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It has been 2 weeks exactly now since I had to put my precious angel kitty ruby to sleep. She got very sick and it turned out to be lymphoma. I knew she was ill, but I guess I just did not want to believe the severity. I received her when she was a tiny kitten, 6 weeks old. She was the runt of her litter and fit in the palm of my hand. I didn’t expect to leave the vets office that day without my beloved kitty. She was such a special girl, she opened my heart and showed me unconditional love and I am a better person because of her. She slept in my arms every night. She was always waiting by the door for me to get home from work and would begin purring as soon as she heard my keys. There is no good way to describe the emptiness that is left now. I cried everyday for 10 days straight and started to wonder if I would ever feel better. I adopted a kitty from the shelter to help myself heal and she is precious and I am over the moon for her, but nothing can ever heal that loss. Ruby was my child, she was everything good in this world. I can’t fathom how a life that precious can be taken away so quickly. I will miss her indefinitely, I feel like a part of me went with her. I will never forget the absolutely crushing feeling of being told she was suffering and that she needed to be put down. Holding her in my arms for the last time, petting her tiny chin for the last time as she rested it on my arm, these are memories I will cherish forever now. I just wish I could have her back somehow. I am not at all religious, but the only thing that brings consolation is the hope that maybe I can see her again one day in another life.

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Hello my friend! I am here to drop some love on ya 😉 
I just read your story, and it broke my heart. I had to send my dog Braveheart to Heaven this past Saturday, March 3rd. And also, about a month before that, I lost my cat, her name is Carol. She was very old, and had been a stray that we adopted into our family, and we had her for a good 2 years. She was very old, and she had gotten attacked by something outside one night, and we had to send her to Heaven as well. 
Just know that it is completely natural and okay to feel the pain that you are feeling, and also know that I am feeling it with you. Your kitty is rejoicing in Heaven right now, because she has a new body, and she is feeling wonderful, and she is being comforted by God and all the other pets up there. She wouldn't want you to be sad, my darling, she would want you to rejoice for her, because she is in an awesome place, and she will be waiting for you there. 
One day, we will be reunited with our furry loved ones. In the meantime, treat yourself well, and know that your kitty loves you still, and that she is alive. She has just changed addresses. 

Much love my friend, 
-Jess; Braveheart's momma


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I feel the same way about losing my bird Charlie. It feels so empty in my life now. I can get another pet, sure, and love it just as much as I loved Charlie...But the thought of his life ending so abruptly - his chance and life being taken away - is too much to even bear. I'm also not religious but I just hope someday somewhere I can be reunited with him.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your babies Braveheart and Carol. Losing fur babies is so difficult, they become such a huge part of our lives and when they are gone, everything seems different.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your babies Braveheart and Carol. It is such a terrible loss to lose our beloved fur babies, they become such a huge part of our hearts and lives. There is never a time when we are ready to let go. I am thankful that at the very least my baby is no longer suffering, and I can not wait to see her again one day. I am wishing you nothing but positivity and healing in the following weeks😊
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