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Dear Nancy:

Just stopping by to wish Smudgie a happy 4th anniversary at the bridge. 

I'm sure her party was spectacular with all her friends gathered around sharing the endless supply of vanilla ice cream.  I know Brandy and Miriam got some good licks in - they both enjoyed sharing ice cream with us.

The years fly by - it's hard to believe it is 4 years already for Smudgie.  It will be 5 years this summer for times it seems like forever that she has been gone and sometimes only like yesterday.

I hope that Jade is doing better - I know you are taking good care of her and Smudgie is watching over her too.

Take care - hugs to you and angel kisses to Smudgie...

Angel Brandy's mom
Angel Miriam's mom
And now foster mom to Clarissa

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Dear Nancy,
I've been thinking of you and wondering your sweet Jade is doing.  I hope that all is well and there are no further problems.  I know that your dearest angel Smudgie is watching over you and Jade... I hope she is able to visit your dreams very soon.
~Lee Lee's Mama~

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December 31, 2018,

Hi Smudgie,  Hi Jadie,

It's been so long since Mommy has been here but always remember I carry the both of you in my hearts.

Jadie,  I can't believe on January 2nd it will be 8 months since you left for Rainbow Bridge and I'm so sorry this is only the first time I'm writing about it, you deserved a sweet memorial after you passed but I know you know
Mommy thinks of you and your sister each and every day. It's so hard for me to write about it,  I miss your beautiful face and your crazy ways but I just couldn't let the year end without saying so in writing.  I'm adding you to Smudgie's thread so your stories will always be together.  You loved Smudgie so much so it does give me a bit of comfort knowing the two of you are together. 

Smudgie - I know you were there when Jadie joined you at the bridge and it makes Mommy's heart feel a bit better that your sister is with you now.  I can't believe in just 3 months it will be your 5 anniversary at Rainbow Bridge and my heart still aches for you like it was yesterday.  Always remember,  Mommy carries your heart in my heart forever. 

Thank you both for sending me Olive and Jasmine.  I named Jasmine after the both of you ( JA for Jadie and the SM for Smudgie and all of my girl's names end in ie....I just added the n for my name and I got Jasmine). I knew these two kittens were sent by my angels because Jasmine (Jazzie as she is now called) has angel wing markings and Olive (Ollie) has 2 heart markings (one for each of you).  Your sisters Sparkie and Calie are doing well,  getting up there in age and slowing down a bit but thank God they are OK.

Happy New Year my two sweet angels,  Mommy will look for you in the stars tonight and I'm sending you kisses in the wind.

Remember,  Mommy's love will never end......

Love Mommy, Calie, Sparkie, Ollie and Jazzie


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Hello Nancy
How are you? I have not been on here much and very very sorry to read that you lost your precious Jadie. I may be late with this but I am praying for you. Was so saddened to see that you now have two fur Angels. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. sending you warm healing hugs and Angel kisses to Smudgie and Jadie. Kisses to Ollie, Sparkie Calie and Jazzie. I miss when we all used to be on here more often but happy that the bond with us all will never die. I hope to hear from you again.
stay well, 
Your friend Donna

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Hi Donna,

I hope this finds you well.

Thank you so much for the sweet post.  I'm not sure which thread you go on for your sweet Bella,  so I posted this reply here and also on the Christmas thread which I believe is the last thread

you were on for your sweet Bella.

Thank you on your condolences for my beautiful Jadie and unfortunately my beloved Calie has joined her sisters.   I lost Jadie and Calie within 9 months,  I'm so heartbroken.

I too miss the days when we were on here and chatting about our furbabies so much more frequently,  but unfortunately life gets crazy for all of us.

I will always cherish for the rest of my life the dear friends I have meet through this site,  each and every one of you hold a special place in my heart.  Do you believe today is 5 years that my beloved

Smudgie left for rainbow bridge,  I can't believe that much time has gone by.....I believe it's 5 years coming up for your Bella as well?

Take care my friend and as I always tell you,  whenever I see a sweet little Ferret I always think of your beloved Bella.

Hugs,  Nancy Mom to Sparkie, Ollie, Jazzie and Angel Smudgie, Angel Jadie and my newly winged Angel Calie.

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March 4, 2019,

Smudgie,hello my sweet Angel and Happy 5th Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.  I can't believe it's been 5 years, 5 long years that I've seen that beautiful sweet face. So much has changed in 5 years, now not only Jadie has joined you, but now Calie as well.  I've lost Jadie and Calie within 9 months of each other and Mommy's heart is just so broken. I hope you had a wonderful 5th year celebration with all of your Rainbow Bridge buddies and your sweet sisters.

Calie - it's been 3 long weeks since Mommy has seen your face,  I miss your sweet face, your quirky crazy and nutty ways,  you knew how to make me laugh. You were my very first kitty and the 14 years that you let me share your life went by in a heart beat,  I wish I could turn back the hands of time but I know you are at peace.

Jadie, - Your one year anniversary will be here within a few months, I miss my beautiful girl but you know Mommy carries you and your sisters in her heart. 

Girls,  please watch over your sister Sparkie,  she is my last old girl and I know she misses all of you so much. A lot of the time she seems so lost,  she misses you all,  the 4 of you were "my 4 girls" and always will be.  Please let her know you are close and please watch over her,  it hurts my heart to see her so sad.

Smudgie,  have a blast today celebrating your anniversary,  I hope a huge party filled with all of your favorite vanilla flavored treats were served  and tonight when you go to sleep please know Mommy will look for the three of you in the stars and is sending you kisses on the wind............

Remember, love never dies,  I will carry the 3 of you in my hearts forever.

Love Always Mommy,  Sparkie,  Ollie and Jazzie.


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Hi Nancy:

First, I'm so sorry for the loss your sweet Jadie and Calie.  They fill our lives with so much love that when they have to leave it leaves such a huge hole.

And Happy 5 years at the bridge angel Smudgie!  I know your celebration had to be huge with all that vanilla ice cream.  I bet Brandy and Miriam pushed their way to the head of the line to get their share.  They both just loved ice cream.  Five years really hit me just seems like forever.

I'm so grateful for all the friends I've made here who have gotten me through 2 losses.  I will never forget the kindess of people I didn't know who have now become my friends.

Hold your Sparkie close - I'm sure she misses her 3 pals.

Sending hugs and kisses to all your angels,

Barb (Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom) and now mom to Bree


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It is unbelievable how much time passes, and sometimes it seems as if it goes by quickly, and other times extremely slow. I know you greeted both your sisters as they crossed over, and now in the cat choir, there is a trio. Sing to your hearts content as you watch over your mom and your sister, and perhaps they will hear your song in the spring and summer breezes, and in the fall and winter winds. 

Nancy, I know it is a hard time for you as you miss your 3 dear ones. I hope and pray they visit you often as you continue your life here on earth. And, I know when it comes your time to join them, they will be running to you, a happy meow emitting from their mouth, and purring so loudly that all of those at rainbow bridge can hear them. Their tails will be straight up in the air, for they know their mom is coming, and they will be there to greet you to your new home. But, for now, just love Sparkie with all your heart, foe I am sure she misses her sisters, and together you both can help each other as you grieve.


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Dearest Smudgie, 

Happy belated 5th year anniversary sweet angel girl! I know you had a wonderful day with sweet Jade, Calie and all of our angel babies you've been hanging out with these past few years! I know you enjoyed a special cake and of course, your favorite vanilla ice cream. My Shi also loves vanilla...(Buddy too)...there is an ice cream place close by here in the summertime that has special dishes for pets and they usually come with a cookie, too! You babies are lucky though, you have your ice cream year round and parties every day! I am thinking of what Brenrae wrote you girls are all singing in the kitty choir must sound so beautiful in harmony together! 

Please be close to your, Calie and Jade...she and Sparkie need to feel your angel presence. Mommy would very much welcome a special dream visit or little sign that you are all close by her side...

Sending lots of pets and hugs to you and your sweet angel sisters...

Dear Nancy, 

I'm sorry to be late with Smudgie's 5th anniversary wishes. I know this day must have been especially hard, also missing Jade and now Calie. I hope you can find much comfort from your dear girl Sparkie and also Ollie and Jazzie. 

I love the picture Brenda shared with you, of your precious girls running to greet you in that happiest of moments that there could ever be for us as we rejoin our angel family members. In the meantime, I also wish for you many special dream visits from your dear girls and memories of your happiest times together. 

Sending you and sweet Sparkie hugs of comfort and peace, 

Elise, mom to Shiloh and Angel Buddy


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I am very saddened to read that Calie joined Smudgie and Jade at the Rainbow Bridge. My prayers are with you. Life is good but its also filled with so much heartache and pain. The hurt and emptiness never goes away no matter what.

Happy 5th anniversary at the rainbow bridge to Sweet, beautiful Smudgie. I cant believe 5 years has gone by already same for Bella, her five years is coming up in July. Smudgie I want you to please give your Mommy a special visit soon with your sisters Jade and Calie. That would make her so happy for the three of you to visit her together. She misses all of you so very much. sending Angel hugs and kissies to the three of you. I know the 3 of you are good friends with Bella. I hope you all enjoy vanilla ice cream together.

Take care and stay well Nancy. Hope to hear from you again soon

Love to Sparkie, Ollie and Jazzie. I hope they are all well.

Blessings to you
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