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I dont even know if I'm doing this right, but yesterday my best friend died. Sad to say I'm married with a baby and another on the way and Jeffrey, my bunny was really my best friend. I was at work when it happened and my husband thought I shouldn't see him because he looked bad. And its full 4 inches of snow out side and the grounds hard so they threw him in the dumpster. I'll even except that, but I didn't get to say good bye and its actually to late. I'm so lost. I spent all night crying and I know he ment well, I'm pregnant and they thought I couldnt handle it. I'm so lost without him. I have two other bunnies but I'll be honest, jeffrey was my first, I picked him, he was my favorite. My husband picked the other one and the third is actually there baby. Also last week one of his babies who are a yr old died. Who a friend had. Jeffrey would have been two in march. He wasn't even that old. I prayed for him soooo hard last night and begged god to take care of jeffrey and Trevor.(his baby). I dont even believe in god, but I prayed my heart out just in case. I hope the two bunnies are together. My two are doing fine. Henrietta, aka henry, and Travis are doing fine. Henry's been separated from the boys for a while now, but in neighboring cages. And Travis wouldn't leave Jeffrey at first when my husband found him, but now he's acting fine. I just can't stop crying. Jeffrey was my baby. He was the sweetest bunny Ive ever known. He cuddled with me and napped with me. He loved me. No doubt there. Sorry, I know this is long, I just need to vent out my feelings because no one seems to understand. He wasn't a rabbit. He was my baby jeffrey. But what is killing me also is I dont have pictures of him past 6 months old. And what I have is blurry. I dont want to forget his face, I'm scared I will. I dont know how to move on from this. Ive had cats and dogs die before, family pets I loved to death, but Ive never felt so heartbroken over a loss like this. Jeffrey was special. He made me feel less depressed, now I'm nothing but depressed and pregnant so I'm horribly hormonal. I just dont know what to do. How do I start moving on? I hadn't held him in over two weeks cause I was so sick, and with the Holliday's working 6 days. I just dont remember the last real cuddle I had or talk I gave him. I just want to hold him one last time. Like just 10 minutes of having him back. I had today off and cried all day, I dont want to go to work cause I'm embarrassed about crying there. No one understands why I'm so heart broken. Like they think so what its a bunny you have two and a family, focus on them. I do focus on them all the time, I'm so scared jeffrey died because I was neglectful. I think me not giving him as much attention like before hurt him. Ive been all about my daughter. I have forgot to feed them before. And last week they had a lot of celery and kale. He was half of Travis's size and a quarter of Henrys. What if it was from too much greens? I just can't stop thinking it was my fault. I'm scared. I dont know how he died, or why.

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Dear Sarah,

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. You must take comfort in knowing that he knew exactly how much you loved him and how special he was to you. The relationships we have with particular fur ones are so special, you can just trust that the feelings are mutual. Have faith that your little guy is at the Bridge now and you will one day see and hold him again.

Your post really touched me, because your story is quite similar to mine. I lost my true-love pup exactly three weeks ago, and struggled to find people who would understand. Not only that, but I was not brought up to be particularly religious (but have become more so, especially when it came to my pup) and found myself in constant prayer, have been focusing so much on my son since he was born two years ago, am pregnant with my second now, and will probably wonder till the day I meet my Koji at the Bridge if it was something I did that sent him there sooner than he should have gone, as he was only with us for three years. We also have another pup at home, who seems to be doing fine, and while I love her dearly, it is different than what I felt for Koji, and he for me.

Although the pain of losing him hasn't subsided, I have resolved that there are only so many of these angel pets that live among us. I have maintained faith that the universe has bigger plans for them than we can ever know. I trust that Jeffrey was sent on another mission to bring to another family the kind of love he brought to you.

Please do not be scared that you will ever forget his face. I often have the same fear, but in my heart know that it would be impossible to forget his face, his fur, the way he smelled, and the way he sounded. True love doesn't allow you to forget these things.

I hope you come back to this forum often and share more about your life with Jeffrey. Everyone here does understand and has felt the feelings you are experiencing. It has been such a life-saver for me to find this site, and I hope it will be for you too.

Sending you love and peace,
Koji's Mom

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Dear Sarah,
Koji mom is right, just take comfort of your loving bond, Jeffrey knows how much you love him and he had taken your love to the Rainbow Bridge as a comfort too.  What has happened was beyond your control and Jeffrey understands, and he knows how much you love him. Please don't blame yourself anymore as Jeffrey loves you and wants you to be well especially you are being pregnant and working so hard...the weather is getting cold too, with the snow and stress is not good for your can cry as much as you can just to relieve the feelings, we understand what you are feeling is normal and don't bother to think what others think...A love for our furbaby is no less than a love for a child and we know...Just cherish the sweet memories of him while mourning and I pray you will find some comfort...

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Dear Sarah,

I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Jeffrey. We know and understand how hard it is, to lose a baby you love so much, and also not understanding why. A lot of people will not understand the depth of your grief, but that's OK, that's why you can always come here for help and support. Jeffrey did know you were his mom, who loved him very much...he loved you too, and as you say, there was never any doubt of that. I also thought for awhile, that I did something wrong that might have caused my baby's death, but I am sure now, that he would have passed anyway, regardless of anything I had done. Your baby, too...sometimes there is just something wrong inside, that we can't see and it catches up with them.

You have hundreds of pictures in your mind, holding Jeffrey and cuddling with will never forget him and you will always cherish him. There is no time limit to grief, you just feel what you feel, for as long as you feel it.


Elise, Buddy's mom


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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved bunny, Jeffrey.  I know how hard it is being without this precious bundle of fur.  Bunnies are such interesting animals and make such wonderful pets.  Your sweet Jeffrey is now with my bunny boy, Christoph, at the bridge.  They will become good friends and enjoy all the wonders of the bridge.  My thoughts are with you.

precious Christoph ~ always in my heart ~

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I remember when you lost your Christoph. He and my Sokkwi looked alike. Christoph passed not too long after my Audie passed. Now my Sokkwi, Audie's sister, has left me behind as of 12/02/13. The devastation is unbearable. I love her and miss her so much.
I am so sorry about your loss of Jeffrey. I know the emotions you are going through too well. I keep getting told that the pain will get better. I have never forgotten my Audie and still miss him to this day. Now his sister has left me, and again, I go through all the heartache. I keep praying for our reunion in Heaven where all tears of sadness are wiped away. Our pets love us unconditionally and they realize better than people the situations around them. All we can do now is remember them with the love they deserved. And wait for the healing to begin....
I am ever so grateful for the support of this group. I don't think I could make it without them. Most people don't take the death of a fur baby as serious s they need to. Please don't ever hesitate to post about your loved one.    

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I don't know if you will ever read this, but know it takes time and will never truly go away.  Bunnies are different than any other pet because of the special needs they have. We have to protect them from harm because they are prey to everything.  We have to give them special foods or else it hurts them. We pay special attention to them because we feel their love through their eyes.  Their happiness is our focus.  They require the perfect temperature or else they die.  They require attention more like a child then any other pet we have.  

I have a problem with them throwing him in the dumpster, that was insensitive and rude.  Is that where they put dead human babies?  No.  My Chiquita was 10 when he died in 12/13.  I held his body and cried for a day.  I buried him on my property, which may not be an option for you.  When the others go, please wrap them in a towel, don't worry about bugs or things, that takes time unless you put him outside.  Take him to your vet to cremate their remains so you can take them home with you. No dumpsters.  

Here I am 6 months later, and I still cry for my beautiful boy every day.  They are different than other pets, they are pure and sweet and I miss him today so very much.   

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I understand my bunny Buddha was my best friend and my dog gave him a heart attack. I can’t stop crying. I don’t know what to do. I know I’m supposed to be helping but I don’t know how. I miss Buddha so much and I just hope he didn’t suffer. I feel alone, and I can never look at the room where I kept him the same. He just died yesterday, and I can’t help but blame myself.

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Sorry about your bun mine died this morning she was a lion head white and little black patch she was the best I am so sad too! Your right they are so pure and sweet cant stop crying I just get controll of myself and then just start crying again!
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