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Some of you might remember me. I haven't been on the board for over a year. My husband has a major MI last July. He spent 11 weeks in ICU/rehabs, on ventilator for 7 weeks, but he slowly recovered. He has CHF, but the meds are helping his ejection fx go up and he's near normal in functioning/daily activities.

Mindy was euthanized today. We had 4 pets total, and over the last 2 1/2 years, they all were euthanized w/ illnesses. Now, Mindy is the last. I'm still in shock and shaky. I feel like I got hit w/ a ton of bricks.

She was having more problems w/ bowel incontinence from the megacolon. The vet we went to had only seen her twice and wasn't very comforting today. Looked like he was just in a hurry. God. Just kinda came in and gave her the injection and said "hang in there." Great. The vet tech gave me a hug and was pretty nice, but life in the big city, here, sucks. We're planning a move when our house sells one of these months.

Mindy was almost 16. She still liked to look at the birdies and bunny rabbits and was eating well. But, she was having 2-3 times/month over years that she was bowel incontinent--mostly large amounts all over the house. It was getting worse. The meds you could never adjust to make a difference. Either constipation or diarrhea and holding it in for a week, w/ only small amts. in between. She was starting to pee outside the box, too, once in a while. And, her peeing iwas getting bigger/more water drinking. I think her kidneys were failing, too. When he's putting the injection in, I said, "This is terrible." I hope she didn't sense my utter devastation. I just feel heart broken.


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Yes Nancee, I remember you. You were here when my boy Piezon first died a year ago.

I also remember your husband was very ill and you spoke about him on the boards. I'm so glad to hear that he has recovered.

On the other hand, I'm so, so sorry to hear about your baby Mindy. The vet sounded so cold and callous. It will be hard with all of your fur babies gone now, but these boards are always here for you. I understand what it's like to not have any pets in the home with anymore. My cat Sneakers passed on 5 months after my boy Piezon.

What I'm trying to say is, you know you'll be understood here. People will always try to reach out and comfort. My heart is with you.

Hugs of comfort,


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Hi Nancee,
I remember you very well.  I am glad to hear your husband is doing so well, I  hope he continues to get better and stays that way for a long time to come!

I am so sorry your kitty Mindy has passed away.  Sometimes I think life is so unfair - time keeps passing by no matter what happens and there isn't anything we can do about it.  I live by myself and my family lives in different parts of the country, so I don't have any immediate family living nearby.  I am not old but I am getting to the age where I occasionally think about what will happen if I pass away before my pets do.  And then I also think about what will happen if I get to the point in my life where all of my pets have passed away and it is just me in the house...

I cannot even begin to imagine going through what you are currently experiencing, with all of the pets you've shared your life with these past years having passed away.  I would be just like you - in shock and totally heartbroken.

Again, I am so sorry you are going through this, and I am totally shocked by how heartless and cruel the vet was during this very trying time.  He should know better than that!

Please come back here as often as you need - we will always be here to offer comfort and understanding.

Hugs and much love,

- Kelly
Blackie's mommy


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Oh Nancee, yes I do remember you and all you went through with your dear husband.  I have often thought of you and wondered how everything was working out for you.  I am happy to hear that your husband is doing so much better but I am so very sorry that you have lost your Mindy. 

Please come back and share some stories about your girl Mindy.  I would love to hear from you.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)

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I am very sorry your precious Mindy has passed on. I have thought about you off and on and remembered that your dear husband had been very ill.  I am glad he is doing so much better!  Mindy shared many years with you and you have many memories to treasure.  Keep in touch, Nancee!

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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I remember all of you and have thought about how you were all doing, too. It's hard losing a pet you love. Today is hard. The first morning w/ no Mindy. It's habit to get her meds out and her food, and then clean the litter box. I've had a litter box for 20 years! Since Puffy in 1990. God. Time goes.

Mindy was the baby and acted like that--kinda whiny and wanting her own way! But, that's what made her special, her own little behaviors and nuances, her habits. When Bootsie passed away 2 years ago, she became kinda maladjusted without him, but she had us.
She was our little Munchkin. Got her in Florida, when I was doing home care visits, she appeared one day. And, the man I was visiting said some awful things about her. She was a stray. And, after talking to her, she just jumped in my car. That was that. Had her for over 15 years. She was about 9 months at the time. Pregnant, thin and scraggy hair.
It's hard losing them.

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Hi Nancee,

I'm sorry you lost your baby girl Mindy.  I can tell you really love and miss her.

Her adoption story is precious.


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Mindy got buried today at the Pet Cemetary. My husband wanted it that way, but I think cremation is just as okay, too. Their little bodies are really just shells, rental for their spirits while they're here.

The ceremony was very nice. We put a baby blanket on her in the casket. And, some special rosary beeds that we got in Brazil, from a spiritual place. And, a picture of St. Francis. Then, they brought her out and buried her. We put a boquet of flowers on her grave.

It's all very emotional. I just kissed her little face and told her I'd always love her.


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Hi Nancee-

That sounds like a beautiful ceremony with some very special and touching things that you included.  I know it is so very hard especially when it is your last baby.  I will be praying for you and for your husband that you can find some peace in time and try and remember the beautiful memories you made during her almost 16 years with you.

Please keep in touch and I will also pray that your husband continues to improve.  Your are one strong lady.

Take care.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)


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Hi Nancee, I haven't been here as long as you but your story touches my heart. I am so sorry for your loss. Your ceremony sounds beautiful and I hope that in time it will help you to find some peace in your heart. I'm sorry too that the vet was not as comforting as you needed him to be. People have different ways of handling difficult things and I would like to think he was quiet because it was hard for him too. Mindy is now young and healthy again, playing with your other kitties at the bridge. You were brave to stay with her until the end so that she could feel your love to the last breath. Bless you. Anne

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Thanks for your replies. They mean a lot.


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Dear Nancee,
I am so sorry for the loss of your Precious Mindy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. She is just a Doll! My Sammy is a Tabby. A BIG Tabby too! 22lbs! I know just how you are feeling. When Sammy went to Heaven... he took my world and heart with him. You have had so much these past years. I am so glad to hear that your Husband is doing so well. We are here for you. Come back soon. God bless.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Dear Nancee,
I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved cat, Mindy. I know how you feel. My cat, Sack, passed away on August 17, 2010, and she was the last of my original 3 animals. I am sending you hugs and comfort from afar and hope you are doing ok tonight.

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I have been reading your story about Mindy and I think this is very similar in a way to my Cookie. 

Cookie was 16 also when she chose to cross on Jan 17, 2005 from acute renal failure.  I have always felt that she chose that time because I was a newly wed and she felt she no longer needed to stay to care for me because I now had my husband to care for and vice versa.  Mindy may have chosen now for you to help her cross because she sees how much your husband needs you and her time here taking care of you while he was ill is done.  I believe they always stay with us even though they can hear the call home to the bridge because they need to make sure we are ok first.  Once they see things are under control for the most part, they can rest and choose then to let go and in turn have us set them free.....


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Thanks for your replies.
Lori, Kelley, Connie & Mare--I remember you all. Thanks for your sweet posts to me. I hope you're all doing well. You have helped so many people w/ your posts.
Feline & Lab mom--thanks for your posts. They mean a lot. I am sorry for your losses. Thanks for taking the time from your own grief to write to me. I hope you're both hanging in there.
Mayme--Wow--a 22 pound tabby! That makes me laugh (thanks for that--I haven't laughed in a while). Mindy would have been that big if she had her way and hadn't had the megacolon. SHe loved to eat and the day I adopted her, I fed her vegetable soup. And, she loved it (minus the onions, I wouldn't giver her).
Lisa--I am sorry for your loss. Sack is a cute name. Losing the last one. Wow--it sucks. The house is quiet and although there were many times I wanted it quieter than it was, now it's just plain mournful. Taking it 1 day at a time. What else can we do? I hope you're finding comfort here at the Rainbow Club, I call it.
Noble Wolf--Thanks for your post. I used to know things could make sense somehow, from a larger perspective,but in my recent years, I lost the ability to make sense of anything! I did need Mindy when Jack was sick--she was my little lifeline to structure and some sanity where I could find it. But, lately, she looked as if she'd had enough. The megacolon was a nightmare. The unintential pooping around the house sapped her spirit and mine. I couldn't let her go, though, I 'd just clean it up time after time. I did feel, over the last months, that she was ready. It just was "time," even though I can't rationally explain it. I went through it in my head for months before--it was pure torture. How can I decide for a pet it's "time," I used to think. Whew.
Another interesting point, Mindy was a stray and she lived the life of Riley--as best as I could get it for all of them. When she died, she got buried and a jet (from the base out here) flew over as they were bringing her coffin out to bury her. Almost, like a tribute to her. It was so surreal. My husband didn't even hear/see it, but I did. ANd, I thought, not bad for a little stray who had nothing, to transform her life into something good and a jet coming over for her. Well, I'm crying now. Better go find a kleenex.
Thanks to all of you for listening.

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