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Posts: 686
My Gus Gus

It has been 3 months since you left me.  I still can't believe it.  Some days it seems like forever since I held you in my arms and other times I could swear it was only yesterday.  I know that you are in a beautiful place patiently waiting until we are together again.  I'm sure you have made lots of friends and that you make them laugh.  You always were my "purrsonality plus" kitty. 

I'm trying very hard to smile as I remember all the wonderful times we had and the love and joy you brought me.  I know you wouldn't want me to be sad, but I must admit that I still have some very sad times when all that I can do is cry.  I know that this will eventually pass and one day I will only have smiles when I think of you.  You will always be in my heart and I will love you forever and ever.

Hugs and kisses

Gus my Gus
So soft and dear
I am so glad that we are here
Sitting together
Just us two
You loving me
And me loving you.

Gus, 8 weeks old and attacking my flowers.

Enjoying summer on the porch swing

Just lounging

Gus, 1 week before he got sick and left me.


Posts: 29
Gus is beautiful.  Of course, I have a very very soft spot for orange tabbies.  But I think there is something special about their personalities.  I can see Gus playing with my Tempo, now.  To Tempo, everyone and everything was a future best friend, so I'm sure he ran up to Gus to greet him.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.  And the poem -- I thought it was very sweet.  I am soo sooo sorry you had to lose your Gus at such a young age.
Tara (Tempo's momma)

Posts: 5,100
Dear Kathy,
I am so sorry you are missing your sweet Gus so much.  Your little poem for him really touched my heart.  It is so hard to learn to live without our darling babies, isn't it?   And, these "anniversaries" are especially difficult.  Tomorrow, it will be exactly eight weeks since my beloved little Betsy passed and I still miss her so much.
Thank you for sharing all the photos ofyour handsome Gus.  What a wonderful picture of him in the flowers! 
Sending hugs,
Betsy, Easy, Ralph, and Gracie's mom

Posts: 33
I have no doubt that Gus has made new friends.  I'm sure that he and Tigger are kitty buddies.  Your Gus sounds so much like my Tigger. 

The ultimate kitty who loved people and brought our house to life.  There isn't a place in the house Tigger hasn't been, from up on the cabinets to deep in my closet, Tig's left his mark everywhere.  Especially deep in my heart. 

I feel and share your pain.  I take comfort in thinking that Tigger and Gus are friends and keeping everyone at the Bridge on their toes. 


Tigger loved plants of all kinds :)

Posts: 567

I'm sorry for your loss.   It sure is hard at times I agree.  Gus is beautiful.  I will say that Nina is probably playing with him at the Bridge.  She was an Old English Sheepdog that loved kitties.  Most ran from her because of her size but there was one kitty that looked like Gus that lived around the corner from us and would visit her almost everyday.  They would play together, she loved that kitty.  I loved the poem you wrote and the pictures, so cute.  I have to admit the first one is my favorite, so tiny, so cute.   I pray that you have more times of the happy memories than the sad.   You will be in my prayers,

Nina Maria's Mom

Posts: 76
Kate,   What a beautiful boy Gus is. He looks like a real sweetheart too. I bet him and Gizmo are having a blast together. Just keep thinking of all the wonderful memories you have of him, that way he will always be with you.
                                                    Hugs to you, Gizmo's mom

Posts: 21

My little boy just came in and said, oh, what a sweet little kitten.  I'm sorry your heart is breaking so.  I pray that you find some peace soon.


Posts: 847

Dear Kate,


Gus is such a very beautiful cat and I am very sad that he had to go to the bridge, he definitely has a presence and a purrsonality.  What a sweet little kitten, which he will be forever.  He is oh so adorable on the swing, I just want to scratch his belly and all that precious fluff.  I always just loved to bury my face in Tweeny’s chest fur, it was so intoxicating, and I know you miss kissing your dear boy.  Gus looks so graceful and precious in that last picture, I just cannot describe my heartbreak for you. 


You wrote that Gus will be making all his new friends laugh, surely my Tweeny will seek him out if she already hasn’t, for she also loved to make people laugh.  Neither of them want to see us sad, but we can’t help it because they helped make us who we are.  They left permanent pawprints on our heart.


Beautiful Three Month Bridgeday, Precious Gus


Love, Tweeny's ma


Posts: 70

Gus...such a gorgeous kitty!  You can tell by looking at his pictures that he had it made. :)


Posts: 143
He's waiting for you. 
I have a Maltese, Prissy and cat,Tigger, and now my bunny, Audie who will greet me when it's my turn. Just like coming home--they will be there for hugs and pets and smooches! As miserable as I am now, I can hardly wait. But I know that they want me to take care of things here first so they can have me to themselves. Time passes so quickly....

You are in my prayers


Posts: 909


Gus my Gus
So soft and dear
Do you know that

I feel you near
Sitting together
Just us two
You loving me
And me loving you.



I just know that he is near

more often then you know.


Love and Hugs,

Carewolf aka Carol



Posts: 1,015

Katebock –


I’m sorry you’re sad.  Oh your Gus Gus – is so beautiful and he reminds me so of my little guy Rusty, except Rusty hair wasn’t quite as long and he had a white chest, but he was still an orange tabby with colors of a sunrise.  He too had a “purrsonality plus” as you like to call it (GREAT word!) 


Smiling doesn’t come easy these days, but the tears, well those don’t seem to stop . . . Rusty left us just a little over 4 weeks ago and it already seems like a lifetime since I held him in my arms.  To know that his great big meow won’t be greeting me every time I walk through my door is almost too much to think about.


Our furbabies, we love them so much for the short time we are blessed with their presence.


I hope your Gus and my Rusty have found one another.  I’m sure that they would be fast friends.


(((((love and kissed to our furbabies – we love and miss you so much)))))


Rusty’s Mom.


Posts: 881
Dear Kathy,

What a handsome boy Gus is. I love that photo of him in the flowers.

I know exactly what you mean when you say sometimes it feels like a hundred years and sometimes it feels like yesterday. I think it gets harder as time goes by to believe they're gone.
My Cicio left a month before Gus. I'm sure they're together now.

Gus will always live in your heart and memories and that sweet little boy that he is will be waiting for you at the Bridge.

Big Hugs,


Posts: 686
Thank you all so much for your love and support.  I miss my Gus so much, but it helps more than you can ever know to have people who understand.  It also helps to know that Gus has so many wonderful new friends.  We will never stop missing our babies, but at least we have the comfort of knowing that they are in a beautiful place waiting for our time to be together again.

Carol I want to thank you for the beautiful picture of Gus at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will cherish it forever. It's beautiful.

Kate (Gus's mom)


Posts: 909


You're very welcome. do you know how to post them?




Posts: 686

No I don't.  I'd appreciate some tips. 

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.  Your kindness has touched so many of us who are grieving..



Posts: 143
Hi Kate,
You have one good-looking guy waiting for you! I can hardly wait to see mine, too.

Prayers and hugs,

Posts: 131

Oh Gus is so beautiful and precious.  It's been 2 weeks today that my
Pookie left, it's so hard, I don't know how the rest of you get
thru this.  I'm not sure that it's getting any easier.  What beautiful
pictures Carewolf sent you. That was so nice.  


Posts: 555



mygus2.jpg picture by BartendersBluesWolf



Always in my heart, always in my thoughts
Your sweet smile warms my dreams
I feel you near in the dawn of a new day
I see your eyes shinning back in the eyes of a friend
I feel your touch in a warm hug
You come to me in many ways
In the sun that warms my soul
In the rain that brings heart peace
In my dreams you run free
I see you strong and always mine
My Boy you are my joy, my love
I watch the clouds flow by and see your image
I see you dancing on the clouds
Two hearts bonded are never apart
Love never ending always true and strong
Till the day of reunion I give you my heart
To hold and know you are always part of it
My boy, my joy always and forever

©J.C.Stewart aka BarTendersBluesWolf


mygus3.jpg picture by BartendersBluesWolf


Posts: 686

Oh my gosh!  Thank you so much.  The memorial for my Gus is beautiful and the words so thoughtful and true.  I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me.  I will cherish it forever. :-)

Thank you again
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 657

Kate, Gus is simply gorgeous. I love the upside down picture on the swing. It is simply the hardest thing in the world to lose them. 


Posts: 699
Dear Kate,

CareWolf's and BarTenderBluesWolf's memorials for your Darling Gus are just so beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes, and can imagine they brought torrents to yours.  They truly compliment the deep and abiding love you have for your boy.

I just love your pictures of Gus, he was such an adorable little kitty and grew into such a handsome boy.  Very majestic, the way he held himself.  Your sadness is understood - when we've shared love the way we have, the loss is so profound. 

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

Posts: 111
Thank you for sharing your pictures of your very handsome Gus.  What a beautiful orange boy.   I just love the picture of him on the swing.  I am hoping that he and my Hankie are fast friends, causing all kinds of mischief up there, while they are waiting for us.
Hugs, and prayers,
Heather, Hanks forever mommy

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