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Yesterday my rabbit died suddenly, her name was daisy she was 7 years old i brought her when she was 6 weeks old. In the morning she didnt look to well and didnt come out to eat, which she normally did. so i decided to call up the emergency vets and they told me to bring her in. i picked her up she felt lifeless and she started to panic and gasp for air and died.
i am so upset and cant stop crying, i have tears rolling down my cheek right now. Its like a little part of me as gone. I am also worried about her sister who she lived with, they have been together since they were born.
i miss her so much.

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Oh, Zahra,

I was so sad when I read that your little bunny, Daisy, had passed away.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  I know you loved her with all your heart and will miss her so much. 

Have you read the story about "Rainbow Bridge" that is on the first page of this website?  It is very comforting. I lost my little terrier, Betsy, just four weeks ago and all of the people on this website have been so supportive. We will all listen if you want to tell us more about your Daisy.  I will say a prayer for your other little bunny.

Sending hugs,
Betsy, Ralph, and Gracie's mom


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Dear Zahra, I am so sorry for your sudden loss. It is never easy when we lose one that is loved so much.  I can hear the pain in your words.

You are not alone..we are all here for you to listen to and to cry to. I lost my buddy Bigfoot almost 6 weeks ago and I am still crushed. I don't know what I would do without with site. Everyone has been so supportive and loving.

Remember, that your little bunny is always with your heart and soul.  When you feel up to it, please come back and tell us what Daisy was like and what she looked like. Try and post a picture or tell us the cute things that she would do.

Tomorrow is the Monday Night Candle Ceremony...try and attend online if you can..

I am truly sorry for your loss...give your other bunny a big hug for me.

Hugs, Taraneh (Bigfoot's mommy) Miss you so much big boy

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im-sooo sorry-my bunny died 7 weeks and 3 hous ago and she got sick very saddenly-i noticed that she was breathing heavy on sunday night and begged friends to take us to vet --i was talked to wait until the morning-what miserable night that was-i was crying and trying her to feel better-tea-tre-oil,eycaleptus etc.i cried on her and my tears fell on her fur-she clacced her teeth like she used to when she was happy-Bonita was my furry soul-mate and i loved her more than anyone in my life--anyway in the morning i wrapped her in my sweater and put her in the box and we went to the emergency--they pulled her out from the box and they said-"how beautiful-"newr said proper good-bye to her-after one hour she was dead and i have not stopped crying since(this happened 12/17-07)i feel so bad--maybe she would be alive if i took her in earlier-i miss her so much..she was so special to me--it has been the hardest thing in my life..i loved her so much.i understand whAT you going through-believe me..bonita was only 3 and half years old and that is so sad-i really took so good care of her-she really had best of e'thing-it's so sAd-i'm trying to cope with it but it's really hard


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Dear Zahra and Riitta,

On 2nd Dec, 2007, my darling bunny passed away too. Like Daisy, my Cappuccino suddenly started gasping for breath before he passed. He hadn't eaten the whole day.. and I blame myself for not taking him in earlier.. I still don't know what casued his sudden death- he was weak from the lack of food.. but after the vet had given him a dextrose drip, he looked perkier adn i really thought he would make a full recovery.

While the vet's assistant was force-feeding him, he suddenly started gaspnig for air.. in the next few minutes, i watched as the vet tried to start him breathing again.. his pulse weakened slowly and finally stopped. All the while, i was standing in the doorway of the emergency room, watching this. I didn't get to say bye to him. and i didnt know what to do. I don't know who to blame, even now. It's my fault for not bringing hm in earlier, and not realising how sick he was earlier, but i keep thinkgin that the vet's assistant may have made him choke, as his mouth was stil full when she tried to force feed him more food.

It's a rough journey, a tough one, but slowly, you'll realise that your babies are still with you. I still hve my other bunny, Snowy.. she's helped me alot =) and i still talk to cappuccino all the time.

What helped me alot is thinkgin that the one thing i could not hv done better is love him any more. I loved cappuccino so much, as much love as i could give him. and if i knew what to do right, i wouldve done it without hesitation. i may have slipped up. but it was never intentional. and cino knew that. i thnk he knew how much i loved him. and i will always love him.

take care,
Snowy & Cino's mum

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Dear Zahra--I am so sorry for the loss of your precious bunny, Daisy.  I have always thought that bunnies were the gentlest little critters on the planet.  My daughters had bunnies when they were younger (Tasha & Annabelle) and they were delightful little souls.  I'm glad you found us here at PetLoss.  Through Edw, we have become a wonderful family and support group.  Please let us know how you are doing.  I wish you peace and a little sunshine.

Husky hugs & kitty kisses,

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Its been really hard, not having her with me. when i go and play with lillie (my other rabbit) i just burst into tears because shes alone now and were both missing daisy. :(


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Dearest Zahra.  I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Daisy.  Your post made my heart ache.  I wanted to share a few photo's with you, if I may, that I received just today.

It's of my 2 year old little girl Baby, who died on January 19th, and her newest friend, "Chocolate' ".  Chocolate' is my sister's bunny, who rules their house. Baby was staying with them while we were on vacation, and she made fast friends with their bunny.

This picture made me smile, and I hope it might do the same for you.  Chocolate' had just left a few, "reminders" of who's house Baby was living in at the moment, and I can just see Baby thinking to herself, "Oh no you didn't!  You did NOT just poop on my blanket!"  :c)  Bunnies are so smart.  (I've owned 4 in my lifetime, and love them so.)


These were the last picture's ever taken of her, and I adore them.  It's a beautiful thing to see God's little creatures living together and being so accepting of each other. My sister said that after the little pooping incident, they began frolicking all over the house and playing together. 

I'll tell Baby tonight in my prayers to be sure to find Daisy at the bridge, and to give her a big lick from her Mommy.  They'll become fast friends, and romp and frolic together happily; I'm sure of it!

Hugs to you and Prayer's to aid in your healing.

Warmest Regards,


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i miss her so much and lillie has become very with drawn.


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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My daughter lost her bunny, "Frijole" last year. I have not come across any rabbit moms until now. If you are new to this site, I'm glad that you have found a site where people understand how you are feeling and what you are going through. In time, as you heal, please share with us whether it be pictures, stories or posts about your bunny. A big hug to you.

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I am so sorry about Daisy.  At least she did not die alone.  She was probably very close and she wanted to be held before she left you.  I can tell you my dog Kayo loved bunnies. The first time he met one, her name was Chloe, he got down on his belly and licked her head.  He whined when she was put back in her cage.  We called her his girlfriend.  So, Kayo is probably up there on the bridge right now with his new "girlfriend".


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Dear Zarha, I'm heartily sorry for the sudden and shocking loss of your beloved Daisy.

I'm certain that Daisy loved you dearly and is watching over you from the Bridge.

Lillie will be sad that she does not have her sister and playmate with her, but in time she should adjust with lots of love and attention from you. The two of you can help each other right now.

Please know that we all understand the depth of your sorrow and are here for you. Lean on us Zahra and let us help guide you through this most sorrowful time.

Much love and hugs,



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Dear Zarha,
I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a pet so suddenly. It makes me very sad to hear that Lillie is having a rough time. It is probably a good idea to take her to the vet to do a fecal test, since you are not sure why Daisy passed away. Mosquitoes carry a virus that is fatal to rabbits, and there are others that can be ruled out as well. I recommend doing research on rabbit illness before going to the vet, as many exotics vets are not very good with rabbits. If Lillie is physically healthy, she will eventually need a new friend. I know it is probably hard for you to think about that right now, but Lillie needs your help. Together, you can get through this. I am sending prayers your way, and for Daisy and Lillie as well.


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Dear Zahra, I am so sorry for you loss. I too lost a beautiful bunny named Baby Bunz. He was my world. I had to put him down November 3 2007. I know the pain you are feeling right now. To gain the trust of a bunny is not an easy thing, so when they return love to their mommy's and daddy's, you know the love you gave to them was quite special. I came here to Petloss when I could not deal with his loss. The wonderful people here have taken such good care of me. The chat room family, is one of a kind. I hope you will join us. Once again I am so sorry for your loss.


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its been just over a week and i still cry so much when i play with lillie and when i go past where i buried daisy in the garden. I just want to say thank you all for making such kind comments, alot of people around me dont understand why im so upset over the loss of a rabbit. But i saw my rabbit as my baby, i have had her for 7 years and got her when she was 6 weeks old, i took care of her everyday. It just hurts sometimes when people just overlook your feelings because they dont think its  "proper loss". Daisy was such an attention seeker she loved being stoked and would jump up on to your lap for a stroke she was also very friendly rabbit and loved playing with anyone, she trusted me and my family 100% and i sometimes feel i have let her down. When i see lillie playing in the garden on her own i feel so sad, i might consider getting her a friend when im ready and when shes ready too.


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My Rabbit Sir Wonderful  AKA Booboo, passed away after a short illness on staurday 14th feb 2015. he was only 8 months old and he was the most wonderful thing in my life. i have been crying my eyes out since it happened and i just cant seem to forgive myself for not noticing that he was sick in the fist few hours . i took him to the emergency by late evening of his first day of sickness. they gave him something but he ddnt get better, i spent friday evening nursing him and seing hi struggle with eating  and i could not do more.  by morning i rushed him to emergency and try tried  and i started to have some hope but the vet had none. i took him home, upon laying him on my bed he passed away.

this morning was difficult, getting up and not hearing his little feet around, not  feeling his little kisses on my forehead... i miss him and i have no idea how to stop crying. i just cant stop and am unsure if i will ever recover from this loss.

how do i get over the loss of booboo....


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I'm very sorry. Bunnies are magical - that is always the word that comes to mind. I've lost two bunnies, and it just seems like some of the best of me goes with them... Please know that we understand your pain and loss. Somehow we'll get through this together.


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I lost my rabbit Toto yesterday. He was 7.5years old and the best bunny ever. I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm heart broken and feel lost. I feel so sad that I can't watch him binky any more of run around with the cats. I just don't know what to do.

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Hi Dipper,

I'm so sorry to read of your loss and sorry that I didn't see your message sooner. There's so few bunny people that I mostly message with dog and cat people. 

I understand how you feel. I lost my Baby Bunny four months ago on the 20th. She was seven years old and was my sidekick, my best friend and my little sister.

I still try not to think or look at pictures of her, because when I do, I start to cry which I'm doing now. It's still too painful. I miss her so much. It's that damn emptiness.

Please write me, when you feel that you're able.

Don't grieve alone.

Write anytime… I will respond.

— Joe
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