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I lost my wonderful black labrador Ruby on Monday. I never had a dog I loved like her.
I never allowed dogs on my bed....... Until Ruby

I only had her 5 years, I got her as a baby and she's gone now.

Gone because irresponsible people allowed their dogs to breed and I was the unlucky person who adoped her unknowingly from my vet. She was a victim of Hip dysplasia.
I would do it again but my heart is broken, broken beyond belief.
My Ruby was really really special.
I called her my clown doggie, my Rubalicious, my rubalosity. My diamond.

She followed me wherever I was in my house, loving, loyal, sweet, funny and awesome. I never had a dog I loved like her. The first weekend I picked her up from my vet as a trial weekend. The vet said I could bring her back if I did not want to keep her after the weekend. Well I fell in love with this stinky little puppy. She wormed her way into my heart and I will never be the same. If I could have set a place at my table for Ruby you better believe I would have.

I never have loved a dog like this and have never felt such overwhelming pain at losing her.

This is just horrendous pain.


Posts: 881
I'm so very sorry for your enormous loss...and the pain will be the worst you've experienced I'm sure. It was the worst for me.

I must say though from what you said in your message...that you weren't "unlucky" were both so very blessed to find each other and you gave Ruby 5 wonderful years full of love that she wouldn't have had without you.

I know the pain is greater because she was with you such a short time.

Come and tell stories of your sweet Ruby and this is the place for you as we all understand your pain. This is the club that no one wanted to join.

Sending many hugs and Ruby will be met by all our beloved "angels".


Posts: 55
So so saddened for you for your temporary separation from Ruby Sue.  I say that because I am sure you will be reunited one day when you leave this life.

You and she were so fortunate to have found each other.  She brought immense joy into your life and I am sure she feels the exact same way about you.

This is a very very difficult and challening time for us.  Many many many of us share this journey with you.  It is hard.  We are here for you and for each other.  Take care of yourself.  Ruby Sue wants that for you.  Keep coming back here and go to the chat room.  It helps to share your feelings and get the grief out.

Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Ruby Sue is happy and healthy now.  She wants you to take care of yourself.  You will make it through this journey.  YOU WILL.  We all will....


Posts: 251
I am so so sorry for the loss of your baby girl, Ruby...I can tell that she was your soulmate. I cried as I read your post as I could feel the pain in you voice and I can relate to losing my soulmate too.

Labradors are such beautiful and loyal dogs. It sounds as though your gorgeous girl was not only your soulmate but your best friend and the love of your life Somehow they just get to us don't they?

I hope for you in time that the pain lessens. I lost my Staffy Nugget 5 and a half months ago and the pain hasn't lessened, I will never get over losing my boy. He was my Nugs, my soulmate.

Rest assured though, you have come to the right place. So many people here have helped me so much...The Wolves are angels..

I am sending you a big cuddle. Ruby look over your mummy.

Love Nuggetsmum Alana

Posts: 261

Dear Lablover2006,

My heart is breaking for you as I read your post.  The love you feel for Ruby is so evident, in your words, your feelings, your pain.  Once in a lifetime there is one who comes along, that steals your heart, never to give it back.........and I think Ruby was that dog for You!  I had one like that, his name was Rudy.............he is my "Heartdog!"  I call him that because it's where he my heart.........never to leave......always to remain, right there if ever I should need him.  Every thought of him brings me peace.  I feel so lucky to have had him in my life.  He changed me forever, made me a better person than I would have ever been without him.  That's the legacy these special dogs leave us with..............they make us better, just for having owned them (or did they own us?!?) I think it's alittle bit of both!
So when you think of your Ruby clown doggie, your Rubalicious, your Rubalosity...........your diamond(!) know that she will always be right there never farther away than your heart.....and consider  her love for you a precious gift, because that's what she was and still is!  Believe it!
May you feel the peace and calm that her love always brought to you!
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)

P.S. It's not the amount of time we have's the quality of time we have with them.....I only had my Rudy 2 yrs. and 7 months, but they were the best years of my life! I am certain Ruby gave you just as much!

Posts: 820
So sorry for your loss.  You were never unlucky.  You had five wonderful years with Ruby.  Admittedly it was not long enough but you have the memories and the place in your heart where you remember her.  Rupert took a piece of my heart when he left 20 weeks ago and all I have left are memories and photos.

Ruby was also lucky to have found you and your love.  Without you she may not have had five years.  You are in pain now and everyone on this board has been where you are.   You are not alone, come to this site when you need comfort.  Thinking of you Ruperts Mum

Posts: 846
I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I can sense your sadness in your post and my heart hurts for you.  Ruby sounds like such a special soul.  I lost my yellow lab Luna at the age of 4 to cancer back in January of 2007.  To this day I cry for her.  She was the most amazing dog.  Like your precious Ruby, she changed me forever.  So please know that you're not alone.  I've walked that dark path you're on right now, and I do understand your pain.  You've come to the right place.  Labs are such amazing creatures aren't they?  I'm sure my girls Gypsy and Luna welcomed Ruby at the Bridge with open paws and happy smiles.  Remember that Ruby is yours forever.  She will never leave you.  May God hold you in His loving arms during this difficult time, and grant you peace.  You're in my thoughts and prayers.  Many hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)


Posts: 9
Thank you all so much for your kind words and love. Ruby was an awesome dog.

She had a mind of her own though, she was intelligent and self assured, AND she had the most beautiful face. She was such a labbie.

I used to feed my dog from the table, yes I was bad, hahah. I fed her from the table and If I ignored her she would lay down by the window and not beg but when we were mostly done with dinner I would her call over and give her some of the leftovers. All of the dog rules I broke with Ruby.

I told my husband if we should ever have company over and the company says anything about Ruby coming to the table, I would just say " I just don't know where she gets these horrendous manners from" hahhahahhah

I want to get another Dog but my husband says we cannot until I am over this one, so I told him FORGET it I WILL never be over Ruby, EVER. Its not that she was the most well behaved dog in the world because she wasn't, but I loved her.

Her crate is put away, her bed is gone and the hole in my heart lingers along with the tears in my eyes. I am beginning to see my own mother  reflected back in the mirror.
Thank you all for your kindness, if the world were Like Labrador retrievers it would be a better place to live.


Posts: 1,205

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Ruby.  Labs are such special dogs.  Mine was such a clown, sounds like your Ruby is too.  Thinking of you.  Love Di xxx


Posts: 5,100

I am so sorry you have had to say farewell to your beloved, Ruby.  I can tell how very special she was, and still IS, to you, and how deeply she will be missed.

Don't Labs have the biggest, most loving hearts?  They are also BIG CLOWNS, as well.  I know because we have a black lab named Gracie.  She was dumped in front of our home during a violent rainstorm one night in Sept. of 2005, nine months almost to the day we had to put our beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Easy, to sleep.  She was about 1 to 1.5 years old.  No one ever claimed this jewel, so we named her Gracie because we felt she came to us by the Grace of God (the local Humane society was on probation and was euthanizing all unclaimed animals brought in at that time).   She has been our saving grace since we lost our beloved little 16 year old terrier, Betsy, five months ago.  She licks my tears away and puts her head in my lap each time I cry for Betsy.  So, yes, I understand everything you are saying about Ruby...and I understand your deep grief.  I am so sorry.

I have lit an internet candle for Ruby under her name.  You can find it by going to the first page and first post on AurichWolf's thread entitled "Light a Candle Here" on this grief board.  Click on the little Light a Candle icon inside her post and you will bring up a candle page.  This candle will burn for 48 hours.  May you find some peace and comfort in your wonderful memories of your sweet girl.

And, please, when you feel up to it, share more Ruby stories with us.  We will read them all and be here for you.

Betsy's and Easy's forever mom


Posts: 9
you are all so kind,
Thank you for your loving words and support.

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