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Hi. My name is Kyle, and a month ago I lost my best friend, my cat Snuggles.  I had since I was 6, and she was quite honestly my best friend, no questions asked. 

The day before we had to put her down, she started walking around funny and fell over, tucking her head down and meowing, but more in a whining way.  I held her for the rest of the day, and she purred on my chest.  Then later that night, she had a seizure.  It was the worst moment of my life. 

We think she went blind, and that night I laid with her in the chair, but the way she was acting, I let her lay by herself. I didn't to be rolling around and have a problem with her, so I let her sleep by herself, I regret that more than anything.

The next day, I INSISTED she go to the vet, and we took her...and she didn't come home. 

I miss much.  I...its been a month, and I still just can't get past the grief.  I want her badly.  I need her.  And I don't know what to do...


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Oh honey, im so sorry about your Snuggles.  She's sounds like a sweetheart.  I lost my kitty Mia almost 3 weeks ago and its been so hard letting her go.  I got my cat when I was little older older than you when I was 11 and had her for almost 18 years.  I think it can be very hard to let go of the pets we grow up with, they're are our oldest, best friends.  They've grown up with us and have been with us through everything.  I know its hard right now, but I can tell from your post how loved Snuggles was and I'm sure she knows it too.  I'm sure shes just waiting for the day when she can see you again.  I can't wait to see my Mia again.

Take care and feel better,

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Dear Kyle,
I am so very sorry to hear you have lost your beloved kitty, Snuggles.   It is so impossibly difficult to lose one who has been such a devoted companion for so many years.  I know you miss her so.  Please come here for support if you feel it will help.  All of us have lost our furbabies and know the pain you are going through.   You don't have to go through this alone.
Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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Kyle, I am so very sorry about your cat Snuggles. I understand when you say it was the worst moment of your life.  Everyone on here understands.  Just keep coming back here to talk--ssometimes it just helps to be among people who understand your feelings.  Again, I am so very sorry.


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Dear Kyle, I'm so sorry about your sweet Snuggles. So long with you and now that she is gone there is only pain. It is so difficult to lose a beloved pet, specially if they have been with us for long time. I also lost my baby Jessie almost 7 weeks ago and it's been hard. All the petloss family are here for you. Remember that your Snuggles is now happy without suffering. She knows how much you miss her and love her.
Diana, Jessie's mom.

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Dearest Kyle,

I am so terribly sorry about the loss of your Snuggles.  I can tell by your words that she was a very special kitty and that you loved her very much.  I wish I had some magic words to take away the pain of your loss,  I lost my kitty, Gus, 5 mo. ago.  While the intense grief of the first couple of months has diminished, I still have those moments of emptiness when I just wish I could hold him again.  Your Snuggles knows how much you love her and she will always hold a special place in your heart.

I have to tell you that I had a kitty named Snuggles that I lost 4 years ago.  My Snuggles was a boy.  When we named him, we thought he was a girl.  When he went to the vet to be spade, the vet called and said Snuggles was a boy and would be neutered.  At that point, we couldn't change his name, he was Snuggles.  He was such a lover--maybe it has something to do with the name. :-)

When you fell up to it, please come back and tell us more about your Snuggles.  We'd love to hear about her and it really does help to share the happy memories with people who understand your grief. 

Hugs and prayers,
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 115

Im very sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty>I can tell she was very special to you and you were special to her.The pain of losing her can be unbearable at times but try and remember teh good times you had.You have nothing to regret but letting her sleep comfortable that last night she knows you loved her.All of us here have been thru simliar pain so we can sense the pain youre in.Please come back here when you need it and keep your beloved kitty in your heart.


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby, Snuggles. You seem to have had a very close bond with your baby, seeing as how she grew up with you.  I am so sorry.

I also grew up with my baby, Piggy, that recently passed away and she was my best friend, my love and my heart so I completely understand what Snuggles meant to you.

We are here for support.

I will keep you and Snuggles in my prayers.


Piggy's Mom

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Dear Kyle,

I am so sorry you lost your little kitty girl, Snuggles.  Losing a best friend and beloved companion is beyond painful.  I can see she meant so much to you, and that you miss her a lot.  Everyone here knows what you are going through, and I hope you will come back - it's good to "talk" things out with people who care and understand.  We share your grief.

Sending you hugs, and thinking of you and your Snuggles,

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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Hi Kyle,
  Very sorry about your cat--it's very hard to lose your best friend. There are no words that can take the pain away and its' hard working through all of the grief.
   I really believe that our animals know how much love we had for them on earth and when they pass over--they know we still love them. Take care.

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Oh Kyle,

I am so sorry for your loss!  It sounds like Snuggles was so very special to you and you to her.  The pain of losing our beloved babies is almost too hard to bear, and the regrets and what ifs that come with our grief hurt so badly.  You took good care of your Snuggles, cared only about her comfort and safety.  You did everything that you could, gave her so much love, and she surely knew that.  She will always be in your heart, and she will always be with you.

You have come to a wonderful place for comfort and I hope that you come back and tell us more about your precious Snuggles.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Hugs and healing thoughts,
MaxsMom - Joanne


Posts: 2
Thank you guys for your support and kind words.  I need that.  It kinda seems like no one around me seems to quite know?

Well far as memories go...

We have another cat, Sugar (actually Snuggles sister) and a dog (Tilly-jack russell beagel mix) and one day Sugar and Tilly were fighting (playfully). Sugar is a bit timid and shy and afraid of Tilly, so Sugar was backing into the corner scared when Tilly was trying to play with her. 

Then out of nowhere, Snuggles leaped  from the couch onto Tillys back and starting wacking her with her paws. It was easily one of the funniest things I've ever seen.


Posts: 567

I'm sorry for your loss of Snuggles.  It is truly hard to get over the loss of them, at times the grief overtakes us.  So, we all understand how you feel.  Some day you will start to remember the good memories more and more and the day of loosing her will come less and less.  It just takes time, everyone is different, so allow yourself time to grieve. 

Thanks for sharing the memory of her "saving" Sugar.  I bet that was a site.  It's those good memories that help us heal, so share more of them if you feel up to it.

Prayers and thoughts,
Nina Maria's Mom

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I am so sorry about your loss, I lost my dog only a few days ago, and I understand the intense hurt that is so hard to describe. I just want you to know I am thinking of you, and you aren't alone. I wish i could tell you how to fix this, if only I knew the answers.

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          I am so sorry for your loss. I completely understand how painful it was for you to see your beloved kitty having a seizure. My little Soleil had a seizure one night while she was sleeping in my bed with me... she woke me up and as soon as a relized what was happening and grabbed her up in the covers and held her close to me... I felt like if I held her close I could take away the seizure and if I held her in the covers it would help to protect her. Her seizure was so bad that she clawed up my leg while she was having it and I still have the scars from it... anytime I see the scar I am reminded of the horrible night.  She recovered from that seizure but had another one a few months later.  The last one was so bad that she lost oxygen to her brain, the vet tried to save her but nothing could be done.

It is amazing the way that these creatures indear themselves so much to us. Soleil was the love of my life, my best friend... she was everything to me as I am sure your kitty was to you.  I have know doubt the Snuggles and Soleil are running around together in Heaven and looking over us.

May you find comfort in the many warm sweet memoires of your dear friend.  I am sending you lots of prayers during this hard time
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