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On April 22nd around 9:30pm my little dog named Buddy got hit by a car. My neighbor came knocking on my door saying someone's dog got hit by a car out in the street. I ran up to my room to put on my shoes and while I looked out the window I saw his little body laying on his side. It was my baby Buddy and my heart dropped. I eventually ran out my door and went out to the street he was still breathing and aware of what was going on. I called out his name for the last time and when I did he looked me in the eyes and my heart broke completely. I pet him before he passed and cried while I was there. I believe the car hit him pretty bad he passed away maybe five minutes after he got hit. It seemed that he went into cardiac arrest and was struggling to breathe. 

Before this happened I let him out into the backyard so he could go to the bathroom. He's always been able to go out and come back in by himself but he unfortunately followed my cat across the street. He managed to break threw a part in the fence, which in all honestly wasn't greatly secured. I feel so guilty because I didn't even notice he did not come back in yet, I should've called out to him. 

People say that our pets come into our lives to teach us a lesson and I believe that is true. I feel as though Buddy came into my life to show me how to better express my feelings and unfortunately be more careful. I got Buddy when I was eleven years old, he was a just a little black puppy and I was so grateful. I have always wanted a dog since I was little. My friend from school was moving and she had to give away her dogs, and one of them had puppies as well. I remember walking home and carrying his little self to my home. He passed away at seven years old he was in my eyes still so young and it's my fault he is gone. I miss him so much he was so small a 17 pound dog  with black fur, a white dagger on his chest, and he seemed to have a little bit of wiener dog mixed in him so he had tiny legs. 

I've cried everyday since his passing, I see him all around the house I miss sleeping with him and taking him out for walks. We have two cats as well and even though he didn't like them much I knew he liked their presence. He loved everyone in my family and liked to sit in the sun. He enjoyed taking naps and preferred stuffed toys rather than balls. He was a good boy all around. Even though I am heart broken by his passing I know he's okay. I had a dream where I spotted him out of nowhere. I keeled down and called out to him. I asked if he was alright he licked my face and his tail was wagging so much. I believe he visited me in order to show me that I didn't need to worry anymore. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you have a pet please watch over them carefully. Make sure that you go watch over them when you let them out.  


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I am so sorry that you've lost your best friend, Buddy.  The bond you described is beautiful.  

NOOOOO, it wasn't your fault.  Not at all.  You had every reason to believe he was ok in his fenced-in yard.  You never would have intentionally caused him pain.  

What a blessing to have him since you were 11.  I think it is a blessing that you are able to see signs that Buddy has sent you since he passed.  That is a great gift.  It is precious that Buddy has given you messages that he is ok.  Keep looking for more signs.  I bet he has more to send you.   
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