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I Don’t know what to do or where to go… I need some help I need to find a therapist I think.... I don’t know how I’ll ever get past this.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  This is the best place for you to go right now so you can be surrounded by people who know EXACTLY how you are feeling after the loss of your pet.  Please know your emotions are normal.  It is very difficult, but you will get past it in time.  Don't ever feel you are alone or what you are experiencing will never go away.  As you can see from this website, we are all alike in the sense that we have experienced the loss of our beloved pets.  My cat died in December and I went through all the emotions that I'm sure you are going through.  It can feel like you are in such a dark place without the hope of ever being happy again, but it will get better.  I still struggle with sadness, but that is just proof that I lost a precious cat that I shared a special bond with, so there is going to be a sadness when that bond is no longer there each day.  But the bond I'm sure you had with your German shepherd is still a part of you.  That is what you need to hold on to right now.  Embrace the good memories as much as you can, but go easy on yourself as it's only been less than a month.  When we bring a pet into our lives, we are bringing so much happiness and unconditional love into our lives -- and we are made better for it.  It is only normal to experience a deep sadness when that is taken from us.  If you need to, continue to reach out to people to help you through this grieving process.  Remember if you are feeling these emotions, it means you loved your pet immensely and you received unconditional love in return, which hopefully can console you during this time.  

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I know saying I am so sorry for your loss sounds like a cliche' but I am deeply saddened for your loss. As CleanneMom said you came to a great place. Every one here has experienced a deep and sad loss. Getting counseling is a very good place to start. I went for a while and it did help me understand my emotions. All that you are feeling is completely normal. We take so long to heal because of our loss. You loved and were loved and it's something that will be with you for the rest of your life. It's been over 19 months since I let my dear sweet Termy go and I still have bad days. It does get easier, I promise. We need to learn to live a new normal and go on. Our sweet babies would want us to. Our happiness is all that matter to them. Your baby really never left you. There spirit remains close, still loving you and guiding you each and every day. Termy has sent me many many messages over the months and I cherish each and every one of them. They let us know that they are still taking care of us. We all feel that we will never survive, but we do. It's not the same for when they leave they take a huge part of our heart with them. Be gentle with yourself and grieve as much as you need to. Cry often, Tears show the depth of our love.
Write as often as you need to and when the time is right, please share some of the memories with us from the journey you shared with your baby. We all will be here to,listen and understand.
Try to find a support group id there are any around near you.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I'm sorry, so painful to lose a beloved pet.  I just found this forum and it's already helping because other people understand my extreme sadness.  I agree, a counselor may be beneficial, I've scheduled an appointment for next week because my grief is impacting me so deeply.  I hope by posting about your loss and reading that other people understand your grief you can find some comfort.  

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I been feeling loss too since putting down my beloved Roxy (11 years old) i been feeling weak crying i honesty dont how im going to get through it

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We will all get through it together.

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I am right there with you. My Akita passed away suddenly a el ago Sunday. These past several days have been the longest and saddest of my life. I feel for you and everyone else on these boards. I hope the days when you can look back and smile at the miracle that came into your life come soon. I wish that for everyone here hurting.

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I also hope that we can all get through our day without the constant ache in our stomachs, without crying, without wondering and think of only the joy our beloved furry angels gave to us during their time with us.  
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