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He was my big boy - 71+ pounds of sheperd/lab mix.  He was a rescue and was at least 15 years old.  I saw him start to falter and have some problems but all of his bloodwork and lab tests came back normal.  On Saturday, he went lame on one of his back legs and the other one was weak.  He couldn't get up or walk by himself.  I tried to convince myself that it was just a sprain and that he would get better.  Today I took him back to the vet and the vet did some testing and determined that it was a neurologic problem and that basically he had lost functioning from the waist down and he would only get worse.  I knew I could put him in diapers and get a sling to help him walk but he was a dog whose greatest joy was going on walks in the park and following me everywhere.  He was so sad, depressed and frustrated these last few days when he couldn't do his favorite things.  I made the decision to let him go as my last act of love for him.  He has now joined his sister Kina Marie who went to the Bridge on May 3, 2007 and his brother Kodiak who has been at the Bridge many years.  I will love you forever.            


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i am sooo sorry for your loss of you fur child.Know he will always be near as are his sister, Kina Marie, and his brother, Kodiak.

Know you are not alone - we are all here with you.

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I am so very sorry to learn that your beloved big boy, Alex, has passed.  I can tell how very special he was and how deeply he will be missed.  It is always so unbearably hard to have to say farewell to such a devoted and faithful companion.  But, he is no longer sad, depressed or frustrated.  He is running happily at the Bridge, free of that dreadful neurological condition.  You have given him the most merciful gift we can give our babies when they are suffering.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Betsy's forever mom

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Alex's person,

I am saddened by your loss of your dear Alex, sounds like he filled your life with lots of joy and company and comfort. I have read posts of people who have had to PTS their pets and many times they are unexpected diseases or things out of their control. I think and i know you may not think but you did the best thing for your dear Alex. He would have been miserable and upset, but still this is problably one of the most hardest things to do.

Years ago in 2000 my parents had to PTS their dog Scooter, due to cancer of the liver. there was no fixing him there was only pain and suffering if they chose to let him live till Natural P. but that would have just been awful and when i saw poor Scooter before he was gone, He looked so sad and sick.
It was horrible but by seeing and knowing that this was the only way. I felt like they (parents) had just sent him free to be whole again and not sick and well to whereever dogs or cats go. I stilll wonder.

I just want to say, I also lost my cat last month 6-19-08,. she was eight years old and I am still not over this at all. she was killed by a cayote in my neighborhood and I still cant believe it since i live in the suberbs, but enough about me. Just stay strong, and if you cant, that is ok. let yourself grieve, remember all the good times and hold on to that in times of hardness. that is what helps me go on. peace to you in this troubled time

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved boy, Alex. You couldn't let him suffer, he wouldn't want to live in diapers and a sling. Now your baby can run and play again with Kina Marie and Kodiak. They are together watching over you now. Again, I am so very sorry.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

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  I'm so sorry for your loss of your shepherd mix. He's playing with all of our furbabies at the bridge, young and healthy again.

                                                       Jingles mom

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I am so sorry about the loss of your Precious Boy.  It is so difficult making the decision to let them go but is is our greatest gift to them.  I lost my little Angel Christopher almost 16 months ago.  He was my Heart, my Soul and my Best Friend.  I will never forget him dying in my arms-Never.  I let him go to the Bridge because he was in pain and he did not deserve to suffer.  I will miss him Forever.  You and your Precious Angel are in my Prayers
Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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I didn't know about the Rainbow Bridge until after our beloved Lab Husky, Deion, passed away at age 15 1/2 years last Tuesday, July 8, 2008.  I am so very sorry for your loss of your beloved Alex!  I can empathize completely with you because our Deion had had arthritis in his hips and front paws for about two years.  He was a brave companion although I'm sure he was in a lot of pain over these last few years.  On May 30th, Deion was crossing the kitchen floor when he fell down.  My husband was doing reports on the pc when he heard the noise in the kitchen. When he went to check on Deion, Deion had managed to get up and walk over to the carpeted area in the hallway all by himself.  A little while later, when my husband went to check on Deion and to take our two 'sons' for a walk, Deion couldn't stand up at all!  My husband was very worried about Deion and thought that he'd have to put Deion down the next day if he didn't get better as Deion was in a lot of pain.  I had been out of province visiting my family when Deion got hurt.  When I returned that evening after Deion's fall, I saw a very courageous and loving companion greet me with his big brown eyes, huge smile and wagging tail even though Deion couldn't get up to come over to see me.  We decided to wait and see how Deion would do, because we just couldn't bear the thought of Deion being put to sleep.  We had decided two years ago that we wanted our Deion to pass away with dignity at home where he was loved by all of us.  Anyways, for the next two weeks, my husband had to carry Deion outside every time to go to the washroom!  Gradually though, Deion got stronger and soon he was even going for little walks again with his brother Simba!  We started to feel that Deion was really getting better, but a few days before he died, he didn't want to go for any walks and he wouldn't eat as much as he used to.  We realize now that Deion knew he was going to die soon, so Simba cuddled with Deion a lot over the last few days.   After his bad fall on the kitchen floor, Deion wouldn't go near the kitchen.  However, on Deion's last morning with us, he did a really amazing thing!  He proudly walked across that kitchen floor without faltering and you should have seen the huge smile Deion had on his face as he looked at me with his tail wagging and his head held high!  This was Deion's last feat of bravery!  A few hours later, Deion passed away peacefully at home.  We miss Deion so much and we wish that Deion could have stayed with us a little longer, but Deion had lived a very full and happy life and now he's not in any more pain!  Deion was Larger Than Life!  Well, I hope that my story about our beloved Deion will help you to feel better about your Alex.  Our pets were incredible loving and devoted companions who are healthy again and romping in the beautiful green parks under blue skies at that Rainbow Bridge!  God Bless You and Your Beloved Alex! :)


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I am so very sorry about your loss of you sweet Alex.  I know he loved you so much and is thankful that you did not let him suffer.  You have wonderful memories of Alex.  Keep him close to you in your heart.  He is now with his sister and brother and they are happy together.

I wish you peace and will pray for you and Alex.

Many hugs
Meisters Mom Forever

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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and understanding.  I woke this morning to hear him in his room - then reality hit.  I have to keep reminding myself that I did what I did out of love and that it was the best thing for him, even though it breaks my heart.  JoAnn


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I am so sorry about your big boy, I know you miss him terribly. he seems to be around every corner doesn't he? you did a very selfless and loving thing to help him. it is so hard to see them not having fun anymore. I had to let go of my little guy (Oscar, a bichon) a little over a year ago, he had cancer. I too couldn't stand the thought of him having bad days, especially when I remember his crazy times as a pup. I still miss him, always will. even tho we wish they could live forever, 15 is a wonderful life. you must have so many memories. I was lucky enough to have Oscar for 13 years. Alex was lucky enough to have you, and that special bond can never be broken

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