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My bunny passed away yesterday morning. I am so devastated. I feel like a piece of me is missing. I had her for five years, but I don't even know how old she was because she was a rescue. I miss her so much. The worse thing is all of the routines that we used to have with her that I now no longer do. There are empty spots in my day that I just can't seem to fill because they were her time. I am so sad, and I miss her so much. I can't stand it.

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Thank you for sharing.

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I am terribly sorry for your loss, dear.
One of the toughest things to overcome while grieving is the sudden lack of routines that one was used to during the pet's life.
It seems to me that your bunny was really happy in your care and that you were a wonderful owner to her.
You had a connection that comes rarely in one lifetime and I'm sure you'll cherish it as such.
And I personally can relate to mourning a pet with such a short lifespan (my hamster Simon, whom I loved dearly had passed on a little more than a month ago and I still feel like I could cry for months to come).

I don't personally know what would be the best thing to advise you, as I'm still mourning deeply,
but from what I've read on various forums and sites I think what would really help you is to take the time that was dedicated to her, and spend it by reminiscing over the happy times you had with her. If that doesn't work, or reminiscing brings back pain, you can instead try to fill that time by doing something relaxing, or in general something that you like to do. I know this advice is kind of wonky, because grief can cause us to completely lose interest in what we would normally love to do, but it doesn't hurt to try. In case your grief is really severe, I'd suggest you take some time off from a job you might have right now to rest and gather your strength again. (grief can affect people physically a lot)
Put on a movie, make a tea or any drink you might like for yourself (but try to avoid alcohol, as it is known to often worsen the psychical state) , surround yourself in pillows and blankets and just rest and relax. Let whatever feelings you might have pass and don't hold them back. I think it will also help if you have a really close friend who you can trust and with whom you can share your feelings with. From personal experience I know that worst thing for your grief is when people around you are dismissive or in belief that the process of mourning has a time limit.

If you don't have the option to take time off, or don't feel you should skip work, the thing which can really help you is if you have someone at work whom you can talk to about it. It can really help when you're having a moment with a person with whom you can both laugh and cry with without being judged.
Alternatively, there are countless pet loss hotlines and support groups where you can share your pain. (I personally found APLB chat to be one of the most helpful ways to resolve my grief) And consulting a psychologist can certainly be helpful too, in case you find your grief too severe or unmanageable.

In conclusion, there are many ways to grieve and mourn, and one size doesn't fit all, but I hope that my reply will at least help you in finding peace with your grief. And remember, that you shouldn't feel guilty about the way you grieve.

In the meantime, would you like to share more about your bunny? Did she have a name?
What did she like to eat? Did you have something special you did together?
Do you have any other pets? If so, remember to take care of them and love them as much as you did with your bunny.
Just share anything you might want to if you'd like.

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