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Yesterday we lost our beloved fur son to another dog bite. He was our 2 and a half year old yorkie that me and my wife absolutely treasured. We woke up every morning to his kisses and went to sleep every night snuggled in together. He was the absolute best dog in the world and absolutely took on me and me wife’s personalities. He was adorable yet a little mischievous but always and I mean always came back to love on his mommy and daddy. Now that he’s gone there’s just a hole in our hearts. Our house feels empty and the silence is just a reminder of how great of a dog he was and how he filled our home. It doesn’t feel real. No matter what bad times came we always felt the comfort of knowing our little bear was there to cuddle us and make us feel better. Just all of a sudden we live in a world where that doesn’t exist anymore. We had no warning or even thoughts about it due to his age. It’s like we woke up in a different world where a piece of our heart is just gone. What makes this so bad is that we just love that little bear so so so much. He was a highlight of our day everyday. We always talked about how he was treated like we had just gotten him. He was even just in my wedding in August as a groomsman. I feel crazy because there’s not a thing on this planet that can make it better. My stomach hurts way too bad to eat and everything I do including being home just feels like a reminder he’s gone. We took him everywhere so even leaving the house is painful. We just love and miss our bear so much and I was hoping that typing this up would help. Thank you all for the support.

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Dearest Ryan,
I know that these are words that won't heal your broken heart but I am so very sorry that you lost your Little Bear. I wish there were words I could say to you and all of us here to take away your pain. I know the feeling you have. The emptiness in your heart and home. No matter what way they leave us, it just plain hurts. I am so sorry for the tragic way he passed. It isn't fair that one so young is taken away. I know that somewhere in the stars (God's Hands) it was his time. Why? We will never know. It is really hard to get used to living life without them. There are so many things that evoke memories. Hold tight to the memories that you made and Little Bear shared with you. Remember the journey. Be gentle with yourself and cry. Each tear shows the depth of your love.
You will get better in time but the sadness will remain. It's been over two years since I lost Termy and I still shed a few tears. I loved him like you loved your Little Bear.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Dear RyanD,
It’s been two weeks since my dog, Ash, departed from this world. He is in my mind every moment of the day. I understand that feeling of emptiness in your stomach that doesn’t allow to crave a single bite. The house is not same, I’m not the same person I use to be when my little boy was home. I know time will ease the pain, but the fact he is no longer with us will remain forever. That’s when I feel I want to kick and cry like when someone takes a candy from a baby. I want him back so bad. I want to tell him how much I loved him. When I would ask him for a kiss, he’d lick my nose. I miss calling his name. In fact, when I’m alone I call out his name in a whisper. I use to play with him and he knew my cues. When I pad my lap and call out, “Run, Ash. Run.” He would run around the dinning room and kitchen so fast he’d be sliding in our slippery floor which made it funnier. We laughed so much. Most importantly, we would forget about our worries and our daily stresses. He gave us smiles and lots of love. People at work don’t understand what loosing a pet is like. I feel ignored at times. So basically, I have to deal with it on my own. Yes, I have my families support, but in this kind of loss we need support from everyone. RyanD, I feel we all understand each in other. Ash was part of my family. He was a family member. Now, I’ve promised myself not to ever forget him. And, I’ve stated this a couple of times, but I wish that when I go to heaven I see him again. I want to play with him.
“Run, Ash. Run.” I love you, my little boy.

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Thank you for sharing your stories. Somehow, little by little, we are starting to see how it can be okay. Sometimes I still break down at some thoughts of him, but others I can’t help but smile. Me and my wife are trying to help each other through this and it keeps us going. We still have some challenges ahead. We actually recently purchased a new puppy in anticipation of giving our Cooper a new sister. Now she is ready to be picked up but we can barely hold ourselves together and just aren’t ready to move on yet. I know it will be okay in the end and as devout Christians, we are so thankful for the gift Cooper was and the peace that is being given to us. Still, what I would do for one last day in with my sweet little bear and his Mommy. Thank you all again for your support and I’m so sorry for everyone’s losses. I never realized until now how much of an impact they truly make so some people.
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