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Hello. I just recently lost my sweet boy Tony Stark. He was a mix of lab, border collie, bull dog, and pug. He was me and my boyfriends best friend. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had a really busy work schedule and both had been super stressed. My aunt and Dad offered to take care of my puppy for a little bit and I thought I could trust them because they made it seem like I could. They live in a very small town, it’s mostly a rural area so my father works at a farm. A few days ago my aunt was talking to my dads manager saying she had a puppy that she wanted to give away. Before she gave it away, she texted my mom several times asking her if it would be okay. My mother said no and to ask me first because it was my puppy, I had texted my aunt at night after work explaining to her that I didn’t want her to give my puppy away and the next day she answered my call and said she had already given him to the manager and said I could get him back from the manager of Sunday. I agreed. It takes about an hour from where I live to get to where they’re living, so I brought three of my friends along since I got nervous on highways and because they wanted to see him. *skipping past the parts of picking up my father and him stalling by taking me to several store* we finally arrived at the farm and my father was speaking to them in Spanish so I had no idea what they were saying but I knew my father asked for the puppy back and I could feel that something bad had happened because the man had a concerned look on his face. I then got anxious and walked up to my dad asking where my little Tony was and he said that the man had told him that the puppy choked while being tied up. I then lost my mind and started yelling at the man asking why was tony tied up in the first place because he was only just a puppy. The man kept saying sorry, and I couldn’t believe it so I asked to see his body. The man went to go get his son in his car and we waited for about 10 minutes until they came back. When they finally came back the man got out of the car and opened the van door and I only got a glimpse of my puppies legs poking out and broke down into tears. My friends went up to the van to make sure, and then we were all crying together. I lost it all and started yelling at my father and the people who had my puppy. I kept asking why did they do that and could my father do this to me. My dad kept giggling and smirking and ignored me and continued talking to the man. I got even more angry and started to walk up to the man and trying punching him several times but my friends and my father were holding me back and the man kept smirking and giggling himself like everything didn’t matter to him. I asked for my money back for how much I had spent on my baby because it was cruel of what they did. I knew for a fact that my little Tony didn’t choke, I know that they choked him themselves because he looked very hurt and wounded and those people had no sympathy or even cared that he was dead. They even left his dead body in the van to rot, which broke my heart even more. I then called the police and waited for 20 minutes but no one showed up and I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to go home so I got up getting ready to leave and the man said sorry once then offered to buy me a new puppy. That made me even more upset and I cussed him out and finally decided to really get out of there. I don’t know how I will ever recover from this horrible tragedy. It hurts my heart that someone could be so cruel to such a beautiful innocent puppy. It’s only been a day but I’ve thought about buying a new puppy to help me recover from what happened because It just hurts my heart that I’ll never be able to touch his soft fur or watch his cute little body go up and down the stairs anymore.

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That is absolutely terrible. I'm sorry your father is such a cruel person. Condolences to you.
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