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I believe you cannot ever replace your furbaby. Each new one is different
and has his or her own personality. But I have heard some stories of how
someone's new furbaby is "so much like" their previous one. Then again,
I've heard stories that they're nothing like the previous one, too.  A friend
had a 13 yr old collie she had to put down. It had always been friendly, but jumped on people and wasn't very obedient. After several months, she contacted the breeder again & was given another collie whose owner had passed away. The collie looks identical to her previous one, and, it's so well-
behaved. I was amazed at the similarities.  So I thought I'd ask those
who have new furbabies, do you see any similarities or are there
big differences? 



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My "new" pup, Echo, is very much like my Leibchen. They are the same breed (schipperke) so that explains a lot. Echo was even born on what would have been Lei-Lei's thirteenth birthday! Maybe that explains even more. She plays the same games, likes the same foods, licks our ears and eyes, always tries to cheer me up and even tries to "sit pretty", the way Leibchen did. She even bosses our rottie around, takes all her treats away from her and "bites her face" when she's upset, like Lei-Lei did. Hannah just takes it, like she always did before! She will never be my "little daughter", but she is a real charmer and has made this difficult time a little easier. Please read my post (Mother's Day fourteen years ago), it will explain a lot.

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I see both similarities and differences.  On the surface, both my Blackie (deceased cat) and Squeeker (new cat) are black short haired males.  Both had/have very gentle and loving temperaments.  Both are/were Momma's boys.  :-)  Both have/had their ways of showing and receiving love that are both unique yet similar.  Blackie was a tiny cat - he never weighed more than 8 1/2 pounds when he was with me.  Squeeker is a long, lean cat that already weighs 13 pounds and might weigh more by the time he is done growing.

Blackie was pretty much a loner in that I was his person and he really wasn't interested in warming up to other people.  That isn't to say he wasn't a sweet cat, he absolutely was a doll, to me and to others.  It is just that he tagged me as his and he wasn't really interested in bonding with any other humans, so it took a lot of time before he willingly socialized around other humans.  Squeeker, on the other hand, is a very friendly cat and will socialize with other people without hesitation.

Both cats purred.  Blackie was a quiet purrer, the kind you had to reach down and feel his throat to know he was purring.  And you had to work to get him to purr, so if he purred you knew he was particularly pleased or happy.  Squeeker, on the other hand, is an instant purrer.  And you can get him to purr and hear him purr without any difficulty.

Both cats loved to sleep with me at night.  Blackie waited until I turned off my nightstand light before he came up on the bed with me to settle in for the night.  Squeeker will get up on the bed with me regardless of time of day and will stay there for as long as I do.

Blackie didn't care much to be around other cats.  He and Rufus fought with each other all the way up until Blackie's last day on earth.  Squeeker is the total opposite of Blackie when it comes to being around other cats.  Squeeker came from a bad hoarding situation so all he knew before he came to me was the company of other cats.  He is persistently and gently social and friendly to Rufus, my other cat.  Rufus doesn't have the best kitty socializing skills, but Squeeker is slowly but surely teaching him how to be a good feline companion.

There are a lot of other similarities and differences, but I think that is enough for now...

Blackie's mommy

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