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My dog passed away 2 days before Christmas. She was an awesome dog. She was a petite Staffordshire Terrier 12.5 yrs old.  She died of Severe Bronchitis and either Cancer or Liver Disease.  She was so full of personality, so vibrant.  She would bark Happy Birthday with the family, she loved children and cats.  She was a well behaved, loving, happy go loving dog.  She was such a sweet heart.  When a close relative of mine died I would cry for hours and this dog would sit next to me and lick the tears of my face,,,she was soooo in tuned.  Times when I was going thru marital issues she would get her leash and bring it to me as if to say "come on we can't be depressed all day let's walk off the stress".  We would ride in the car every morning for coffee, and her favorite a ripe banana.  We miss her so much, it's brought us closer Girl but I miss you something terrible.  I still save table scraps, I still think I hear your nails on the floor.  I feel so empty. I miss her so much.  I know she lived a good life, but it happened so sudden.  I wish I had a few more months with her.  There's no other dog like her,  She was my first dog.  I know it sounds crazy but she knew me...I could feel it in my bones we had a bond...I understood her and she understood me. She was my only friend.  She was always loyal, she made me a better person...I understood love in a different way. She'll forever have my heart. It's going to be a month tomorrow...and I'm crying as I write this post. The house is so empty. My heart is shattered. I loved this dog, she was my family not too many people understand that concept.  She was family.  We don't own, and as you know with breed restrictions it's hard to get an apartment with a pit staff, but we didn't care we searched for apartments offered to pay a little more towards rent and found a place.  Wherever we lived, had to allow our dog.  She was the best, she truly was.  I was so ignorant be scared of her first time I met her, due to all the dumb stereotypes associated with her breed.  My husband had her around cats, young children, bikers, motorcycles, roller skates, you name it...he trained her good.  These pits get these bad raps due to ignorant lazy dog owners...the ones that adopt a pit before asking their landlords, or the owners that dont train their dogs to make sure they're cultivated dogs.  I was proud of my dog, she was a good dog.  She was my Princess NV, and I miss her. It feels good to write this down and share it with folks that have gone thru similar sad times like this.  I hope I'm better this year next time. Still waiting on her ashes. I love you NV. Love you Mum.

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Sometimes pets are closer than family. I think they are angels that ended up on earth to help us. I'm so sorry. It just hurts and hurts, doesn't it? Try to take care.

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It doesn't sound crazy at all. Dogs love you for who you are, it is unconditional and wholly without judgement. It's 3 weeks today since we lost our Lab and the grief seems to be getting worse. My initial comfort that she was no longer suffering has been replaced by an aching longing for her. I desperately miss her, and still can't get my head around her not being here anymore. The house is so empty and sterile. She would always bring half the garden in with her most days, she would follow me wherever I went. I never felt alone. We have her ashes but I can't bear to part with them. I know things will get better but it's so hard at the moment.  

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You have been loved by a pit bull. I have too. They are almost human. You will never be the same. I lost mine Dec 7, 2017. I am sorry that your girl is gone. Its awful to be without them.

I had to move 100 miles south of where I was at to keep her after I lost my job in the recession. I loved her. I still want her back. I miss caring for her. 

((hugs)) just ((hugs))
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