read your posts. It has brought me some comfort to know that there are people out there that are going through the same things as me and are reaching out to help.

I miss my baby so much, his beautiful face and big loving eyes, his wonderful loving nature, and his quirky little habits.  I really want him to know that I love him deeply and feel honoured to have known such a wonderful gentle soul.  I will never forget him and I will always love him. My love for him goes beyond death. I send my love to him every day.

Shiannon, Jackson's mum.

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