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Chancey and Digby, I will remember. I will remember the day we brought you home, Chancey, and how lucky we were to take you home that very day without a home check. I think they knew we would give you a good life. I remember how you were so small you struggled to walk across the threshold and into our home. I remember the great 3 1/2 years we had with you on your own. How you loved that as you got to do so many things with us, just you.


When Digby came into our family I will remember how excited you were to check him out, even though you tried to act so nonchalant about it. He stood in the family room and you came and smelled him all over and then looked at us and said, “I guess he will do.” I will remember how you, my little boy wanted to be loved so much.


I will remember how the two of you bonded so quickly and how you didn’t seem to mind that we would go off to work and leave you. I think you always had your days planned out and we weren’t really included in those plans.


I will remember all of our moves we made and all of the business trips we took together. How you handled all of that with such grace. We were proud to be your parents.


I will remember how I said goodbye to you in Denver before I went to Italy and then how you greeted me when I came home to another new home in Washington. Those two weeks your Dad will remember, they were his and he cherishes them. It is the only time he got to spend so much time alone with you two.


When I look at all of your great pictures I will remember what we were doing when they were taken. I will remember the life we had and the joy of living with you two special little sweethearts. I will know that we gave you a good life and one that I think you really enjoyed. I will remember your great sense of humor and know that you did those things for us; you loved to make us laugh.


I will remember how you two loved to learn and discover new things, but loved all of the old ones just as much.


I will remember that the two of you were a gift to us from God and that we were blessed to have you for so many long wonderful years. I will remember that you were strong of spirit and of mind. You taught me not to worry about the small stuff and get on with things.


I will remember your indomitable and beautiful spirits and how you gave us strength. I will remember what it was like to be truly loved.


When I look at your pictures I will remember, when I think of you, always, I will remember, when life seems unbearable I will remember, when there is a beautiful day I will remember. I will remember that life with you two was the best life I have ever had. All of those memories with you I will remember.





Your forever Mom

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Dear Chancey and Digby's Mom:

How beautiful and great your memories of your sweet Chancey and Digby.  It sure looks like they were great pals.  You were so lucky to have shared so many great and loving years together.  It's amazing no matter how much love we give them they always seem to give more back. 

Thank you for sharing these happy memories with us.  You also have been so kind in your responses to those in need of support and understanding.

 I was thinking about the longest time we left Meister and it was when we went to Italy.  We have a neighbor that cooked him special food, sat on our floor to feed him and watched his every move, but I still hated to leave him.

Yes, we are very fortunate to have had them share so much of our lives.  Meister certainly made our lives very happy. 

I hope you will share more memories of Chancey and Digby with us.  Your Digby looks similiar to my Meister. 

I will be thinking of you and your beloved Chancey and Digby tonight at the Candle Lighting.

Meisters Mom


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Dear Helen, each and every one of your posts about Chancey and Digby bring tears to my eyes, and a little smile to my face.  Tears fall knowing the ache that you live with every day, missing them, loving them, wanting them in your arms.   Yet I smile knowing how splendid the reunion will be for you at the Rainbow Bridge.   When that day comes, you will be a family once again, and will never again be separated.  God, it is so hard to wake up each morning, and want to spend the day with our fur babies, but knowing that is not possible at this point and time.  We, who have loved these small creatures so deeply, mourn them every day, and bear the scars of not being with them.  All of us here understand so well the yearning that you feel, and luckily you are blessed with wonderful vivid memories of your two sweeties, that hopefully will comfort and sustain you until they nestle into your arms once again.   Hugs,  Jan


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Dear Helen,

I always love reading your posts about your beloved Chancey and Digby. Of course, I always cry.  Helen, this post was one of your most beautiful. 

While I was reading it, I got the sense that your love for them is forever expanding and growing, spanning the invisible chasm between the earth and the Bridge, and holding the two of them forever tightly and safely inside the deepest recesses of your heart. Through your beautiful words that speak of your shared life with them, I feel as if I know them intimately.  Sometimes, as I am reading your words, it is as if Chancey and Digby are just around the bend, ready to come running to meet me if I just call their names.  

Tonight, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to get to know them.  Because, dear Helen, to know Chancey and Digby is to love them.  They have become so very precious and dear to me.   I just hope the two of them and my beloved Betsy, have found each other and are lying in the warm sun, waiting patiently for the day we can all be reunited.  They so blessed our lives on this earth.  Just imagine what eternity with them will be like. 



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Chancey and Digby will always remember you too. They will remember the love you and your husband gave them, how you took such good care of them and what wonderful times you all shared. They will remember you and love you and watch over you forever. Then someday you will be together again. What a lovely thought, isn't it? I wish you peace and comfort. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Helen, as always I was so deeply touched by your "I Will Remember" letter to your beautfiul dogs Chancey and Digby.  Oh how I know how much you miss them every single day and how those days that you spent with them in your life were the very best days of your life.  Figuring how how to go on without that is so extremely hard and even though a year or so has passed it really doesn't get much easier we just have to keep learning how to cope. One way of doing that is just what you are doing.. by writing your thoughts about your sweet furbabies down and sharing them with others who understand. I just want you to know that I really understand what you are going thru as I am going thru the same pain you are over my little Peanut. She is just never not in my mind, ever. Even when I am just doing mindless tasks around the house she pops up in my head all the time.  My heart hurts everyday because she is no longer here.  Thanks again for sharing your beautfiul words with us. I know that Chancey and Digby will forever remember you and all the love that you gave to them as well.



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Helen, Your posts always bring tears to my eyes.  You write the most beautiful posts about your precious companions.  They were lucky to have you in their lives. There are so many out there that suffer at the hands of people who are cruel and don't care.  You loved your babies unconditionally as they loved you.

How lucky they are to be remembered with such beautiful words.  You keep them alive by doing this.  I look forward to your beautiful posts. Thank you.


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Dear Helen:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your beloved Chancey and Digby.  I am so sorry you are still having a hard time. But like you, I understand and you will always miss those beautiful forever dogs of yours, as I will miss my forever dog, Jasmine.  All we can do is lean on each other until that perfect day when we are reunited with those loving spirits we were cherished to know in this life.

Your words as always were so beautiful and the love you have for them shows each time you post. 

Again please know my thoughts are with you and we are all here for you.

                            Hugs to you, JasminesMom (Kathy)


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You are right, they all are a gift from God. Memories are forever and I am so glad you both can enjoy them as they are meant to be......loving and cherished. The picture looks as how they are now at the bridge, side by side there as they were here with you both. God Bless you and yours, the four of you were very lucky to have been in each others lives.--Jerry in Oklahoma. 


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Dearest Helen:
Your post to Chancey and Digby is so beautiful and of course made me cry.  I know how much you miss them and how much your life has changed.  The memories you have of your babies will be in your Heart Forever and no one can take them away.  Chancey and Digby were so lucky to have such wonderful parents.  I know that when your day comes to travel to Rainbow Bridge, they will be there waiting for you.  Oh what a wonderful day that will be for everyone. 

Sending You Lots of Hugs and Prayers
Georgeann and Christopher

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What a beautiful and heart warming post to your babies.  I love how when you went off to work they didn't mind and had their day planned.  As difficult and awful as it is without them, no one can ever take away our memories of the love that we share and the times that we had with them.  I know that even with the devasting pain in loosing them  and the brief time that we had them in our lives, we would do it all over again.  Even with the heart break of a life without them.  I know that the love that you share with Chancey and Digby are one in a lifetime.  Please know that I hold you in my thoughts and prayers.  Until we are reunited with our loves!  Golda's Mom
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