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Hi there, I'm an 18 year old male I'm new to this site. Im feeling pretty depressed right now and I'm looking for some support. My story will probably be somewhat long so if you don't want to read it I understand, but here it goes

About 2 years ago my family brought home 2 newborn kittens, brother and sister and we named them Mickey and Mallory. We decided they would be indoor cats cause we live on a busy street and near a highway. The rule changed though after about a year because they were restless and started escaping more and more, especially Mickey. After we let them out they became the happiest kitties on the planet. So these healthy kitties developed cool funny personalities. Mickey was defidently the brother and Mallory the sister, as he would pick on her, protect her, and she didn't go out much if he wasn't already out, I want to talk about them more but it will make my post too long. So anyway I guess 3 days ago it was Friday morning just starting my 38 day weekend. And on my moms way out the door to work she says "have you seen Mickey? I don't remember seeing him yesterday, and he's not here for his food this morning" I didn't recall seeing him which made me uncomfortable because as you can see I really care about my cats. So she left me pondering, I sat around for a couple hours, strolled around the block quickly, no sign of him but after lots of thinking I concluded that he's probably Okay and on some long adventure. Being Mickey he's the type of cat that might wander off for a couple days, -he'll be back soon. I stopped worrying so much and stopped thinking about him and took off for the night. Got home the next day to find out my poor Mickey whom me and everyone around me loved so much had been hit by a car, my 10 year old cousin found him about an hour after I left. Now everyone around me is very sad, lots of tears and such, but personally I feel like I've lost a family member. I've lost a cat that I had for 13 years and a dog that I had for 14. And I was heartbroken of course. Right now I'm feeling equally as heart broken even though he was 2, it was unexpected, he was a healthy happy kitty that loved all of us an I have/had a special bond with both of them. Mickey acted like a puppy Every time I'd come home he'd greet me
And be funny and whatever went bad in that day was lightened just by seeing him and his cute face and tail. Now Mallory doesn't have her older brother that Shea had her whole life, and I know she's scared, very cuddly even more than usual, sleeping lots, I just feel so bad for her cause 1 I don't know if she understands really what happened. And 2 she doesn't have her brother to protect her and play with her. I don't know what to do, do I stop letting her out? I don't believe in that, she'd be even more depressed. But the whole reason we were reluctant to let them out in the first place is because of cars... So many different odd thoughts are rushing through my head I'm sorry for such a run on paragraph I'm just really mixed up right now. I never thought I could cry so much at 18. Any support I would appreciate greatly thankyou a million for reading.

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I am very sorry for the untimely death of your precious Mickey.  The loss of a pet is always a heart wrenching time, and losing them in an accident brings even more grief.  Since Mickey was known to be an adventurous cat, there is no way one can keep an eye on him while he is out exploring. How sad that he was only two years old and had so many years ahead of him.  Animals do not understand why their  buddy is no longer sharing their lives, but they do know that something is amiss.  Mallory needs extra loving and attention now until she adjusts to the change in her life.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  Losing a beloved family member saddens the whole household.  This is a wonderful site and the compassion and support from your petloss family will help you through these tough days and months. 

precious Christoph ~ three long years at the bridge ~


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I'm so so sorry, you lost Mickey, he sounds like such a beautiful, wonderful little guy. Believe me, what you're feeling is perfectly normal. As my screen name shows, I'm a huge cat lover, I know how intelligent and affectionate they are. I think they're almost like funny little people (and sometimes when they act weird and goofy, like little space aliens). Just let yourself feel sad when you need to--you have a heart. We all know what you're going through. And if you can, try to keep Mallory inside--it can be really rough for a while as she may want to go outside, but she will adjust (a good spot for her to look out a window will help). Also, give her lots of extra attention.

And also, I'd like to stress, take it easy on yourself. It can be really really hard losing a pet, and sometimes there is that really special one that makes it harder. It does get easier though.



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Any loss of our babies is horrible, but a sudden, unexpected loss is somehow worse.   We had no idea that the last time we saw them, would be the very last.  If we had, we would have taken more time with them, held them and talked to them and told ourselves to  "remember this moment."  When love is involved, it doesn't matter if they are one month  old or 15 years old.  When love has been taken away, it hurts.  I am so very, very sorry for your loss of Mickey and will remember you and Mallory in my prayers tonight.  God Bless You.  Don't worry about crying too much.  I have cried an ocean of tears for my Heidi.  When I can't stop I just tell Heidi, every tear is a kiss, just for her.  Sincerely, YorkieHeidi 


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Oh, this is so very sad.  Even your name "Loveumickey" brings tears to my eyes.  It is devastating to lose a pet to such a sudden and tragic accident.  It is even more so if they are so very young.  The attachment to a loving pet can grow overnight so the pain of losing Mickey is just as immense as if he was older only you know he should have had a lot more time with you and that can hurt ever-so-much.  I am so sorry this happened to your sweet Mickey.  It will take awhile to get over losing him and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

You can always come and talk or vent or whatever you need, whenever you need it.  There are always understanding people to help here.

 Please guard yourself against those who don't have any understanding of the unconditional love of a pet and, yes, they are actually family members.  Their unwavering love is with us every single day without fail and that leaves an awfully lonely place when they are gone. It will take quite awhile for this pain to get better but it will get better in time, it really will.

Peace and Blessings,
Magnum's girl, Barb


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Hello, my friend,

I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Mickey. It is so hard to lose a loved one, and even more so when it is so unexpected, and it is so very overwhelming to try and cope.

My friend, if i may, you are right in feeling that there is a loss to your family. Our pets and companions are members of our family and whether they are with us for a only a couple of months, a couple of years, or many years, they give so much unconditional love, and bring it out of all of us. It is perfectly natural to feel sadness at their passing however long these wonderful creatures are a part of our lives.

Please do not feel the need to compare Mickey's time with you to your other friends over the years, because each friend has a special unique place in your heart and in your memories. Believe me when I say this: Someday very soon, I promise that through the tears of your grief, you are going to start thining of Mickey, and you will think about him meeting you at the door, and you know what? You will find yourself smiling through those tears, and that, my friend, is one of the purest most beautiful emotions there is.

I truly believe that tears are one of the most beautiful, purest expressions of love that one can convey, so in the coming days, as others have said, let yourself cry when you feel like it. It shows you care, and it helps to heal. Take care of yourself in the coming days, also, my friend. Rest, make sure you eat, and try to get sleep. You need this for yourself, your family, and also, most importantly, for Mallory.  

This may sound unusual, but your Mallory is grieving too, and she needs you. Give her plenty of attention, plenty of love, and let her know that even though her brother Mickey may be gone, she is not alone.

Lastly, if I may, if and when you may be inclined, there is a tab on the main page of this site which talks about the story of the Rainbow Bridge. I don't know if you have ever heard of the Bridge before, but I promise you, after you read about the bridge, and believe me it does exist, you will find a certain peace of mind. Mickey may be gone from here, but he is with a lot of wonderful new friends, happy and healthy, and no doubt telling them all about you and your family, and how loved you all made him feel, even today.

Please know, my young friend, that there are a lot of wonderful people in this community who are going through and have gone trough all that you are right now, and we care. There are so many who have a lot of insight and wisdom to offer, and besides that, there is also a lot of support: Ears to listen, Shoulders to lean on, Hearts for love, and Arms for Hugs. Visit here often, people here genuinely care.

With my thoughts, hopes, and prayers for you, your family, Mallory, and of course, your buddy Mickey,


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No matter the time spent together it still leaves a vast chasm behind. Love isn't measured in time but by depth and you love Mickey deeply. Feel how you want to feel cry when you want to. My thoughts are with you

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I'm so sorry for your loss of Mickey...Its hard when it happens so suddenly to one so young...

I lost my cat Ginger to a car when I was 18 (long time ago now) - that's when I found this place actually.  Like your kitties, she would have nothing of a life of confinement - some cats are just like that.  She was about 8 but we had only had her a couple of years - and of the time we had her, she had only been a truly special part of my life for a few months (long story there).  I didn't even realize just how much I loved her and how much I depended on her until she was gone.  Her death devastated me more than I could have imagined.  I had lost Sticky, my childhood cat that I'd had since I was 5, a few months before.  That was very hard.  I don't think I can say that losing Ginger was harder really (losing him had its own set of difficulties), but it certainly hit me in a different way.  I guess Sticky I was "prepared" for, as much as one can be "prepared" - but I wasn't for Ginger.

Each animal we share our lives with touches us in a different way.  And each death will touch us in a different way as well.  It may seem strange that the one that shared your life for only 2 years is more difficult than the ones that shared your life from a very young age.  But it is not wrong.  As Chevsmom said, love isn't measured by time but by depth.  You shared something with Mickey that was very special.

Its a hard journey you are on, the journey through grief.  Many may not understand it.  But know that we will be here for you as you travel this road. 

Mickey will always be in your heart.


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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved Mickey. Just keep in mind every cat has a purpose. We humans enter this world to learn what it is like. Cats.. Well, they come in this world for a purpose. Same thing happened to my little baby Mango. They visit you in your dreams. Just keep in mind that Mickey came to you for a purpose.
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