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Hello, dear good people,

Excuse my English... I am from Bulgaria and needed to find a place like this to share my grief, guilt and memories of my lovely beautiful boy Koko.

He was 16 and passed away yesterday. The pain and sadness are so much that I find it hard to breathe sometimes.

I need to ask you something - I decided to cremate him and spread his ashes in our country house where he loved to spend my 2-week vacation in the summer. But now I keep seeing his body burning and feel so guilty about this decision. I feel i should have buried him on some meadow or in the local small mountain? Am I crazy? Did you had such feelings? Is cremation a normal decision? I know the body is dead and it does not matter but still - i see the flames and feel resistance towards this, even if it is too late.

He was sick with kidney disease but he was stable. We would be leaving for the country house in beginning of August and i wanted him to come with us for last time and last summer. Then he got an inflamed tooth and needed surgery. Never recovered from this.

I guess i took the cremation decision so that he can join us after all.... But still.

Please tell me cremation is not such a bad decision.... [66652030-487756918660336-9162287860919828480-n]

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Hi Deni11, 
First of I want to say that I'm so sorry for your loss. Your boy Koko was just stunning. I can relate to your sadness as I had my little cat, April sent to Rainbow Bridge just over 2 weeks ago. She was only 2 years ago. The vet found she had Feline Leukemia and she was gone the next day. We are devastated. I wish I could help you with your cremation questions but I'm just not sure. I really hope someone else can give you some insight on this matter.

Kind regards,


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I'm so sorry about your beautiful Koko. I had to put to sleep my beautiful cat, Riley, last month. He also had kidney disease. He was 18. I had him cremated too. For me, I am glad I did it. I did have a brief period where I imagined his body burning, and that was hard for me. But I couldn't stand the thought of him rotting in the ground somewhere. I feel the same for me. I want to be cremated after I die. I now have Riley's ashes back. I also have somewhere I want to take him and scatter his ashes. Until then, I will keep him with me. I can't say what the right decision for you is, but for me, cremation was the best decision out of no good options. I hope you will come to be at peace with what you decided. I'm sure Koko would understand.

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Thank you!
I still feel so very sad and out of space...
I keep seeing him on his usual places. I keep wanting to receive some kind of a sign from him.
Cremation is done and today I must pick up the urn.
I keep hoping this was not a bad decision.
Thank you again for writing in my topic and saying those things, they do help.

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Deni11 I am very very sorry to hear about your Koko he is very handsome(I bet he knew that though). I work at a vet but also just lost one of my own so I see a lot of pet parents struggle to make a final decision on cremation. It was also hard for me to think of my boy being cremated but that really is one of the best ways to keep them with us. Something we have to warn people if they chose to bury is the wildlife.. it would be so devastating to have another animal come by and do something with their final resting place.. I’m glad you’re going to get your kokos cremations back soon it really did help me feel a little better. You gave Koko an amazing life, 16 is a good age!!! It’s hard for the first couple days without them but just think of all your happy memories. You gave Koko a loving and happy home, hopefully remembering that can ease your pain.. take care <3
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