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My Dear Rocky,


Today I finally picked up your water bowl, that was still full of water.  It was so hard to do.  I just cried and cried.  When I went into our bedroom to make the bed, I kept waiting for you to come in and jump up and help me.  It is so hard to not have you here.


Beckie still will not come into the bedroom.  I moved your bed out into the living room, and she is sleeping on that now.  She finally ate last night, so that is something, but she hasn't eaten today.  Send a little wisper to her that it is ok, that she can eat now.


Baby is doing better, but he still spends a lot of time in your chair.  I know he misses you as well.


I worry so much about your last few minutes.  I'm sorry that I couldn't go with Daddy and James when they took you.  I had to say my goodbye at home.  I just hope you didn't think that we just dropped you off and left you there.  I hope and pray you weren't scard to much.  Daddy wanted to be with you, but he just couldn't stand the pain himself.  Please forgive us for letting you go with strangers.


I miss you so much.  You were such a pain the the butt, but my life is so empty without you.  Please look down from that Rainbow Bridge and smile on us from time to time.


I havn't been able to pick up you gloves or some of the other toys yet.  Beckie may play  one or two, but she never really liked your gloves.  They were YOURS!!  Maybe someday I will be able to pick them up, but not yet.  And I think you still have a bone under the sofa! 


Take care my little one.  I will love you always.




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Rocky knows you love him. 
 Don't feel guilty for staying home.  He understood, I'm sure.

This situation is always so hard and there are so many things to feel guilty over. 

You never would have done anything painful or wrong for your baby, so you don't need to carry the guilt.

It is good that you notice the other babies are mourning also.  Love them extra, they will recover sooner than you, probably.

I am so sorry for your grief.  Your Rocky was such a cutie!

Please try to keep your chin up!  I care how you feel.



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I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby Rocky.  He is very handsome.  Please don't feel bad about not going.  You got to say goodbye and Rocky knows how much you love him.  Of the three furbabies I have had to have put to sleep, I was only there with one of them.  I will tell you that while it wasn't easy, it was very peaceful.  Bless your heart for having the strength to let Rocky go on his journey in this manner.  You will make it through, with the help of your friends here, your family and the comfort and love from your other furbabies.  Take care.


Your friend,




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My dear Rocky
Baby should be with you now.  I know you two are having a good time running around and playing.  Let him sleep with you tonight.  He might be a little scared and wonder what has happened, but I know you will take good care of him.  We will miss him as much as we have missed you.  Take good care of him.
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