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I have had my German Shepard for 12 years. His name was Pup my grandson named him. He was going great then one day he got sick and I called the vet right away and she had done tests and said that his kidneys were failing and that there was nothing they could. She said that when he stops eating that is time .This is so hard he he passed 4/12/08.I was right by he side with his head on my lap tell him how much I loved him and how sorry I was. I miss him so bad, all I do is cry,I am so lost and so unhappy with out him.I have his ashes here with me with his picture on the box.This is the hard thing to go though. He was my life I was happy just Pup and me, He was always by my side you would never see me by myself Pup was all was with me. i try to keep busy but it dont help.I loved him with all my heart I would have done anything to make him well.It was just Pup and me,He was the greatest dog and will be missed so much.


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Pup. I know how you are hurting and your loss is still so new.  I hope having Pup's ashes near you will help comfort you. Talk to your darling, sing to him, tell him about your day, it does help. Come to this site often. The people here all understand your pain. They have been such a comfort to me. You are not alone in your sorrow and we are here for you. Remember Pup's spirit is with you, all around you and he is watching over you. Again, I am so sorry. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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I am deeply sorry for the loss of Pup.  My baby, Piggy, died (five weeks ago today) when her kidneys failed as well and it's the hardest thing I've gone through.

I know that there is nothing I can say that will make you feel better but please know that your Pup is in a better place free of pain. 

We are here to listen.

I'll keep you and Pup in my prayers.


Piggy's Mom

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Dear PatB,

My heart was just breaking for you as I read your post about losing your beloved German Shepherd, Pup.  He sounds like he was your best friend and constant faithful companion for many years.   If I could say or do something that would take away your pain, I would do so in a heartbeat.   Our beloved little ones always leave us too soon.  I am just so sorry you have had to say farewell.

Since it has only been a little more than a month ago that Pup passed on, it is natural that your pain and longing are still very intense.  Do you have friends you can talk with about Pup?  Do your grandchildren live near enough to come visit a little more often while you are grieving?   Sometimes talking really helps.

Please know you can ALWAYS come here any time of the night and day and share your feelings and emotions.  We have all suffered similar losses and will listen with our hearts. 

I lost my beloved little 16 year old terrier, Betsy, just four months ago.   Since I have no children, she was my furbaby.  This website has been a GODSEND for me.  Now, I come here to help others like yourself who have just suffered losses.  My member name, "WooWooWoo" was her joyful little yodel that the dementia silenced near the end of her beautiful life.

Please come back, when you feel up to it, and tell us more about your precious Pup.  You do not have to suffer alone.   We will be here for you.

Betsy's forever mom


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Dear PatB,

I cried while I read your post about your Beloved Pup.  I am so very sorry you lost him.  It is a devastating thing to lose the one who was constantly by your side, shared love and life with you.  It is even beyond words how much it hurts.  Please come back here to "talk" out your feelings, it's better to get them out, not hold them in when you are in such pain.  People here are very kind and compassionate, and understand so well what you are going through and are here to listen and keep you company.

I send you my deepest sympathy and hugs, and say a special prayer for your Dearest Boy, Pup,

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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Dear Pat~


I was so sorry to read about the passing of your precious German Shepherd, Pup. I know how hard it is to have them leave our loving arms. But, the greatest *gift* we could ever give them, was to let them go. Pup is once again healthy & happy & running free without any pain or suffering. Those of us left behind (on this earthly plane) are the ones who suffer. In time, the *good* memories will start to out-weigh the sad ones, I promise. I can feel your pain & your loss. My beloved black German Shepherd, Onyx, passed to the Bridge on 4/8/08 (just before Pup), but I can *picture* her waiting & welcoming Pup to his new home. I hope you find comfort in having Pup's ashes.....I know once I get Onyx's back (our home was broken into 4/25/08 & the robber also stole her beloved remains) it will help to bring some comfort. Her ashes were found, but they are being kept for evidence until the thief is caught & sentenced.

The most *important* thing you can do for yourself is come here to Petloss & come often. Over the years, I have met the most wonderful people in the world. I had a white German Shepherd named Cloudy & it's been almost 6 years since he's been gone. This *safe haven* truly helped me thru the grieving process of losing my precious boy......& then once again, when Onyx went to the Bridge & thru all the heartache & pain I suffered when her ashes were stolen. You will find comfort, understanding & compassion here.


Sending you & your precious *Pup* many blessings~


Pami & the spirits of Onyx & Cloudy



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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pup.I can tell he must have been a great companion and you two must haved shared a special bond that many will never experience.I had a beautiful shepard when i was younger so ik now they are loyal and loving companions.I also just lost my beautiful girl on 4-19 at 16 1/2 years of age as she just had too many ailments for her to stay with me any longer>i also loved her more than anything so i can feel your pain in the words you write.A day hasnt gone by without me thinking of her and crying as I miss her so you say wherever i went my girl went as you pup did with you.But they lived to make us happy so try to think of him in happy times as that what he would want for you.It is so hard to lose someone we love some much but in the end we have to end their suffering no matter how much it may hurt us.I like looking at pictures of my girl in better times that helps me some like to have their beloved ashes with them so they are always with you.Pup will always be with you in spirit just because his body is no longer here your love for each other will always be there.take care of yourself pup was very lucky to have someone like you to love him


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   DEAREST PAT;  I am so sorry to read of the loss you have suffered ;at the passing of your Precious German Shepherd; Pup xx.There are so many wonderfull people here who care and will send you many words of encouragement and will always have you and Pup in their thoughts;;I know you are going through the worst Pain and Heart ache ever;and each day is a struggle to concentrate on other things that need to be done and all we really feel like doing is curling up next to our darlings and giving them the biggest hugs;;I had to go through the same as you on the 04/08/2008; with Miss Molly my Black Scotty ; she just stopped eating for a few days so I took her for a check up;; next day I had to hold her in my arms and say I was sorry for letting her have so much pain and I did not know about it;;Like you my dogs go everywhere with me and they are my life;and now it looks as if I have the same road to travel with Lucy;I have Mollys ashes sitting in her corner with her teddies beside her; I sleep with her photo under my Pillow and cover up with her Bunny Rug;Every morning she is the first I say good morning to then I go to the candles and light one for her each day;I still have my crying at the drop of a hat ; even in the shops if someone talks to me;then at tea time I light a candle beside Mollys photo and say a prayer for her and all her new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. When it is bed time I Lay my head on my pillow and touch her photo and say good night ; I dont know if any of my quirky things may help you Pat but I do send all my love and will keep you and Pup in my thoughts and Prayers;; MOLLYSMUM.   Marion.


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Pat, I'm so sorry about your loss of Pup.
I found when I was grieving so for the loss of our Belle, that writing of memories of her really helped, and my husband and I speak of her freely, and now of our precious Psalty who we put to sleep on Saturday.

I understand very much missing the closeness of your friend.  In my prayers just last week I was talking to God and telling him how I missed hugging Belle and my husband missed her facial expressions.

No matter how long we have our friends it's not long enough. But it warms my heart when I think that they are having such a good time in heaven, forever young and healthy.
Prayers for you to get through these lonely times.


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