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It's 3 am in the morning and I have finished talking
to my boyfriend and suddenly I heard that Milo, the new member of the family is crying at the front door begging for his food. He's about 7 weeks old kitten and he is literally hungry all the time. Mu family is always happy especially my father to Milo because ha have this attitude that he doesn't like to share his food with other cats and he starts growling like a mad man. Out of the blue, I sensed that Milo will die but I ignored it because I thought I am probably overthinking. 7 am in the morning, the sun has shined yet my heart is sad, I heard my father's loud voice saying "I bumped Milo with my motorcycle" then I get up quickly in my bed thinking I could resuscitate him but to my horror my father thrown him away. I am so disappointed of him.

Last May 13, he killed my cat. Eli was such a great cat. She is so lively and always plays with me literally all the time. We loved her so much that we stored food on our refrigerator, I bathed her, me and my siblings plays with her and I always allow her to sit at my lap until she fell asleep. Eli was such a gem to our family especially to these trying times. She is all we have. My father always feeds her. I am not aware what food he is giving to her because I always woke up after lunch. To my surprise, my father gives her raw meat and gills of the fish. My poor Eli doesn't know that if she takes up that food, she might die. One time, she was sick because of it but we don't know the reason why she's sick but she somehow survived it. After a few days she was so energetic again so we are thankful. Second time, she died alone. She was sleeping at the top of our printer and my mother noticed that she was about to vomit so she bring her outside and watch her vomit. Little did they know that it was her last moment. My mother wake us up and she was so sad. Me and my little brother cried our hearts out and my mother was crying because she saw that we are so devastated. Later on, I found out that my father is always giving her raw food that isn't allowed for cats to eat.

The hurt from Eli's death is still in here. I'm grieving also because of Milo and I am so afraid of the future of my third cat that is 4 weeks old, Milky. I don't know if my family is ready to take care of these little cute and adorable cats because they end up always getting killed. Right now, I don't know what to think of my father. I am so disappointed because he did it again. My heart is filled with sadness and disappointments. I don't know if my family deserves these cats.

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You are in pain and for that I am sorry. 

My reply may sound harsh but please understand I can only go by what I am reading. I don't have any access to information other than
that which is before me.

If you believe your father is a danger to animals, please call the local animal shelter or the local humane association and ask them for
advice. This is urgent as the life of the kitten you mentioned may be hanging in the balance.

I don't know the details. I am not saying your father is doing this on purpose. If he is doing it on purpose, there would be a reason and I don't know what that reason is. Speaking to someone locally who can go over the story with you will give you some more insight.

Making sure the kitten isn't harmed is a top priority right now.

Thank you and take care,

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