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My sweet Molly,
July 8, your 9 month Bridge Day, found us in Shell Nob at Table Rock Lake. We were visiting with Don and Carol and their silky terrier, Angel. Yes, the same Angel who came to your house and tried to dominate your space.
Angel was a hoot. Even though she's nine years old, she played like a pup. She had her favorite squeaky toys and your Fodders and I played with her with them. We all went on their new boat (I know, I know. You wouldn't have liked that). Angel got so hot that they took a wet shirt and draped it over her to cool her off. She looked like a drowned rat. Then she wanted to be held while Don sped the boat across the lake; she was still wringing wet as I held her close.
It was a good puppy fix for Fodders and I.

We miss you so much. I'm afraid all I did when Carol and I were visiting was talk about you. I said over and over again, "I remember when Molly" and I was off relating yet another tale of you. Carol was nice and listened to me. We talked about Crick too. But mostly you.
Dad and I were busy Monday night downloading pictures from the cards to the cameras, and of course, pictures of you were there. Did you hear him say how much he misses you?
I was remembering back to last year at this time. We were on a rollercoaster ride concerning your liver enzymes and the state of your gallbladder. Then you picked up allergies and you were on so many meds for so many things. Through it all, you never lost your good nature. You were yet to be diagnosed with mouth cancer in late August.
You were always such a sweet, good, obedient girl. You never heard our voices raised to you; it simply wasn't necessary. And we never lost patience with you because the only thing you wanted to do was to please us. You were an absolute joy to live with. Living with you was calm and peaceful. It was what we all needed.
So belated Bridge Day sweetheart. We love you and we always will.
Mom and Fodders


Posts: 1,288
It is so hard not to talk about them isn't it? I am glad that your friend was willing to listen to you. So many do not get to have that.

"You were an absolute joy to live with. Living with you was calm and peaceful. It was what we all needed." That states exactly why this has been so hard, they were the greatest to live with, and now you do not have that calm, peaceful presence with you anymore.

I have a hard time answering these posts as it breaks my heart that it is all in the past tense.. It is so hard, so very painful to be writing about them like this. I am so very sorry.

Molly is so very darling sitting there in her spot, that look is one of pure love for you.

Sending you all my best,


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Dear Molly:

Meisters Mom Forever


Posts: 991
I try my hardest not to put things in past tense, but after your comment, I reread my post and there it was, past tense. It is so hard to realize that these precious ones are part of each of our pasts. Things that have gone by us, things over with and done. I guess the only thing not in the past is our love for them and the memories of them that we cherish so much.

I can guarantee you that my Missy Moll had your cutie, Meister, hooked up at her celebration. She loved all dogs, cats, birds, children, babies, adults. All were welcome at her place; we still affectionately call our home Molly's Place. She only had trouble with two dogs that visited here: one was a Pekenese whose name I don't remember, and the other was the same Angel that we spent the day with this week. Both dogs tried to take over Molly's Place and Molly was very bewildered when they snapped at her in her own house.

Peace to everyone grieving their special one tonight.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 699
Dear Molly's Mom,

Thinking of you having just observed your precious little Molly's 9th month at the Rainbow Bridge - I know you miss her sooo much.  She's such an adorable little girl.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 763
Happy 9 month Bridge Day darling Molly! You are so cute! Please let Mommy know you are watching over her. She misses you so much.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom

Posts: 1,234
Happy bridge Day Molly. I just know that hershey, Betsy, Sophie E, Maedy, Scatz and Zoe P are going to throw you a grand party. Meriam and the boyz

Posts: 2,245
Molly is so adorable.  The one year mark is so difficult.  As we look back upon our lives with them what always jumps out at us is the Joy they brought into our lives every day.  We will miss them Forever.

Big Hugs
Christopher's Mommy

Posts: 991
To Katharine, Donna, Meriam, and Georgeann,
Thanks for the well-wishing for Molly's Bridge Day Anniversary. I am quite certain that she threw a huge party at Molly's Fine Biscut Shoppe; of course Grunt, Christopher, Mr. Meowgy, all the Hershey gang as Molly calls them were in the thick of it. And sweet Betsy made her famous smoked chicken for everyone. Molly was always very motivated by food. In fact, the only thing she didn't like was onions and lettuce. She snarfed everything else right down.

I know that everyone who has responded is missing their precious furry one; my prayers are with each of you.

Molly's Mom

Posts: 5,100
Dear Molly's Mom,

I have been so weepy over the last few days but I think today will be a better day.  Your sweet tribute to your girl, Molly, made me cry so I am just now posting a reply (I was crying so much yesterday I could barely see to type!).  

Each time I see that photo of Molly I want to reach into the computer and give her a big kiss on that cute nose.   Boy, is she a little beauty!   I can picture her and Betsy and all the other furbabies running the green meadows of the Bridge and getting into all types of fun and mischief. 

Last night, while out at a restaurant, my husband and I made a toast to our Betts.  We also talked about our strong belief in the afterlife and how we believe our pups will be the first to greet us.   We had tears in our eyes as we talked of this and reminisced about Betsy and our German Shorthaired Pointer, Easy.  This belief is what keeps us going as we loved these babies with the whole of our hearts.   I am sharing this with you as I know you feel the same way about Moll, your sweet girl.  One day you will feel her jump into your arms and all will be right again.

To the Beloved Molly, Biscuit Maker Extraordinaire, I know your BridgeDay was filled with good friends and yummy treats.  Betsy provided the roasted chicken and I am sure you were busy in the Bakery turning out those savory biscuits for all.  You are so deeply loved and missed, little girl.
Big hugs,
Betsy's forever loving and grateful mom


Posts: 1,569

Happy Nine months at the bridge Molly. Mom  misses you so much. Give her a sign that you are ok and watching over her until you all are reunited again.----Jerry in Oklahoma.


Posts: 991
If you look very hard at Molly's picture, you'll see a stray hair coming across her nose; even after she was fresh groomed, that little renegade hair was always there. Its clear presence on this picture is one of the things I love about this particular picture.
Logically, it seems to me that this should get easier as time passes. I know she's never coming back; I know that she is always with me. But the longing for her just grows with each passing day. I'm not depressed or weepy; it's not I don't have a life, I do. I just miss my sweet Molly like crazy. I imagine that this is the way you feel about your sweet Betsy.

Thank you for the well-wishes. Peaches was part of the big celebration at Molly's Fine Biscut Shoppe at the Bridge. In fact, Peaches is one of Molly's best customers.

Molly's Mom

Posts: 215
Hi Mollys Mom,

Molly is just adorable.  What a luv she is.  Thank you for sharing her photo.  It's been a little over a week since Smokey's passing and I am still crying, not as much, but the intensity hasn't let up.  I try to keep my heart and eyes on the good things.  I hope that Molly and Smokey are playing at the bridge!

Happy nine months Molly!


Posts: 991
Dear Kittiekat,
Molly was raised with a cat before she came to live with us. I remember just a few weeks after she came to live with us(she started out her life next door to us), she was out poking in the bushes. All of a sudden, she bounced backwards about three feet. I ran over to see what had startled her, and there sat Angel in the bushes, hissing at her to beat the band! Molly had obviously learned at a tender age what that hiss meant, and gave Angel a wide berth.
Molly always showed utmost respect for all living creatures. I am certain that she and Smokey play together often at the Bridge.
I am sorry for your loss of Smokey, but how wonderful that you have had so many signs from him since his passing.
Peace to everyone missing a beloved furbaby today.
Molly's MOm

Posts: 5,100
I know what you mean about that one little hair.  Betsy had this little wisp of hairs that I always combed back down between her ears.  My husband would come behind me and turn it into a little mohawk.  I think she loved that as she adored my husband.  These little memories, these little idiosyncratic traits that made our babies one of a kind, are so bittersweet.  God, I miss that little girl.  Betsy had another interesting thing about her.  No matter how much she dug in the yard, the top of her little head always smelled so good (almost like a newborn's head).  My husband said it was her halo.  He's not biased at all, is he?

Yes, Arthur is probably rolling out the dough for Molly in the bakery as I type.  He was the little charmer, but a faithful one.  It does my heart good to think of them keeping each other company.   He is a little angel and will watch over her for you.   When we get our new computer and printer all up to speed I will post a photo of him.  Of course, those monsters never groomed him (shaved him once) but he was still so very, very handsome.


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Dear sweet Molly

I hope that you had a lovely day, with lots of nice things to eat.  Your Mummy still loves and misses you so much.  I know that you often come to see her, please give her a big kiss so she knows you are there.  Love and hugs, Di xxx

Posts: 1,328

Molly is so adorable. How could you not love and miss that precious little face? I hope Molly is free and happy now and playing in the grass,eating something good. Take care.


Posts: 991
I guess I didn't realize the love affair your husband had with Betsy as well as you. I can just see Betsy Noodle sporting that Mohawk!
Yes, it's true. Arthur is devoted to Missy Moll. I can hardly wait to see a picture of him. You said he's salt and pepper. Two peas in a pod at the Bridge!

Thank you for the wish that Molly gives me a sweet kiss. Molly was very stingy with her kisses. Oh, she had plenty for us when we came home after being gone even a short period of time. And when my husband came home after a week on the road, she couldn't kiss him enough. But me, that was a different story. But right towards the end, when she had that darned tumor spilling outside her little mouth, absorbing her jaw and teeth, she would give me the sweetest, lightest kiss after she got her morning belly rub. How I miss giving her those morning belly rubs.

Molly was on such a strict diet during the last three years of her life due to having first one kind of bladder stone and then the other. She didn't get much people food because we were trying to keep her urine ph level neutral. Even her nighttime biscuit treats were traded for a couple bites of the food she was allowed to have. My husband and I like to think of Missy Moll having Molly's Fine Biscut Shoppe at the Bridge where she bakes and eats all kind of biscut treats. She always wanted to partake of the Biscuit Bar at PetCo and was never allowed to because somehow they always contained calcium.
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