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One of my dogs killed one of my cats the other day. They were raised together; the cat, Baby Girl, was 13 and Sadie, the dog, is 8. Huck, my other dog, was also involved. He is 12 and he and Baby Girl were best friends until we got Sadie. I don’t think he would have hurt Baby Girl, but he was panting heavily when we got home, so I know he was at least in on the chase. I feel sure that Sadie was the instigator and the worst offender based on her past history. Sadie has a strong prey drive, and she has hurt the cats before, but i thought I had made my house safe for them to coexist when we installed a cat door into the garage. I stupidly thought that the cats would instinctively go there for safety if Sadie was chasing them, but I didn’t count on Sadie catching one of them before they could get there. It had been 2 years since she last went after a cat, and we had just left them all inside together a few nights prior and everything was fine, so I didn’t give a second thought to leaving them together while we went to a function at our daughter’s school. We were only gone for a little over an hour, and came home to an awful scene of Baby Girl dead on the floor of my office, covered in urine, with urine and poop all over the place from her running for her life. I can’t barely even look at my dogs now. I immediately put them outside and haven’t let them back in all week, even thought they have always been in the house. I feel guilty about that, but I just don’t have anything for them right now. Except for rage, that is. All I can think about is my poor Baby Girl and what they put her through. I don’t know if I can love them now. I don’t think my dogs realized that they were doing anything wrong or that they meant to kill her, but it’s still so hard to even imagine forgiveness. I sure do miss my sweet kitty and I will never forgive myself for making such a dumb decision to leave them together.

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I'm so sorry about your sweet kitty. Please don't blame yourself. You went through the trouble of putting in a cat door just so your kitty would have a safe place to go to. That's more than most people would do. As far as your anger at your dogs goes, I would be filled with rage too. I like to think that your dogs didn't mean to hurt the kitty; things just got out of control. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive them, but it will take time. And if need be, forgive yourself, because you didn't do anything but love your fur babies. Take care of yourself and your heart. *hugs*

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I wish there were words to express my sorrow for you. This is absolutely devastating but it was an accident. No matter how careful we are, these precious creatures will find ways to get into trouble. Please do not blame yourself, it's hard enough getting through something like this without adding guilt. As impossible as it seems now, in the days and weeks ahead you will remember so many precious moments with Baby Girl and begin to smile through your tears. Remember the most important thing, a love like the two of you share can never die. She lives on in your heart and sometimes she may feel so close you reach out your hand to touch her. We have all traveled the path you are on and offer our comfort and support. Please take care my friend, we are here for you.


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I am so sorry for your loss.  Please bring your dogs back into your life.  They did what was natural, their instinct, without hatred, the same reason my Marlow would bring back small animals.  Anger is wasted love and care.  People who bring pets into their lives and homes are fueled by love which is a part of you.  I hope you can forgive your dogs as it will be a positive step in forgiving yourself.  It's a long road though.  Best wishes, MC
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