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Well my friends, I guess it's taken me this long to share with all of you, my Jasmine's memorial page.  Up to this point, I guess I've viewed it as "private".  Not that I didn't want to share with all my wonderful friends here, I just wasn't ready, I guess.

Posting the words "Memorial Page" is still hard for me, even over a year later, but again, I know the love I shared with this special girl will always be with me.

Jasmine will always be a part of me, she owns a piece of my heart, which she rightfully took with her the day she left this world.

I am so glad I was able to call her mine for 10 years and I live for the day we will be together again.

Please feel free to log onto the wonderful gift I received from the Wolf Pack devoted to helping hurting hearts here.  I will cherish their friendship always.

To view, log onto :


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What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Jasmine.  Jasmine has such warm and soulfoul eyes.  You gave her such a beautiful and loving home.  I know it still hurts.  Sometimes it seems impossible that we could have been this long without them.  And sometimes it just seems likfe forever since wel held them in our arms.  I didn't realize that you lost your Jasmine the same day that we lost our Golda.  Huge hugs on this difficult anniversary.  Golda's mom


Posts: 440
Dear GoldasMom:

Thank you so much for your comforting words.  I am so touched, you not only viewed my Jasmine's Memorial, but took the time, to post a reply.  To be honest, I was starting to feel really down that though many had viewed her memorial, there was no feedback, til now.  Again, you have indeed touched me, by posting your thoughts.  I hope Golda and Jasmine are good friends since they both went to Rainbow Bridge the same day.  Take care and again, thank you for your kind reply.

                             Hugs to you, JasminesMom

Forever Loved and Missed My Jasmine

Posts: 558
Jasmine's Mommy,

No worries.  I think that most people go to the Grief forum and don't routinely check the Pet Memorial site.  You can copy the website address for your Jasmine's beautiful memorial site to your replies and threads when you respond on the Grief site.  That way everyone can click on it and appreciate this beautiful memorial tribute page that the kind hearts of wolfpack created for your precious Jasmine.  I think that it is particularly difficult when people (unintentionally) don't respond.  I find that sharing my special Golda, helps me to keep him hear with me.  So I understand what you mean.  Take care, Golda's Mom

Posts: 205

What a beautiful tribute to your baby.....I'm sure is is running around with my Tai-Chi who went to the bridge in February...I know what you mean , I have a memorial page for my Tai, alot have viewed, but not many replies...don't get me wrong I appreciate all the viewers...but sometimes its nice to read what others have to prayers are with you...Lisa


Posts: 555


Thank you Jasmine's Mommy For sharing

your Jasmine with us. It was an honor

to make a Tribute Page for such

a sweet pupper.


Since posting the words "Memorial Page"

is hard for you, think of the pages as a

Tribute to the love you and Jasmine

will always share.





 From Up Above

I am in the memories that dance upon your soul

Bringing back to you the love that came from

up above. A love that has never left you.

Gentle raindrops falling upon your face

bringing healing. My touch reaches out to

you as they gently flow.

I know are times you look for me, in the

places we once walked side by side.

I hear the sighs coming from your heart

when you don't see me. Just because

you don't see me doesn't mean i am

not there. Because there is not a step that

you take that I don't take it with you.


There are times you listen for my voice

in the winds. Listen carefully and you will hear

me whisper, I am in the love that came

from up above. To warm your heart.

Our forms may change, but the love

we share remains. Growing stronger

with each new day. Glowing with the beauty

of a sunrise.


Remember for me that love is given

in a heart beat and is


©J.C. Stewart






Posts: 2,245
Dear Jasmine's Mommy:
Jasmines Memorial page is beautiful.  We are so fortunate to have Wolf Pack to design such beautiful memories for our babies.  Thank you for sharing the wonderful photographs of your Precious Jasmine and your loving family.  I know how hard it is to share these precious moments and how heartbreaking it is to look back on the time we cherished so much with our Angels.  We were so blessed to have such wonderful babies in our lives.  We will Miss them Forever.  You and Jasmine are in my Prayers, Always. 

May God's Angels watch over Jasmine and keep her safe until you arrive. 

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 440
Dear Goldas Mom, Lee and Georgeann:

Thank you all for your kind responses and thoughts, since viewing my Jasmine's Memorial.  You are all so kind and I've been fortunate to meet
such caring hearts here.  I know I wouldn't have gotten through this year without all of you, who continue to understand, whenever I need support.

Dearest Jackie (BarTendersBlueWolf):

You are such a wonderful, caring individual.  I don't know how you knew, but the poem and the beautiful photos were just what I needed, this morning.  I've been more down today, than I've been in awhile and your words and again, the beautiful photos of my baby, picked me up.

Thank you, my friend.

                          Hugs to each one of you, JasminesMom (Kathy)


Posts: 577
Oh Kathy, I am only seeing this now.   What more can I say, but how beautiful.   I am sitting here crying listening to the music and looking at the pictures.    The whole tribute is so beautiful.    I know how deep you have hurt over the loss of you Jasmine, as we have gone through it together.

My heart and thoughts are always with you.

Love and hugs..

Merry's mom

Posts: 104
Your memorial page to Jasmine is so pecious.She is a beautiful girl and she is so loved.I know you miss her so much.

                                                        Jingles mom

Posts: 5,100

I don't regularly check the memorial pages but I am so glad I did tonight.  I have a very hard time viewing them as they always make me cry.  I am crying now.   Jasmine was so special and so loved.   I find myself wondering tonight why God gives us such perfect creatures to love, and then wants them back so soon.   Who could blame Him, though?  Theirs is such a perfect love.

I know how hard it is to put a memorial together.  It took me forever to even post a picture of my Betsy because I knew when I did, it would seem even more final for me.

Jasmine's pages are simply beautiful, almost as beautiful as she is.  She is certainly lighting up the heavens.

We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful and generous wolfpack here at PL to put these together for us.  Hopefully, one day I will be brave enough to have one done for my little girl.   Right now, the pain is still too intense for me.

Sending hugs to you and your family,

Betsy's forever mom

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