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Hello everyone. My 12 year old cat Afrorit passed away today. She was the most loving, amazing and the smartest cat I knew. She was my first cat and she has given birth to so many of my beautiful and amazing cats. I love her so much and I grew up with her, I am 22 now and I had her since I was 10. She was suffering possibly from Lymphoma, and noticeable symptoms started to show up only two months ago. During the last 2 months we’ve taken her a couple of times to the vet but it was still getting worse and worse.
During the last 2 weeks she did not want to stay home, not in our yard and not even indoors, she was trying to hide in some old couple of neighbors’ yard. She knew she was going to die, but I could not let this happen. I kept looking for her everyday (she would find new quiet spots to hide a few times) and brought tuna and cheese (tuna for the smell, cheese was the only thing she managed to eat), and water. I cried and showed her love. She would try to meow me always (she’d lost her voice by then) and sometimes when she missed me too much she would get out of her shelter and come to me, lay on my shoes and let me pet her for a whole hour. She was too skinny and it was painful for me to see it. She wouldn’t let me put her in the carrier to take to the vet and I felt torn, I did not want to hurt her and cause her more stress, I knew taking her again to the vet would cost her a lot of energy, stress her too much and prolong her life for one more week but then she would act the same- hide, not eat at all. She was suffering and my mom and I were suffering seeing that. Yesterday she could barely walk, she was hiding deep underneath their house and I could not reach her. She tried to walk toward me and I managed to pet her and she got back in fast. she did not eat at all for the last 2 day, drank a little. Today in the morning she was laying in the old couple’s yard, out in the sun not even in some little shelter. She could not move. I got there asap and she tried to meow to me. I even managed to hear some sound. I was petting her, comforting her, and put her in the carrier, this time she let me. The waiting room was loud, weird smells that bothered her and when we got in the vet, he was trying to treat a stray cat that screamed and yelled in anger, my sweet Afrorit was suffering and so stressful hearing it while not being able to move as if she was paralyzed. She was trying to meow. When I put her in the carrier her hand was in a bad position and only after almost an hour she managed to use her last piece of energy to change the position, right when the vet took her- I did not know she was in pain this entire time because of the position and I feel terrible. The vet then put her down. me and my mom were crying so much. I could barely talk to Afrorit. Right after the injection, she didn’t seem to breath. I was crying so hard and didn’t manage to say a word. My mom talked to her while I was petting her. When the vet injected, his phone rang loud right during this moment. I felt even more terrible that her last moments were so stressful. I hope she saw we were there in her last moments. I hope I relieved her, I hope I helped her ease the pain. I hope she didn’t suffer that hard. I hope she remembers the entire 12 years and not only the last month. We were really close, she understood me. I love her so much and she’s everything to me. I did not want to lose her. Everything seemed normal 3 month ago, I wish it was still normal. My family, my cats (and hers) and I love you forever Afrorit, Rest In Peace <3

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Im so sorry for your loss. Its obvious you loved your kitty very much. It's not easy to lose them. Im still working on my own grief. I know exactly how you feel. Take care of yourself

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Thank you Skmk, i understand you. Thank you very much. It’s been a little bit over than a day and I’m still crying, and I keep imagining her around the house, hearing her voice. Take care

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I am so very sorry for your loss. Come here and share about her. Post pictures, cry, do what you need to do. Hoping you find peace.
Paula, Raider’s mom
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