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I'm not even sure how i feel. It was such a shock about her passing. She has been in good shape and i didnt think 9 yrs old was.....old. I've had her for 7 yrs. It's just taken all of us by complete shock.
I went into panick mode looking for her. She has always been an indoor cat and i knew she was here some where. Found her under my bed...Thats where she wanted to go to pass away. I just cannot believe she is gone. I miss her so bad.
Her sister Frosty is so lost. I'm so scared to death something is going to happen to her. She seems so heart broken. It's breaking my heart even worse. She knows she is gone.....I can see the lost look in her eyes. They have never been apart for one day! I know i am fussing over her and i am probably stressing her out worse. I just wanna make sure she is drinking and eating. She is. I know she has to be stressed to the hilt. All the storms we are having here, her sister dying,  then i had to give her a bath, and im not acting normal. I cried while holding her telling her she has to eat and drink....It wont bring back Ice if she doesnt. She took a drink and got back in her bed.
I feel like i am losing my mind. I just burst into tears at any given moment.
I love you Icey. We miss you so much.

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I am very sorry about Icey.

I lost my cat Cheeseburger 2 months ago today. I only noticed something was wrong that week; he wasn't really eating, had no interest in anything and he was hiding in such strange places.

You will find very caring and understanding people on this site. We are all going through the loss of our babies and we are here for each other.

I only had Cheese, but I know Icey's sister Frosty must be looking for her. I hope you can comfort one another.

Please know you have friends her who will listen and support you during this very difficult time.

Once again, I am so sorry.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


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Thank you for the reply. I'm happy there is a place where others will understand.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I know the pain.

Icey wasnt acting strange. She wasnt hiding in strange spots either. She seemed normal.  

I think i am still in shock. I believe Frosty just really realized what has happened that she is gone, but not in the sense that she can come back. She knows i am acting rather strange. I'm just so worried over her now. Watching her every move. I'm stressing. I'm trying to comfort Frosty as much as i can. That lost look in her eyes is killing me.


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I am so sorry about your loss of Icey. I am sure that her sister Frosty really is missing her. When I lost my sweet Satay in January 2006, for the first several days afterward her sister Mabel would walk around looking for her, especially in the kitchen since I always fed them together. It was very sad to see so I know exactly how you are feeling.

These boards kept me sane in those horrible days, weeks, and months after I lost Satay and then a year and a half later when I lost Mabel.  Please come back here and tell us more about Icey - the funny things she did or how she made you crazy! Everyone here is incredibly kind and I know I felt so much love and support during my own horrible times.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen in New Hampshire

P.S. Below are Satay and Mabel followed by kitties I've adopted in the 2-1/2 years since I lost them (all from my local Humane Society): Hansel, Pudgie, and Gretel; Hansel with a bow (he is SO tolerant of his silly mom!!); and Annie and Berkeley.  It really is possible to feel tremendous love again for incredible little creatures.  :-)


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 I am so sorry to hear about Icey. My heart goes out to you and Frosty.
Please take care of Frosty- she does know, like you said. It's really hard or her and you two need each other now more than ever. I am thinking about you both.

This morning I woke up to find Daisy's brother Hubble just sulking terribly.
I talked to him, and when I said the word "Daisy" he looked out the window. I think he keeps waiting for her to come back any second- and every morning he realizes another night had gone and she's not home.

Sending lots of love and light to your family.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)


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I am so very sorry about your little Icey.  I wish I could ease your pain but I know I can't.  Everyone here is so very kind and understanding please continue to write and tell us how you are doing and maybe, when you are ready, send some stories and pictures of Icey.

Your Frosty needs you to help her with her loss also.  Hold her, talk to her and give her kisses. 

The loss of your best friend is devastating and the deep pain in your heart  is because of the very deep love and bond you shared with Icey.

I will pray for you Icey and Frosty. 

Hugs to you,
Mary, Meisters Mom
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