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I rescued a beautiful little orange and white kitty that collapsed in my yard last tuesday. I named him Noah because it means comfort and long lived. I have rescued cats before, but little Noah was in terrible shape, He kept falling and had a tilted head, was just bones and kept digging his head and ears. I took him to the vet asap and they kept him Put him on sub-q's and gave him a long acting antibiotic. I got rid of his fleas and put him on AD care food. The vet said his ears were good, so it wasn't ear infection. She said possible head trauma. I have never seen such a tormented soul. He never got a moments peace from digging and clawing himself. He continued to decline. I took him back to the vet today and we agreed the kindest thing was to send him on. I was crying, the vet was crying and they made me a paw print with his name on ti and did not charge me a penny. Noah is now in his baby blanket in a nice box under my shady bushes. He was loved for a week and his life mattered. I am getting a stone and chimes to put on his grave. I wanted people to know about him because he does matter. I live by farms that breed these poor souls and they suffer untold horrors. This post is for Noah and all of the Noah's in the world. They matter. I love you little Noah

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I am so very sorry for the loss of Noah. God bless you for rescuing him. At least for a short while he knew he was loved. Yes, Noah and all the others like him matter.

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Thank you for doing all you could and for showing little Noah love. He does matter and I am glad you shared his story. He is whole now. I am very sorry for your loss.

Paula- Raider’s mom

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Hey Noah, I hope you are finding the peace and tranquility that so obviously and sadly eluded you here.  Many of us humans are, to say the least, deeply flawed (I would use other language but in deference to this site I will leave it at that) but there are also those among us like your mother, who may have gotten to love you for too brief a time but didn't let that stop her from doing so with her whole heart and soul.  I hope that is what you remember about us, that notwithstanding our great capacity for evil there is an even bigger well of kindness and caring.  Go play Noah and be the kitten you were always meant to be, and know that indeed your life, and those of all the others like you who get a raw deal, does truly matter.

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Thank you guys so much for your replies. They are so comforting to a heavy heart. I appreciate it so much and soothspader...I LOVE that you wrote directly to Noah....I can't tell you how much that means and I'm gonna read it out loud to him.....he so deserved to be loved for more than a week, but they all do. You guys are awesome and you have helped the healing in my heart. THANK YOU!!

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Dear Issa
it is with a heavy heart that I read this...the fact that you rescued and the fact that this poor little guy couldn't make it and how much you tried I love the name Noah and I am sure you're fur Angel and you're little rescue one Noah are together now Noah somebody did care enough to help you and sometimes it doesn't seem like enough and we try and try and thank God there was someone there to help you on a journey that could have been much more unpleasant at least you had some love and some care somebody that thought Enough To Try..

Lisa I feel your heartache and sometimes I think we all wonder why we aren't given the time whether it's a day or week or month and why someone crosses our path because it's meant to be because they know we will help them even if the outcome is not what we wanted to be somebody cared enough and loved thank you my dear friend....

Katmomwolf and bubbles


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Hi Kat!! it's so good to hear from you! I hope you and Bubbles are doing well. Thank you for the kind words. They really do go along way to help heal. I know God put Noah in my path, I just had a longer term plan. I am so grateful I could help his sweet little soul, if only for a short while. It just breaks my heart how many suffer so much and nobody ever knows or cares. Thank you for the kind words to Noah. I picked that name because it means comfort and long lived. God made sure that my vet Dr. Deb was working that day. She went the extra mile and stayed with me and comforted me. She made me a paw print and they never charged me for any of it that day. I just got a card from them in the mail, so I see where God had a hand in it all and I know Noah is no longer suffering. Hugs to you and Bubbles. Take care Kat and thanks again!!
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