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I was just reading all of the messages, hoping to deal with my grief.  I had to put my beautiful Bella to sleep today.  Bella was an amazing cat who I adopted 4 yrs ago.  She was probably about 10 this year.  I never had a pet until I was 30 and she was the light of my life when I came home.  She had mast cell cancer in her colon and had put up a great fight.  Friday her breathing got really bad, I knew I needed to schedule the dreaded appointment.  I hate the thought of having to sleep tonight because she usually jumps on the bed and curls into me and then stays there for the rest of the night.  Words can't describe how sad I am, I just hope that it will eventually get better.


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I am so very sorry about your darling Bella. She depended on you to
help her and you did in a most loving way. But now you are left
alone. I know your sadness. My precious kitty was taken from
me in March and I am so lost without him. He, too, curled up
next to me at bedtime and stayed there all night. I miss him
so much. For me it hasn't become easier, I miss him more each
day. Everyone here will help you in some way, it is a good place
to come. Bella is now happy with our other furbabies at the
Bridge and someday you will see her again.


Posts: 258
Dear cinnamon5,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty-girl Bella.  It is so very hard to lose these little ones that we love so much.  It sounds like Bella was a courageous and strong soul to put up such a valiant fight against her illness.  You made the most loving and unselfish decision for your girl and you did just the right thing.  Her poor little body was tired and ready to go to a place of healing and joy.  I know how hard and how painful this is...I had to make the same decision for my little ShihTzu, Max, back in December.  Since then, the caring people on this site have given me the support needed to get through the grief.  Please come back when you are able, and let us know how you are doing and to tell us more about your brave little Bella.  We will be here for you.

Max, be sure to find little Bella at the Rainbow Bridge and watch over her for her Mom, who loves and misses her very much!
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending hugs,
MaxsMom ~ Joanne

Posts: 657

I am so sorry about Bella.  It is devastating, I know and so does everyone else who posts here.  I miss sleeping with my dog more than anything else in the world. Again, I am so sorry.  Keep coming here because the people are so good and it does help, I believe.


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Dear Cinnamon5,

I'm so sorry for your loss of your kitty, Bella, today.  You did the most loving and kindest thing releasing her from her suffering.  I absolutely agree with you that there are no words to completely describe what you are now feeling.  Losing a Beloved One is such a shock, especially soon after.  I lost my Boxer boy in February and I miss him more every day, still can't quite believe that he is really gone.  I hope you will come back here - it's good to have a place where people understand what you are going through, and care.

Thinking of you and your sweet Bella, and sending my deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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Dear Cinnamon,

I am so very sorry to hear that your beautiful Bella has passed away.  I know the pain right now is so intense and unrelenting, and you miss her so.  I lost my beloved little 16 year old terrier, Betsy, just four months ago and miss her so much.   The intensity for most of us usually decreases, but the sadness just seems to come in waves.   It is so just so hard in the first few weeks and months.   Please know you can come here for support and we will be here for you.  You are not alone.

Betsy's forever momma

Posts: 17

I am so sorry about Bella. We are here for you. Anytime.


Posts: 11

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my message.  I am sorry for everyone's loss here.  It is amazing how little balls of fur make us love them so much.  I woke up this morning with a sense of calm, but then as I got ready for work I just saw all of her things and it made me want to just cry.  I had to be at work today, but it is going to be hard knowing that she is not waiting for me when I get home.  Again thank you for all of the replies from everyone.


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I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby, Bella. Although I know it hurts you deeply that you lost your little furry angel, please know that you did it because you loved her and you didn't want to see her suffer. 

She loved you just as much as you loved her.

We are here for you.

I'll keep you and Bella in my prayers. 

Big Hug,

Piggy's Mom

Posts: 174

   I'm so sorry for your loss.  Bella sounds like a wonderful kitty who put up a brave struggle.  I know how hard it must have been but you made the decision so as not to have her suffer more.  It's still a horrible think to go through even when you know in your head you made the decision because you loved her too much to see her suffer.  I lost my Sherry 6 weeks ago suddenly from undiagnosed kidney disease.  I made a horrible mistake and waited too long to take her to the vet and it cost her her life.  I have to live with that horrible guilt now and I watched her die suffering.  You spared Bella that.  Try to remember that through this difficult time.

Lots of love,
Rens (Sherry's mom)

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Dear Cinnamon5,

I'm so sorry that you had to put your Bella to rest. I had to do the same with my beloved Monet last Friday. I feel for you! I am glad to know that you woke up at peace this morning. I hope that when you get home from work you will read your messages on the post and will feel comforted tonight as well.

Like you, I find that looking at my kitty's things, in addition to those routine parts of the day (like feeding time, going to bed next to Monet, waking up without a heavy lump of cat on me, etc), are the hardest times. I've been randomly bursting into tears for the past 4 days. Today though, by some miracle, I stopped crying. I think I am finally finding peace. I find that by doing things that require me to focus my attention helps. (I've been making jewelry) I've also found that going through pictures of Monet and remembering the fun times helps. I hope you will find something to ease your pain, too.

Many hugs,


Posts: 111
So sorry for the loss of your little special kitty.  She was brave and courageous to the end, and now she is whole and happy at the Rainbow bridge.  I lost my little man in April, and he was just a little baby.  The grief is intensly painful initially, and fades into waves of sadness, just as Woowoowoo said.  We have all been through it, and remember we are here for you.  The first weeks and months are the hardest.  Hank used to curl up between my ankles every night, and give me whisker kisses at 5 in the morning.  He was my little orange alarm clock.  You never stop missing them.  This board helps a lot, and the people here are amazing.
I will remember you in my prayers tonight,
Heather, Hankies forever mommy

Posts: 11

Just knowing that there are others out there that have been through this gives me comfort because you all understand the grief.  I have heard the phrase from a few people today "just go get another cat".  Those are comments from people that don't understand the bond all of us had with our pets.  My Bella, as all of our pets had such a great personality and was just sweet and gave me all the unconditional love, she was special to me.  I did ok today at work, but I just got home and cried because I'm looking at all of her things just expecting her to pop in around the corner.  She gave me everything and I know I did the right thing since she was down to 5 lbs. and not eating or drinking.  I guess my heart has to catch up to my head.  Thank you for all the encouraging words and I hope I can be a comfort to people in the same position one day as well.


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I am so sorry for your loss!  I too put my beloved baby to sleep yesterday and it is a grief like no other.  I knew it was coming, and wholeheartedly agreed with the decision, however, I realized that the bull looks a lot different when you are in the ring with him.  Oh, how I wanted to be selfish!!
To those of you who say "go get another cat", they don't fully understand the bond with pets.  Nobody would dare say "just have another child" or "just go find another husband" if you had lost a human loved one.  It is just a horrible, insensitive thing to say.  
Please know that I am completely compassionate to your grief and have you in my thoughts.  My heart too, is aching.  I wish you peace, comfort and the serenity that comes with knowing you made the right decision, and that your little one is no longer suffering.
I am new to this grief as well, and I am hoping that the tears will slow down...eventually.  Here's hoping yours do too.

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