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  I have an great little girl named Brandy.She's 7 years old.  She has congestive heart failure and she's blind. I took her to the Vet a couple of weeks ago and she said it was about time to put her down. She's not in any pain, she's on 3 different kinds of meds. But all she does is sleep. She has not been eating much lately and that's not normal for a beagle. But everyone tells me that I'll know when its time . But I'm afraid  that I will keep her alive for me. I don't want to be that selfish, but I love that little girl sooooooooo  much. She is my best friend.  So please pray that I  do the right thing. 


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I'm sorry your Brandy is so sick.  It is so hard to know your time with your girl is limited.  Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing, know this for certain.  I hope you and your little girl have some very good days together still!  Take good care ~ BuddysMomNC 


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Rita, I am so sorry that you and Brandy are going through this. I know how difficult this is. My heart dog, Chico, had congestive heart failure and it was so very hard and heartbreaking. I went through pure hell struggling with that dreaded decision and trying to figure out when was the right time. I had people tell me that I would know when it was time or that he would let me know with a look. But that never happened for me. When I did finally make the decision it was the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I had waited months for a look or just knowing, and I probably waited too long. There is never a perfect time to do this. Most all of us struggle with whether it is too early or too late.

I truly feel your pain over this decision and I know what you are going through. You will do the right thing. Your heart knows what is best for Brandy. She is not afraid of going to the Bridge. It is us, the human parents left behind that suffer from the loss and feel the pain from letting our babies go.

I will say a prayer for you and Brandy. I wish you peace in whatever decision you make. God bless you in this difficult time.


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Dearest Rita,

Buddy's Mom and Berta said it so well. You will know my Dear Heart. Brandy has been here for 7 years because you know whats best for her. She has defied all odds because of the Precious Love of her Dear Mommy. My Heart and Prayers are with you Rita. Come here and let us help. We do care. God Bless Brandy and You.

Love, Mayme ~ Sammy's Mommy

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Dear Rita,  From one Carolina girl to another, you will know.  But when you make the decision, you will wonder still if it was time and have a lot of doubts.  This is normal.  My Pomeranian died of congestive heart failure and she went on her own.  She was still eating and had just finished some roast beef I had for supper.  So I know she wasn't suffering.  Praying your baby does the same.  Then you won't have to make that hard decision.

Praying that all goes smooth and well.  You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

I live in Concord, just NE of Charlotte.

Bless you and your baby girl.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 8 years

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I'm so sorry you're in this situation. It's one of the hardest, but most loving, decisions we make when we're owned by pets. I just had to make the agonizing decision yesterday to let my Pommie boy go. He was being sustained on oxygen at the emergency vet and they found he had a tumor pressing on his heart, which caused his lungs to fill with fluid. At  age and in his condition, they felt there was no hope. Even with such sound medical advice, I still question my decision.

I've had two other dogs euthanized during my adult life and the decision was agonizing. I didn't want to keep them here for myself, but I didn't want to let them go if they were still enjoying life. I was also told they'd "let me know" with a look that never came. I believe I prolonged the decision waiting for them to "assume that burden" of letting me know. In looking back at photos of them now, I feel tremendous guilt. But I believe my babies were suffering. In fact, I took Misty to the vet during her last days just to be sure I was doing the right thing. And her vet - whom I trust completely - told me she was absolutely certain she was in pain. She said she had less than 48 hours to live and that time would be painful for her. So I had no choice but to release her. I still feel tremendous guilt that I didn't realize that and have it done sooner.

I think the key things to consider are if Brandy is enjoying life and most importantly, if she's in pain. Don't wait for her to "tell" you because I think that either some dogs don't tell you or some people (like myself) don't receive the message.

You can just make the best decision you can and made with love, it won't be the wrong one. As someone just told me yesterday about Jack, even if you make a mistake, she'll forgive you because she's a dog.

You're in my thoughts as you go through this difficult time.

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