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Lookin for the Dogmommy: it’s me Jeff letting you know this week is hard cause the day I lost Ben is coming up. Yeah Father’s Day.

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Hi Jeff,

I have been thinking of you because I knew the awful anniversary is approaching and I know how the pain gets worse and worse as the day approaches : ( Even though the anniversaries--and the days leading up to them-- always hurt the first anniversaries are always the very worst. I truly wish it was Monday already for your sake because then the awful anniversary day would be over with and you will feel better.
And even though we know that our beloved pets did not cease to exist when they physically died but instead went immediately and directly to Heaven because we have God's Word--the Bible--to reassure us about that we still suffer the indescribably awful pain of being physically separated from our beloved babies even though it is just temporary in the grand scheme of things. So when you think of your beloved Ben do not think of his cocoon as being him--because it's not--think of him where he actually is which is in the gorgeous green fields of Heaven running and playing and leaping for joy.  Mourn for the temporary separation because that is what is causing the horrible pain. And try to remember what a wonderful father you were to your best friend Ben who is now safe and perfectly healthy again for all eternity with the ultimate Father.

Did you realize that your getting Ben was not just some random choice of puppies on your part because you decided that you wanted a boxer? Did you realize that before the world was ever created that God knew He would create you and knew your entire life in advance? Did you realize that in advance God decided that He would be sending you an incredibly special gift of love in Ben?  Not just any dog and not just any boxer but YOUR beloved Ben. And that God blessed your precious Ben by letting him have YOU as an earthly father and best friend?  Not just some random person who would not have realized how extraordinarily special Ben was and who might have treated him badly or maybe just like an "animal" or maybe just "oh he's a nice dog". No--Ben had YOU and YOU had Ben and you KNEW what you had. When you would look into Ben's eyes you saw his soul--the soul of Ben that God created. You saw and experienced pure love. Love so pure and strong and special between you and Ben that words cannot begin to describe it. God created that and sent you that.
Ben had a problem with his back. Some people would have just said "Oh he's defective. I will toss him aside and go and get a perfect one instead" Did you do that? NO! How could you? You loved BEN! Did you know that God feels the same way about us? None of us are perfect but it doesn't matter--God loves us anyway! In fact He loves us so much that He sent His own Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins so that those who accept the wonderful free gift of Salvation by faith will be made perfect in Heaven. Just like God made Ben perfect in Heaven--no more bad back--God will make us perfect too because He loves us.
Knowing how much God loves us is a great help in time of grief and pain--like what you are going through now with the awful anniversary approaching--so watching this video may help--
The Original Father's Love Letter - YouTube

Please take good care of yourself. Once again I am so terrible, terribly sorry about your heartbreaking loss of Ben and the awful upcoming anniversary.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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