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My name is Cathy. I lost my baby right before Christmas. Her name was Katrina. I only had her for 2 year's. That was the most special 2 years, but I lost her so quick. Was not even prepared to lose her. Figured she would be old when she went. I have been so angry and alone. It is is so hard to try and get through this.   I loved her more than I ever thought loving a kitty was possilbe. She used to greet me in the morning before I went to work and when I got home. Now I go to my room and it is so lonely. She was more than a  Cat. I tried to always keep her safe, then we had a bad snow storm hit. Couldn't get out of the trailer to get her to a Vet. She died of Distemper and I didn't even know what she had until it was to late. She died in my arm's.  Eight day's later my son's cat that he had of 6 year's died from it to. This has been the hardest thing to deal with. I so am trying to find answer's if I will ever see her again. I cry so much and it hurt's so bad.


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Hi Cathy-

I am so sorry for your loss. You should repost your message on the main grief support forum so more people will see it. Your baby Katrina is at the rainbow bridge happy and healthy again. Please try not to be so hard on yourself. Sometimes things happen for which we have no explanation. Once again, I am very sorry.

ConnieV(Jakie's forever mom)


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Hi Cathy,

I read your post tonight and I know the pain, sadness and lonliness you are going through. I lost my beloved Tasha to cancer on July 13th and I cry every Monday night at the Candle Cermony for her. You will never forget your baby and you will always miss her. I can tell you 2 things that have helped me. First, I pray and know that I will see my baby again when I pass on. That comformts me knowing she willbe waiting for me and we'll never be separated again. The other thing that has helped is we rescue other pugs - just like my Tasha. The love they give us helps fill the void of lossing my Tasha. Knowing that we prevented another innocent animal from certian pain and death helps me cope with my loss. There are many dogs and cats out there who need your love. Also, my vet who is a saint has helped me cope with my loss. I hope some of this helps you - I know how lonely it can be. Just know we in your Pet Loss Family understand how you feel and we are here for you - OK? Love and hugs Chere (Tasha's mom)

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Dear Cathy,

   I cried reading your post about losing Katrina.  I lost my cat Sherry very suddenly from an very rare disease that I had nevery know about called feline infectious peritonitis.  I had schedule an appointment when I realized that something was wrong with her sudden weight gain but 3 days before the her vet appointment she died convulsing in front of me and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital and it was too late to save her.  I have 6 older cats and two of them have CFR and hypertension but their symptoms were much easier to notice because they had started losing weight rapidly and were 8 years older than Sherry.  Only 6 months before she died my other cat Daisy died of cancer but she had been on medications for it and I was more prepared for it since I knew it was terminal.  Sherry's death was so sudden that I was in total shock too so I know how hard it is when you lose them so quickly from a disease that is fatal and comes on so suddenly.  I have racked my enbrain feeling so very guilty that if I had gotten her sooner she might have been saved like my other two were.  Your baby was very young and then having your son lose his kitty so soon after too is heartbreaking.  I know that it is easier said than done but try to remember how loved and special Katrina was loved by you for the short time she was with you.  I know that she loved you too because she knew and still knows how very special she was to you.  It is so hard but I pray that in time you cat remember the good times you spent with her and not on the last few days before she died.  My cat was dying in front of me in horrible convulsions at the end and it is hard to take those horrible pictures from your mind but with time the pain does lessen a little even though now she still lives in your heart and soul.  I hope that Katrina and Sherry are together and playing at the bridge.   Now they are out of pain and even though you still will miss her very much for a very long time we have the consolation that they are not suffering now and in a very special and wonderful place and we will see them again when it is our time to go to the bridge.  Try to keep remembering that and it will help.  I am praying for you and your son.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)
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