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Hi everyone,
I haven't been here for a few weeks. I hope you're all doing ok. I must admit, I've been struggling a bit. Anyway... I've decided maybe it's time to get another dog. My dog died just over 5 months ago and the emptiness is still quite overwhelming but I get so excited when I see happy dogs on the street.
So I'm meeting a rescue dog this weekend but feel a tad reluctant. For those of you who have lost a pet but found another-did your intitial excitement turn into reluctance prior to making the decision? Is this normal?
Going through photos just now of my baby boy made me terribly sad and make me feel like I'm losing him if I get another dog.
I miss my boy so much.

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I've always found having or bringing another dog into your home helps very much.  I've had to say goodbye to 5 dogs, my most recent being last week.  And, his has been the most painful to get through.  However, I do have another dog at home which helps keep me in the present...having another dog to care for doesn't let me dwell so much on the negatives of losing my boy...seeing and having a happy puppy reminds me how happy my previous dog was and what a good life he did have.

Unfortunately, with dogs we do sign up for having a best friend that we're to going to outlive.  Being able to take that journey again with a new friend does not minimize the relationship you had with your previous fact I believe it maximizes it, your boy knew how much love you had to give and he wouldn't want you to waste the love you still have to give.  Will a new pet take your boy's place?  No, it won't and shouldn't, but it will be a separate and different relationship where you can again enjoy the wonderful companionship that pets bring.

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VT:   The love and adoration for Our beloved pets will always remain deep within Our cavity. Having gone through the process of Loss of my wee chihuahua, age 16y I know full well the overwhelming grief that follows. A new dog in your horizons, opening your Heart to another, well, the new dog ALSO comes with responsibilities and obligations and is VERY deserving of a LOVING HOME, a home that truly is READY & PREPARED to receive the pet for the LONG TERM. Having DOUBTS and RELUCTANCES ???  as mentioned, the animal has ALREADY endured enough STRESSES in it's Life, as a RESCUE.The animal is totally DESERVING of an OPEN HEART, a HEART that is READY TO COMMIT, WITHOUT RESERVATION.  I wish you well,                                         Sherry/Perryx

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My dog died 5 1/2 weeks ago; she had been diagnosed with cancer 5 months earlier.  I had an appointment to see another dog 2 weeks after she died, and I realized that morning I wasn't ready.  I now have an appointment to see a different dog this weekend, and while I feel more ready to have a new family member than I did 3 weeks ago, I do feel some hesitation.  But I'm ready to see how our meeting goes on Sunday.


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Thank you so much for all your prompt replies.
I've been away from home for work this week so I think some of the reluctance stemmed from that. Walking through the door when I got home has melted that all away. I can't wait to have another champ in my life and in my home.
Sherry, You're completely right when you say the new dog deserves an open heart. He has had a rough start to his life and if I end up being his, he will be assured a happy, safe life!
Thanks again everyone, I feel a lot more optimistic.

Let me know how you go on Sunday Poison Ivy! Good luck!!

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Sorry nneess01, I just reread these replies and want to apologise for not acknowledging your loss. I'm sorry to hear about you just losing your mate. It's so hard in those first few days. I hope you're doing ok. Thanks for your words, you offered me useful advice in such a difficult time for you. That's very generous of you.

Big hugs to all of you, this forum is full of the most empathetic people. Just proves my theory that dog people are the best people!!
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