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I was a teenager and was having a hard time at home, I had been for some time. My brother was very sick - my parents had been absent / stressed / angry for years and I went through the tribulations of being a teen mostly on my own, only really worried about getting through each day and keeping the family together. 

I was being brave but then one day I couldn't handle it anymore and I prayed. I never prayed before and I didn't really believe their could be a God but I asked God for anyway and I asked Him to send me a white angel because I knew I was getting tired and I couldn't get through without help. I don't know why I asked for a white angel,  but I did. 

The next day, I was walking home from shopping for food and there she was, a little white puppy - she was so small, just two blocks from our house. She scooted towards me, she was so alone, I scooped her up and held her close. We tried to find her owner but no-one came forward so she became ours. I thought she must have been my white angel come true. 

She did help, my gosh she did. I couldn't have gotten through those years without her. I love her so much. But I had to leave, I couldn't stay, I was too worn down by years and years dominated by illness. I needed to find myself so I left home and I left her. 

She died today and I'm not there to say goodbye and I'm so sorry.

My little precious gift from God and didn't get to say goodbye. If I could have I would have stayed with her and done it all for her, but I was too weak.

God gave me something really special and I left her.

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I am so sorry. Your post has me in tears. Your little white angel rescued you just as you did her. She knows how much you love her, of that I have no doubt. You had to do what was best for you and it can be so hard to find a place to live that allows pets. Please don't beat yourself up. We all do the what ifs and it adds more pain than we are already suffering.

When I was fourteen years old we moved to an army post in California. Circumstances had forced me to go to live with my birth mother the year before and she clearly did not want me there. As we turned into our street on that first day there was a little brown dog on our front porch. She belonged to our neighbor who did not take care of her at all. From day one Chico became my baby. I gave her baths so she could sleep with me, we fed and took care of her. I begged the neighbors to let me have her to no avail. Four years later they took her to the pound and when I asked about her I was told she had probably been put to sleep already. My stepdad rushed me to the shelter and we got her the very morning she was to to be euthanized. She died a month before my high school graduation and I was absolutely devastated. Through her time with us she made my life bearable. When my "mother" threw one of her frequent fits Chico and I would go to my room or on walks to escape the screaming. So I completely understand your feelings. My little brown angel is in heaven happy and healthy again and I have faith that I will see her when I die. Please take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you will come to Petloss often. I have found so much comfort and support here.

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Tell us more about your little white angel if you feel up to it.  What kind of dog was she?  What was her name?  Try not to feel guilty about leaving her; you were doing what you had to do to pull your own life together and I think she understands that.  Come here for support; everyone here sympathizes and cares.

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