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It has been a little bit more then a day since my 15 or 16 year old Chihuahua named Mya died on my lap wrapped in her favorite blanket that I knitted for her. My family rescued Mya and her brother Miguel when I was 13 and they were around 5 or 6 years old. They were from a puppy mill and were abused well making more dogs for those monsters. They loved; begging for food (Mya was an expert at jumping up on bar stools to get food), eatting dried up worms, begging to be held, chasing squirles up trees, and barking at falling leafs (the leafs started it). They also were big fans of cuddling. Mya slept with me and her brother who was a big mommas boy slept with her. Then late last October Miguel lost the ability to eat or drink anything and was in a lot of pain. So he was put to sleep on my mom's lap the same day we decided enough was enough. Around four months later, Mya developes a collapsing tracia (I probably spelt it wrong, sorry) and was having fits of caughing and gagging. The vet said that this probably wouldn't kill her and that we should start medicating her. A few weeks later as the fits were getting worse, Mya has a stroke that made it hard to walk on her back left leg. At that point we realized that she should be with her brother. So yesterday at around 2:30 pm, Mya left this world. I was doing my best not to cry well she could still see and hear me as I kept repeating " You're body is really tired and needs to go to sleep. It's okay though and when you wake up Miguel will be with you". I cried nonstop as I became a bit dehydrated from all my crying and ended up taking a sleeping pill to calm down and slept clutching her favorite blanket. Her death was so hard for me because she saved my life multable times when I was being bullied and my favorite teacher died in the middle of the year and was replaced with a sexist jerk who picked on me the only girl in the class everyday. Now after years of therapy and medications my depression is under controle. But if Mya was never in my life, I wouldn't be here today. Thank you Mya for saving me from my depression and please give me a sign that you and Miguel are reunited and in heaven. I love you Mya and if I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing.

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What a wonderful tribute to your little girl Mya. I can feel the love in each and every word. I am so happy for you that she was there by your side during all your troubles. Isn't it a great and wonderful thing, this unconditional love that our babies bestow on us. I wonder, Dog is God spelled backwards and both love us unconditionally. Your little talk to Mya saying "your body is really tired and needs to go to sleep" reminds me of my Termy. His body grew old and his heart was in it but not his body so I had to let him go. I just know that her brother knew and was waiting for her. Together they will wait until the day you are reunited in Heaven. I am truly thankful that you had a beautiful journey with Mya. Cry and grieve but always remember the walk in life you shared. Now, memories are all we have. Hold her memories tight in your heart, she adored you.
love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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"If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing", is a wonderful tribute to your Mya. My first little dog Chico was a senior rescue whose hard life changed tremendously when she came to us. She was with us only a short time but she was so loved and loved us in return. That was almost 50 years ago and I still miss her. Please take care and God bless.

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Thank you Cose's mom and Twinkie's mom for your heart felt support; I'm really touched by your words and prayers.

Cose's mom: I did know dog spelled backwards is god, but I never thought of how they both love us unconditionally. I agree with you and love that comparison. At least you were able to spoil him with love and kisses like he deserves.

Twinkie's mom: Mya thought of me as one of her puppies because she was really protective of me. If someone hugs me that she didn't know, she would bark and get a bit aggressive to try to "save me". How old was Chico when you saved her? Did she share a bed with you? Mya was nice enough to let me share her big full size dog bed with me (it's my bed, but she always thought of it as her bed).

I'm really happy that both of you have and continue to open your arms to pets in need of a loving home. We all know that not all pets are lucky enough to have owners that love and care them. It always makes me smile and have faith in humanity.

I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to both of you who are heros with big hearts.
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