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Today (8/31/2020) my beloved boy (6yr Shih Tzu). Has crossed the rainbow bridge. He helped me through an abusive environment that we escaped of ( I was only able to walk out with him under my arm and the clothes that I was wearing that day). Every time my sweet boy witnessed me hurting; he would walk over to me and try to snuggle as if saying that << we’ll be okay>>. The last 3 days he had been struggling to eat/move but he still tried to let us all know that he was a rockstar and that he was going to be okay. Today the vet had to rush in to home and said that my baby had been suffering from some hemolytic problems but that he would be just fine within 48h. Not even 3h went by when my baby was looking around for us to say his final goodbyes even though he was struggling to get some air into his little lungs. When we came back home; my baby was cold and laying down on the floor and looked like he was just taking a nap. The feeling was surreal, the pain I feel is indescribable, but all I know is that my hero is finally at ease.

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I’m so sorry you lost your best friend.I can tell he loved you and took care of you and he was here as you said a hero For you when you needed him most.A companion that you both needed each other and had a great life together.He is at peace now but he is so proud he took such good care of you and loved you and glad  he had you to love.You loved him so much it hurts to lose him but the time you shared will always be treasured.Keep him in your heart and he is free now of all pain.take care

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Hi Ina,
I’m so sorry about your loss. I recently lost my Oreo on 8/29/20. It was incredibly painful to watch her pass. I cried for days and am still hurting. It seems as though she passed so suddenly. She was diagnosed with IMHA on Thursday when we admitted her to the vet for treatment. She was making progress Friday and early Saturday but her condition suddenly worsened Saturday night, and we could no longer watch her suffer. I find comfort in knowing both our animals are in a better place, playing in endless fields. My heart hurts, but I am glad I found this forum. I hope we can both find peace.
- Jonnay

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Hi.  I am new here.

I lost my best friend, who was a long-haired dachshund named Fenway, this past Saturday, Aug. 29.  He was almost 16 yo. His body was beginning to fail him but, at no point, did any vet say he was terminal.  He just had some undiagnosed pulmonary problems that simply did not get better, even after spending 5 days in an excellent vet medicine school here in NC.  

One of my sons said it best about Fenway. He said that Fen was like a brother to my sons and like a son to my wife and I.  So true.  He never acted like a "dog" and we never treated him like anything other than a small human that just needed to poop/pee outside.  I have cried my eyes out over the past 10 days and will probably continue to do so for several more weeks.  

I understand about conflicting messages from vets, who do their best in difficult situations.  Just one day before Fen passed, we were told the vet was optimistic he could go home.  He never made it.  Again, however, I have no quarrels with the vet - they did their best to save my buddy but his body just gave out.

I don't have any answers.  I just wanted to post to say I feel your pain.

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My baby girl Ruby, a red long haired mini dachshund went to the Rainbow Bridge just 7 weeks ago at age 13. She had a brain tumor that over about 7 months, robbed her of her sight, and then her personality until she was living on instinct.

Like you, I (we) loved her more than I can explain. The loss was literally debilitating for days. Until you suffer through it, it is almost unexplainable, and I’m sorry for your loss and pain. I know it all so well. I can only hope my baby was not suffering while I selfishly refused to let her go. She didn’t seem to be. She ate (very well), slept most all the time, and held herself like she always did, and went when we took her outside.

But any recognition of her name was gone, she only looked forward to eating, and didn’t even wag her tail when I picked her up and kissed her, which she ALWAYS did. It was SO heartbreaking watching her wander around the house bumping in to every piece of furniture. She seemed SO depressed, and the quality of her life was over.

I held her every moment of the last hours of her too short life, hoping that would make her transition calmer and more peaceful, even though she actually never reacted to any part of it. She simply went to sleep in my arms as I cried and held her close, telling her over and over that I loved her, so my voice, saying what she always loved to hear, would be the last thing she heard and hopefully was content. I know you understand. I do too, about how you feel.

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Thank you for your kind response, In Memory of Ruby.  Yes, we do have a lot in common. Long haired dachshunds have tremendous personality, loyalty (beyond belief loyalty), and love. Your point about recognition of Ruby's name hit home. The vet said Fen had early dementia and that, in time, he would bump into furniture and not even recognize us.  He never made it that far which, based on your description above, was a blessing.  I am sooooo sorry you had to to go through that situation.

Well, I cried before I left the house so I guess that one will have to do until mid-afternoon when the emotions will crank back up.

Thanks again for your kind post.


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The last few days have been incredibly hard to go by; PB doesn’t even taste the same without my baby boy. However, I’ve found great comfort and support by reading all of your testimonies. Furbabies aren’t any different from a child: They are silly, spoiled, bright, some are playful and other are all about being loved +being told how great they are ( all of them are great). I am still adjusting to the idea of coming home and not being received by the most orchestrated: dances and kisses by my pupper. He was indeed a Happy boy. Although the pain isn’t getting any better, I’m trying to focus on mending my heart and trying to take things slow because I know he wouldn’t have wanted for me to hurt too much for too long. I’m sure my baby is being well taken care of along of your babies. So let’s all wait for the day that we can joyfully reunite with them.
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