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Hello to all you animal lovers. I have lost another pet. I had given a memorial on this board for my beautiful handsome man Bucky who I lost about 2 1/2 years ago and I remember how this board helped so much with the grieving process. Bucky lost his brother this morning.
Frisk was a long haired black and white cat. I got him for my son’s birthday in 2005 and of course he ended up becoming my cat. He was a big cat and not fat just a large cat. He was the kind of cat that just kept to himself and didn't really care about affection. It was different with me and him. He liked me. He always liked my affection so we had a bit of a “sup dog” relationship. We got him from a shelter in 2005. He loved to sit on the porch. He loved the juice from the tuna can. He loved cheese treats and pieces of meat.
About 3 years ago he started going down hill. Not fast just noticeable. His hair began to mat. He wasn’t eating the same and he would meow a lot. But then as soon as it came it left and we was eating like a crazy man. Earlier this year he had a seizure and things went down from there. He would still eat and drink but you could just tell something had changed. About 6 days ago he stopped eating and drinking. I knew something was not good. It kept going for the day then the next then the next. I knew it was time to make a decision. Do I want to take this 16 year old cat and get all kinds of test and meds or just let nature take its course? I decided on the latter. For the past few days and nights I slept with him, talked to him, rubbed him, told him how much I loved the “Friskiest” kitty. That was my special name for him. This morning I put him in the bed with me as he could not walk on his own by now. I looked at him and scratched his head and told him how much I loved him. We were there for about an hour and I knew the time was near. He started meowing so I took him downstairs and laid him on his favorite blanket. I went back up for a quick nap and I heard him making some noise. I went down and there I saw my beautiful Friskiest kitty saying goodbye to me. He called to tell me to come down. I did and he took his last breath with me and my husband petting him.
Frisk was a wonderful friend and pet. I am glad I let him go on his own in his own environment rather than the vets office.

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I am so sorry you are going through this again. Frisk sounds like such a wonderful cat - so much love and devotion, and such a kind soul. I just lost my Rufus on Monday and what you wrote about Frisk calling to you to say goodbye hit home with me. My Rufus did the same with me, only with him he let out a meow as I was frantically driving to the vet to have them do something to save him. I now realize that that meow was his way of saying goodbye to me, as he was unconscious by the time I pulled into the vet's parking lot.

I am so glad Frisk got the opportunity to pass peacefully in his home, surrounded by those that loved and cherished him. May the memories of the life and love the two of you shared bring you some comfort in the coming days, weeks, months and years...

Mom to Angel cat Blackie, Squeeker, Thomas and now Rufus

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. My sweetheart, BooBoo, is at the vet right now having tests done. She will be 17 in December, but until very recently she has been healthy and has had regular, normal blood work done. I lost her sister, Sushi, almost exactly 1 year ago to bowel cancer. About a couple of months before Sushi passed she started coming and sleeping by my head. She then started to lose an unbelievable amount of weight in a short time. She was so hungry and would eat but would gain no weight. I tried every food under the sun. She ran up and down the stairs and acted like her crazy self until the end, but she was slowly starving. I made the decision to hold her in my arms and let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. I had gotten them both when they were 3 weeks old.
A couple of months ago, BooBoo started climbing into bed with me and sleeping by my head. My first thought was that that was a bad sign. Recently she started to cough a bit and then to make a snoring sound during the day. The last vet visit she had lost 4 ounces. Another bad sign. She has also been more vocal, and even though she has arthritis twice this week I found her in my spare bedroom meaning she had leapt over a 3' tall baby gate. What the heck? I think she wanted to be in a room alone.
I am so worried. The vet recommended she go in to get a scope done as he can't figure out what is wrong, and he is my second opinion vet. 
It killed me to leave her today, but with the Covid I couldn't stay with her, plus I had to work. My prayer is that if they find something horrible they will call me to hold her if it is her time to go. I'm praying for a more positive outcome but preparing for the worst if that is even possible. I've been crying at my desk for two days. 
I am already sitting here thinking of more signs that something was going on that wasn't good. I know I have loved her for 16 3/4 years, and that she and her sister have had a wonderful life safe and full of love. But it is still so hard to not second guess "Did I wait to long? Were there signs I refused to see? Am I doing this too soon?" If only they could talk, but I guess in their own sweet way they do. 
I'm glad you got to have your Friskiest Kitty at home for his passing. He was lucky to have you. Judy
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