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The loss of one pet is traumatic, how do I cope with losing the second one just 13 days later. Izzy was out to sleep 13 days ago at 13 yrs and 11 months, Alfie is going to izzy tomorrow at 12 yrs and 6 months. Both were rescue dogs and together for 12 years, my first born children. I’m not sure how I’ll get through tomorrow it’s unbelievable. After the vet leaves we have to put alfie in the car and take him to the crematorium, I’m good with taking him on his final journey. I will always be with them until the last breath. Together forever. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces

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I'm so very sorry you are going through this. Losing one is painful enough, but 2, especially with the dates so close to each other...

All I can say is you will do what you have to do to get through the next few days, weeks and months. I thought I read in your other thread that you are moving to a new home. That will at least keep you busy, so staying busy might help keep your mind off of your losses a bit. But I know from personal experience what it is like to move out of a place where you have so many cherished memories of the ones that are no longer with you. If you can, before you move be sure to spend time in each room of your current place remembering some of the memories you have of Alfie and Izzy in those spaces. And then cry as much as you need to in order to help release some of your pain. That's what I did when I moved out of the place Blackie & I shared and into the house I currently lived in. It helped me release some of the sorrow I was feeling and also helped me move on, so to speak, to my new home. I also hope having Izzy and Alfie's ashes with you will bring you some solace as you go through the next chapter of your life without your two beloved fur babies...

Many hugs to you as you help Alfie go on his final journey. Know I will be thinking of you today...

Mom to Angel cats Blackie, Squeeker, Thomas and now Rufus


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I don't have adequate words to tell you how sorry I am. I know your heart is aching. I can't physically be with you but you, Alfie and Izzy will be in my thoughts and prayers. I truly know how much it hurts, I lost two dogs in one day. Both of them were old, both were rescues. Ginger suffered a stroke and Baby had arthritis so bad it was becoming hard for her to get around. Needless to say I grieved horribly for months. Three months later on my birthday my daughter took me to a shelter and a tiny little black dog danced into my life over fourteen years ago. May 4th Piper was euthanized and I feel lost without her. She had been diagnosed with kidney disease 19 months ago. I found Petloss almost 20 years ago and the people here were so kind in helping to heal my broken heart, just as they will be here for you. If you think it would help you please e-mail me, my address is on the website. I have another pet loss friend, we have been corresponding the last two years. Our precious babies can no longer be with us physically but we hold them in our hearts forever. Please take care my friend.

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Thank you for your words. Today will be a battle but thoughts of them running together make me happy❤️

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Alfie’s journey was a very peaceful one. We took him and our other dog Jessie to the dog park, Alfie did no running he hasn’t the energy. He’s lost so much weight. Then home for sausages and a sedative ( since we rescued him at 5 months old he’s had a ‘thing’ about men. When the vet came to izzy the other week Alfie was non too welcoming!!) to help him calm down. I lay with him from the time the sedative went in until he was with izzy, all up about 90 mins of cuddles. As a family we placed him in the car and took him to the crematorium, we stayed for a short time I gave him kisses and told him I loved him and to be happy. A very hard day but so glad I could take him on his final journey. 💞

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Hello all,

I'm new here and Andreawi, it's not my intention to rob you of your topic but just can't help barging in.
I know, sadly, too well what you are going through because the exact same thing just happened to me earlier today, except my babies were cats and both died natural deaths.
My fur daughters, Toto & Kiki were among 3 siblings born on the same day and came to me 19 years and 2 months ago from an animal support group when they were a month old. During those 19 years, I had a terrible divorce, followed by stage IIb breast cancer, then a sudden loss of job. Without them, I wouldn't have survived any of them. I don't have any children of my own so they literally were my daughters.
2 weeks ago today, Toto passed from adenocarcinoma (intestinal cancer) at home that she loved the most. It was hard beyond words but I was sort of prepared as she had been given 2-3 months when diagnosed. I only didn't choose to put her to sleep because the vet was the place that she was terrified of the most. I just didn't want her to go in fear. She waited for me to be back home from work and took her last breath while I was rubbing her back.
Kiki, on the other hand, went to be with Toto today unexpectedly. Well, she had been diagnosed with kidney failure 2 years ago but the fluid drip at home every other day had been working. As she started getting weak a few days ago, I decided to take her to vet today. Then even before they started doing her bloodwork, she got seizures and her heart stop beating on the table. I didn't even know what to think, just collapsed into tears screaming please bring her back.
Now she is here, just beside me lying in her favourite cat bed. She looks like only sleeping. I am spending the night with her but 9 hours later, I will have to cremate her.

I don't know how I could possibly get over this. So many "what if's" torture me. I am going insane. This place had always been "our home" where I had felt needed. Now it's empty and no one would be waiting for me. I want to be gone to be with them.
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