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Hi Everyone,
Many of you know that 16 months ago I lost Boris he was my heart and soul the greatest friend i have ever been blessed with, on Thursday 8th May one day short of Boris's 16 month anniversary I decided to buy a new puppy , he will never replace Boris , Butch, Finbarr, Boris Ri' Fionnbhar or Nico but he has brought so much laughter and joy in the few short days he has been with us.

He has not been named simply because i can't decide which of the two final names suit his personality best ,,but i am hoping to make the choice tomorrow he will either be OISIN or CUAN  anyway he is a doberman  11 weeks old and a beauty he and Max my other babie get on well even the kittens and big cat like him, so here he is


Posts: 846
Awww what a little cutie he is!!!  I love the names - both of them!  I hope he brings you many many wonderful years full of love and joy.  Enjoy and congrats!!!

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

Posts: 686
Dear Aingeal

:Your new baby is adorable!  While I agree that he will never replace Boris, I know that he will have his own special place in your heart.  Each one of my babies has their own special qualities that make them so very special to me.

Smiles and hugs
Kate (Gus' mom)

Posts: 5,100
Oh, he is a beauty!   Look at that face!   And I love your two name choices.   Are there stories behind these names?

I am so happy you have opened your home and heart to this new baby.   I know he will bring you great joy and happiness....and some laughter, for sure!!

Love and hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 657

He is beautiful and Max is adorable.  Congratulations!


Posts: 153

Dear Angel!!!!!

Oh, I am so happy for you!!  And what a lovely boy.  It sure sounds like he has become a wonderful joy for you and your family.  I was glad to hear that Max is okay with this new boy.  Max is just so lovely...he loves just about everything :)  The picture of Max reaching up to see him..just so sweet.

Just hearing that he has brought so much laughter and joy...I am truly happy for you!!!!!!   Whatever you decide as a name for him....he sure is lucky to have found such a lovely mom..and a wonderful home!!  Hope the "kittens" will put up with him!!!  :)  Although those kittens must be pretty big by now. ;)

Hugs and Love,,


Posts: 1,234
Ah yes, puppy breath, two AM walks in the yard, chewed toilet paper. chewed shoes and most imporatant love.

Enjoy the new pups puppyhood. Kuggel is now six months old, still a puppyy, but no longer a baby. He is a joy and I know the new one in your life will add joy, laughter and many oy vehs to yours.

Best wishes, he is adorable and so is Max.


Posts: 440
Dear CU:

Congrats on the new puppy!!!  Just beautiful!!!  Thank you for sharing your precious photos.

Lots of luck with the newbie.

                  Hugs to you, JasminesMom (Kathy)


Posts: 5
He is truly handsome.  It is great to see a Dobe pup with natural ears.  He reminds me so much of our Max when he was that age.  I know that he will bring you much joy and love.  He looks like he will be a big boy when he grows up.  Best of love & luck with the new addition to the family.

Posts: 132
Hi Everyone,
Juat wanted to say thank you for your posts and to update you on his name. 
I have decided on "CUAN" he seems to like it himself and is responding well to potty training and recall ,cant say he is doing as well with the teething , he seems to think Max is a moving target with a tail for him to chew on,   other than that they get on great I think Max is glad to have a brother around. 
I think Boris and the boys would approve of Cuan, then again they probably knew he was for me before I did.

so again thank you all.

Posts: 699
Dear Angel,

Congratulations on your new puppy! :)  He is such a handsome little boy.  Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.

Welcome to your loving foreverhome, Cuan!!

With smiles, and memories of puppy hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 332
Dear Angel,

I am so happy for you and for dear little Cuan!!!!!

I just know that your other special boys would have chosen this special baby for you; paw-picked, as it were. He sounds like a little treasure, with a wonderful disposition. And he is an absolute beauty! Those ears, I just want to kiss them.

I know you miss your darling Boris. You always will. But your new little man will help to ease your pain, and make you smile once again. And you deserve exactly that.

Congratulations once again. I am just so happy for you.

Lots of love and hugs to you and your baby Dobie, Cuan,


Posts: 23
hi angel its mags as goldiesmommy here i just saw your new furbaby and awwww he is sooooooo cute hes lovely i am so happy for you and your new puppy dog hes nice. i like the fotos tho i kno i saw your new pupper on your dogster i hope you have good luck and enjoy having cuan around you and your yorkie hes looks sooo sweet hope to get chatting to you soon on petloss love mags as goldiesmommy p.s please sign my guestbook on my goldies memorial page as abby is on there as well i still have her shes the onli little girl i have left please look at my fotos also on goldies page two with me doing the balloon release for our goldie abby and me will always miss him so much will always be thought of, loved, missed etc as well hope to hear from you soon angel

Posts: 1,205
Hi Ulad
Im back home now.  Got in at 2am this morning.  Got loads I should be doing, but had to check and see how you all are.  Your boy is absolutely gorgeous, what a sweetie.  I am so pleased for you.  Please give him a big kiss from me.  Got my Ben back from the kennels this pm, it is so great to have him back, and I think that he has forgiven us for sending him away.  We got covered in kisses anyway.
Heres to Cuan, may he have a long and healthy life.  Loads of Love, Di xxx
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