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Today is the first bday in 12 years that Foster hasn't been here for.  I do miss him so much.
On a good note- even though I wasn't ready- we did adopt two dogs last night.  Lila is a 3yo white shepherd/terrier and Monty is a shepherd/beagle and he is 11months.
So far things are ok.  It looks like Lila has some incontinence so I called the vet today.  It happens when she is sleeping or laying down so I know she's probably not doing it out of being scared or anything. 
They are good dogs, they get along.  I see a little bit of Foster in each of them but of course, Foster is a one and only- just like the two of them are.  It's hard, I missed him so much last night when we welcomed these guys into our house.  I know they will never be Foster and I know they won't take his place.
I showed them Foster's spots, and talked to them about Foster.  They probably feel his spirit here since he is all over.
This is hard but I am going to try to live in the moment and not think about the eventual loss of them, which I am prone to do...I did it with Foster too...

Thanks guys.

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It is not fair that we most often will outlive our pets, but the unconditional love they bring is so worth it.  I hope I will have the courage to open my home and heart to another dog sometime down the road.  Your Lila and Monty are lucky to have you, you obviously have a heart of gold, and before you know it you won't be able to imagine your life without them.  ♥


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I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!  A new tradition with new pups, I think it's wonderful.  Enjoy!


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{{{{Foster and mommy}}}}

                              YOU took the risk "to pass the love forward"  by giving your heart again!!!!!  And we all know that the "pain is part of loving......"  Your precious Foster will always be "within" you and your 2 new furbabies will help your heart .....believe me!!!!
Love and {{{HUGS}}} BlakeGirl's  mommy  (Chris)


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these first big anniversaries are tough ones aren't they?   my b-day was last july and the first one in 14 years that jude wasn't here with me.      i know just how badly you were missing your foster.    seems as if your favorite buddy did give you quite a birthday present there now didn't he?     not one..............but count 'em!   two other dogs to hold and love!   wow-you came home with the dynamic duo there.    hope they don't hop in their dogmobile and tear up your yard!    just take each day as it presents itself  and enjoy the gifts that are given on that day.  this will be a brand new adventure for you with alot of love and i'm sure many surprizes along the way.   live for the beauty of the moment as our furbabies have so lovingly taught us how to do.    it does indeed make life seem a little more worthwhile that way. 


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Happy Birthday Fostersmom! Apparently Foster did fantastic job as you already adopted another two of his kind. Well done! I wish you happy new moments with Lila and Monty while Foster is watching over. I am sure Lila and Monty know what is going on and will help you to grieve and remember your dear Foster.



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Happy Birthday FosterMom what great presents you recieved!! I no from experience you wont feel for them what you feel for Foster, once in a life time love, but you will find something new..different. Soon you will find that they worm their way into your heart..and you will enjoy their little quirks and ways and will enjoy the new memories.. Sometimes with out my other dogs i wouldnt of made it thru ...soft fur to hold ..or soak up my tears.. the goofy things they do to make me laugh. ENJOY..and keep us updated and and pictures of your newbies


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Happy birthday!! I know it was a sad time for you without your precious Foster sharing in the fun of the day.  Congratulations on bringing two new dogs into your life!  I hope both of them bring years of joy and happiness.


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