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My poor sweet little kitten was brought to me by a neighbour. He had been hit by a car and I'm heartbroken. I feel so guilty maybe he was too young to be outside later on. He was so happy when he got the cat flap he and his sister would just bound about in the forest. The road is quite a bit from the house so I thought they would be safe. He was the loveliest, gentlest little guy in the world he even used to hug the vet. I miss him and I'm having a really hard time coping and worrying about his sister, they had been abandoned together and best buds always. She seems listless and now I have her kept inside I'm so scared she will get hurt too she is doubly unhappy.

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So sorry for your upsetting news. It doesn’t seem to matter how long we have our pets for, we get so attached and fall in love with them so quickly.

I wish I could instantly make you feel better, but as time goes on it will get a little bit easier, not that you’ll ever forget him or stop loving him. Sorry to hear his sister is missing him, try to take comfort in each other as you both need looking after.

I lost my boy cat suddenly just over a month ago and I still miss him so much, but it gets a little bit easier to cope with. His sister also misses him.

Take care and sending hugs to you xx

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I am so very sorry you've lost your little one.  Whether we lose our beloved little pets to illness, or accident, or old age, there is no good way to say goodbye and we are never 'ready' to do that.  

But please know this - In the time you had him you gave him a life suited to his adventurous nature, his love of play-hunting, and his need to be outdoors, free to explore and be naughty and be happy - in other words, a great life for any little cat.  He spent his time secure in the knowledge he had safety, comfort, warmth and food at home, while he got to be himself simply by walking through a magical doorway.  

Right now, all you can think of is how he died.  But he does NOT share the pictures you have in your head.  All he knows is that he was outside, free and loved.  He does not take any memories of his accident or pain or suffering - a small comfort but one that I clung to when my own little dog Fiona passed (yes, her name was Fiona as I think yours is, too).  Even more, his fearlessness came from his security in the knowledge that he was LOVED - for how else do we gain self confidence in this world without love?  

There is simply no guilt to be assigned here - you could no more have prevented the accident that stole him any more than I could have prevented the cancer that took my Fiona.  If you are 'guilty' of anything, it's of loving this little cat enough to grant him the dignity of a free life, one that he loved, and one that mattered to him. 

I totally understand your fear, now, with his sister, who will be mourning the loss of her companion.  But she needs you, as you need her, to help each other get through this loss and find a 'new normal', whatever that is.  What is so very clear to me is the depth of love you hold for your little ones, and how much your lost baby meant to you, and will always mean to you.  I am so very sorry he's gone - but I am so glad he spent his life in the company of a person who feels so deeply and loves so strongly. Deep breath, Fiona, and know that you are not alone as you grieve your little man.  My heart breaks for you.   
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