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Today i lost one of my cats named Oscar. We got him off the street as there was a pack of stray cats and he just seemed to be the one.

I didn't see it but my mum did she was hoovering her car and i was inside on my computer when i heard tyres screeching then my mum shouting me that Oscar had been run over i look out and see him lying there in the middle of the road.

He was killed on impact as the drivers front tyre caught his head  as he ran across the road his neck was broken and blood as coming out from his mouth i picked him up and put him to the side of the road and sat down next to him stroking him my mum came out with a whie towel and we rapped him in that and took him inside.

We laid him on the counter and let my other cat Smudge sniff him i cleaned the blood from his mouth and closed his eyes.

We allways bury our pets in the garden with my hamster and Smudges brother Sam who died 4 years ago i had to dig the hole for him which is the hardest thing i've ever had to do.

Im very upset about it as all my other pets have died of old age and never by somthing like this.

           R.I.P Oscar 18th July 1994 - 25th May 2007


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I am so sorry Lukem about Oscar, It is a horrible thing when cats or any other animal gets killed this way...I myself had picked up a stray black cat that I used to feed from the street exactly how you found Oscar. I know Oscar will always love you and he knows that you have taken care of him up to this last horrible moment...people drive too fast and don't pay attention at all to anything that may be crossing or in the road. They are selfish, mindless idiots as far as I am concerned.  A death like this is shocking and sudden and guilt may overwhelm you at this time. I don't know how old Oscar was but the years of care and love he spent in your home was the greatest thing to him...everything he needed came from you and he gave you his intense love and devotion back.  I grieve for you and I hope God will escort him to Rainbow Bridge to meet all who have passed before until we all get there to see everyone also.


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I am so sorry for your loss of Oscar.  I lost my baby boy Kismet to a car on April 13- it was the hardest thing I have ever hard to endure.  We did not find Kismet until the next day.  Kismet was a feral cat that we took in when he was only 6 weeks old.  We lost him 2 days before his first birthday.  Words can not even express how difficult this type of traumatic loss is.  There is no preparation or warning.  Your beloved Oscar knows how much you loved him and now is watching over you from the Rainbow Bridge (hopefully him and Kismet have linked up!) until you are reunited again one day.

(((((Hugs to you))))))))


Forever Loved

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sorry to hear about your Oscar.

you were very brave, preparing  his body, digging the grave and burying him

peace to you and your family.


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Thanks for the support guys.

I think whats made it hard on me is that it was unexpected and out of my hands but i keep thinking what if this or what if that. My dogs seem to know that im upset and are lying with me and following me around which is nice as its what Oscar used to do.

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My heart goes out to you.  I lost my Chewie yesterday very suddently and it has torn me to pieces.........  I sincerly wish I could say something to ease the pain you are enduring but words can't heal this kind of hurt...... I guess we just have to believe that God knows what we are suffering and why. 

Gary S

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lukem...let your dogs comfort you at this time, they are your support and sanity. things like this will ease up at times but you will find Oscar floating in and out of your mind , this I feel is Oscar saying its ok to think and feel bad, I am at peace now, unfortunately this is life and its very hard on us. Keep strong and keep up your spirits with your other loves.


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What a horrible tragedy; I'm so very sorry about Oscar's death.  Know that you have friends here. 



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lukem, I'm so sorry about Oscar.  He loves you and knows how much you love him.  I have fed homeless cats and adopted some over the years and have lost some very dear friends to tragedy as well.  It hurts so much and we don't understand why these things have to happen.  He is in Heaven now and is happy, healthy, safe and sound.  I'm sorry for your pain and sorrow.  I'm glad you have your dogs there with you to comfort you and to share your sadness.  Hug them and talk to them about Oscar, I bet they miss him too. I will pray for you and your boy.


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Hi Lukem,

I am so very sorry for your loss of Oscar. What a sad way to lose a beloved pet. We are never prepared for the loss of a pet. Know that you are not alone, you have caring friends here who are ready to listen and help you cope. And remember that one day you will see Oscar again, he is waiting at the Bridge in the company of many pets.
It is nice to see that you have other pets who are helping to ease the pain. It will take time but one day you will be able to remember Oscar with a smile on your face, remembering the happy times you had with him.



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Oh God I am so sorry, that was the same exact way (neck bleeding and all) Sammy was killed (my cat) I wish there was something I could say to help you. I know how tramatic it must have been for you, please let me know if you need to talk, anything anytime, I am online daily

Big Hugs

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Good morning Lukem I am soo sorry to hear about your cat...My cat got ran over 3 days ago......I think it was on friday night.....Me and my mum Were drving out the drive and suddenly this ginger patch caught my eye and there he was on the road i had the biggest panic attack of my life I had to run down to my garden to get my dad and i really didint no what to do i just couldn't take it in what i saw.....So i know the pain you are going through i am still not enitirely over Barley but I am hapy for him to be on rainbow bridge....And i bet Oscar is with My cat barley now....If you ever wanna talk to me im always here for you xxxx becci xxxx
God bless you Lukem xxx And once a again im sorry to hear about your cat xxx

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2 days ago i lost my cat also named ascar :( two of my neighbours ran him over without out any care, im so heart broken and distressed at how he looked and how he suffered :( the sspca are currently investigating if they can be charged with intentional distress to an animal, they have the cctv and am just waiting to hear back, i cant stop having panic attacks even tho im trying to be strong for my family, i just cant, how can i ever get over this? I truly feel out lives will never be the same, he was our friend and the one who made us all feel happy when we were sad, the thought of the pain he went threw is just driving me crazy!
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