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Right now is one week. This day is haunting me more than I thought it would.
Our dear dog was still looking for our kitty this a.m.  After the candle ceremony on Monday there was a rainbow in the sky.  I'm still holding on that she is trying to tell me she is ok.  I dread coming home because she was always near me, in her usual places, etc.   Have any of you found ways of coping that work for you? 

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My  beagle Barney died May 15th. I was physically ill, missed almost 3 days of work and had inconsolable crying fits for 3 weeks.

The things that helped were talking to people here, I even talked to a member by email offline due to guilt issues, and in the end taking care of myself and eating regular meals.  I was barely eating at all and that was not helping. 

The intense pain just turned off in the last few days and I can't explain it.  There is still this aching pain but it was not like it was. 

Some of it may be that I have had to focus my attention to my other dog who needs surgery (is in surgery today) I am not sure.

So far, I have improved dramatically.  I just pray I don't relapse.

Hope this helps. 

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Hi Lnette,
I am very sorry for your loss and broken heart.  This Friday is my 3 week point and I am also still heartbroken.  It does not surprise me the dog is looking for kitty.
One thing I have been doing is taking time on Fridays, special time and lighting a candle and having a silent ceremony for her.  I spend it crying and remembering and talking to her.  I take that time at precisely 3:45 PM.  The time I had to let her go.  That has helped alot.
Otherwise I just cry when I need to.  Another thing I have done is put all her pictures all over the house and talk to her all the time.  I have her ashes but the pictures seem to be more personal.  I even taped one to my headboard right next to my head so I can see her first thing in the morning.  She would sleep on my legs on nights when she wasn't out.
The only other thought is just to keep crying and missing her.  Don't try to stop the pain.  That will just prolong the agony.
Hope this helps and again I am very sorry for your heartache.

Jennifer  Yngwie's mom
I miss you beautiful booger!!


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Today is week three since our Chihuahua Peaches made her journey to the bridge. I too find our house a lonely place since Peach was always here with me so the house has become an empty place. My wife works days and I work evenings so it has had been a tough time. I wish I had the answer you want to hear but we all have to cope with our loss in a different way. The first few days for me were the worst but as time passed I tried to focus on the good times Peach and I had. The pain and sorrow still comes and goes as it always will but time will lighten the load. I have been down this same road many times and each trip was different as far as coping with the loss. It also helped me when I found this site because I knew I was not alone with the feelings I was experiencing. As you will soon see there are many compassionate and caring people here who will help you through this. Whenever you feel the need reach out and they will be here for you, they have for me. After a while you may be able to offer a kind word to those who are going through what you are, I know that has also helped me. Stay with us. God Bless. ----Jerry in Oklahoma. 

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It will 3 weeks for me on Sunday.  I lost my beloved friend Comet (dog) who took a piece of my heart with her.  The only way that I have been getting through this is constantly getting on to this site and expressing my feelings and/or replying to others.  I am waiting for the pain to get better but this will probably be a life long journey for me.  I pray that you find some comfort soon and remember that this is so raw right now for both you and your dog.  I hope the peace comes and you will able to look back on your memories with a smile.

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Thank you for all of your suggestions. This site is helping so much.

Trying to keep myself busy at home has been helpful but I also like the suggestions of just embracing it. I was getting mad when I would think of her somewhere doing her usual things but I just need to embrace it for what it is and think of those events more fondly than being angry about her not being there doing them. I'll try another approach and try to honor her instead of trying to bottle it up and being angry about my loss.

I know grieving is a natural process but I wish I could instantly replace everyone's heartache with nothing but joyful memories.

Josie Lynn


Posts: 16

Today is one week for me, also.  The first couple of days were actually not as bad as I expected.  I think I felt some slight relief as I'd been unable to leave her side for several weeks. I had been supporting her whenever she needed to walk anywhere or go outside... and I was worn out.  Not that I wouldn't have kept it up if it were warranted!  But we were both tired...

I had good friends that took me away for the weekend to keep my mind off of Loosey.  But now I find I'm missing her more and more.  Theres such a hole in my life.

 I'm single and she's been my constant companion for 12 years.  I've never been lonely with her in my life.  I'd travel alone (with her) and end up meeting tons of new friends because everyone loved Loosey!  And she loved everyone!  She was my connection with world when I traveled.  And she was the presence in my house that made it a home.  I have a hard time focusing on anything without her...

You've already found the best way of coping.  This website is my touchstone to sanity.  I should be working right now but whenever I start to get sad I come here and 'connect' and I don't feel alone.  It's made this all bearable.  All the messages of hope and love.  So just hang in there and know that you are in such good company.  We all feel for you and send our love your way!!

Tanny  Loosey's Mom


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She is just so sweet.  I am so sorry, Love Di xxx


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Lnette, I am so sorry for your loss. It has been three weeks since I lost my Webster -- a beautiful orange and white furbaby.  The hurt at times is unbearable.  I think I'm doing okay and then it just comes over me.  Like now!  You have to let it out.  There are many kind and generous people on this web site who know how you feel and share your pain.  I lost my Siamese Samantha 14 years ago at the age of 22.  I know I grieved but I can't remember it hurting this bad.  I love and miss her still as I will always miss and love Webster.  I just can't believe he is really gone!


Posts: 881
Dear Lnette,

First you're just in the very very early stage of grief..the pain is raw and you're probably still even in the shock state.  This is a long road I'm afraid and it's important that you allow the emotions of mourning because it will be the only way towards healing.

What I would suggest is journaling...writing down what you're feeling...writing a letter to Josie telling her how much she means to you...and writing down your memories of her.  Put together a little memorial and come to the candle ceremony on Mondays.   You're already here on this site...a very important place to be.

My Cicio died 7 months ago...this is the worst thing I have ever gone through in my life.  At this point I am still mourning but it's more the sadness of missing her and I still cry a bit every day.   The stabbing pain has eased and I'm realizing the strength she already taught me that I had.  She was my teacher in so many ways.

You will be taking a journey through grief and I think you will find out a lot about yourself along the way...your Josie was here to teach you as well.
Keep in mind that she has only shed her physical self....her beautiful spirit is strong and alive.

Many hugs,


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